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With the changing times, the work dynamics are also changing. And the most recent change in this respect is coworking. With coworking, working in offices is an absolute breeze. You don’t have to worry about anything other than your work. All the important amenities are provided under the coworking space structure. Furthermore, this trend brings various businesses together. Likewise, there is more networking and hence growth and diversification. Regus Pasadena is one of the most reliable spaces in the town. It is a huge brand in the field. Regus has plenty of locations all over the world across many cities.

Regus has a few locations in Pasadena. These are located at the prime addresses of the town. Regus Pasadena provides many spaces for all kinds of businesses ranging from small to large. At these locations, all the top-notch amenities and perks are available for the employees. Freelancers, travelers, part-time workers, startups and business houses find their abode at Regus. Their services are thoroughly professional and terms of services very flexible and easy. You can easily find the coworking space of your choice and requirement here.

Regus Pasadena Various Amenities and Perks

At Regus Pasadena, a number of high-quality amenities are provided for the businesses operating here. The quality of their services allows individuals to work effortlessly without hassle. Below are listed the top amenities provided at their office spaces. Check them out!

  • A 24/7 access. You can drop by whenever you want and straight away get to work.
  • The interiors are modern and fully equipped with high technology infrastructure.
  • The interiors are as per the ergonomic standards. This enhances the comfort of the individuals working here.
  • There are phone booths available for domestic and international calling. These phone booths are soundproof.
  • An on-site IT support crew is always available for your immediate help and assistance.
  • Regus Pasadena cleaning crew is always on duty working throughout the day. This ensures proper and timely cleaning of these spaces.
  • They also provide disabled services. (It may vary as per the location.)
  • Business lounges are also available at these spaces. These lounges are appropriate for a casual meeting or just some recreation.
  • You can also find an on-site parking facility here. If not, you may also easily find a parking spot nearby.
  • Videoconferencing facilities are also available at this location.
  • A door lock facility along with adequate security features is also provided at this location.
  • Mailbox plus – Mail handling and packaging options are also available at Regus Pasadena.
  • Refreshments and coffee are also available at Regus Pasadena throughout the day.
  • High-quality fiber internet services are also available here.
  • You can also avail of the conference room and meeting room facilities here.
  • High-quality printer, scanner, and photocopiers are also available at this office space.

Regus Pasadena





Membership Plans for Regus Pasadena:

Regus Pasadena provides a wide range of membership plans for their coworking spaces. Check these membership plans below.

Office Space – An office space is your own private office. You can drop by whenever you need and get to work right at that time. In such an office space you can devote undivided attention and focus to your work. Furthermore, you have the option for window offices, interior office, and office suites. You can make a choice as per your work requirements. These spaces are fully serviced and fully equipped with high technology facilities. The prices vary for different spaces. The office spaces rentals are $207 per month.

Virtual Office – At Regus Pasadena, you can rent out a virtual office. This facility is best suitable for those who do not need a dedicated workspace but a professional business address. Also, you get a business mailing address under this membership plan. The mail handling and packaging services by Regus are highly professional. The prices for virtual offices are considerably reasonable.

Meeting Rooms – Meeting cum conference rooms are also available at these coworking spaces. These meeting rooms are fully equipped with all the high technology amenities. Video conferencing facilities are also an option at Regus Pasadena. You can avail of these services for hourly or daily presentations, interviews, client pitches or for training purpose.

Business Lounges – This feature at Regus spaces is a casual facility. You can make use of this space for recreation or for informal hangouts and meetings. These lounges are airy and well built with all the required amenities. Hence, you can have a brief zone out time in between work. Business lounge rentals are $93 per month.

Coworking – Under this membership, you can either choose a dedicated space or a hot desk facility. All the necessary facilities are included in this plan. This membership plan is very flexible fitting your individual corporate needs. At Regus Pasadena, space is available for 5 days, 10 days or unlimited time period. Coworking space rentals are $112 per month.

The prices may vary from location to location. Also, Regus Pasadena membership plan agreements are for a month, 12 months and 24 months. If you make a payment through the MyRegus app, you can avail of a discount. The discount for a 12-month plan is 10 percent, while for the 24-month plan it is 15 percent.

Location and Address of Regus Pasadena:

The Regus Pasadena has offices at the prime locations of the town for coworking. Los Angeles downtown is just a few miles away. Furthermore, there are plenty of eateries, cafes, and restaurants around these spaces. So some good snacking is just a walking distance away. Also, commuting around here is not an issue. Cabs and trams are easily accessible from here.

Old Town Pasadena:

The Old Pasadena area is known as the tech, media, and creative firms’ hub. There are many eateries, cafes and shopping centers around this space. Regus Pasadena Old Town is at the prime location of the city. Having your business located here has its own benefits.
Location – 117 East Colorado Blvd, Suite 600, Pasadena, California, 91105
Contact – 18554003575

Century Square:

This location is a picturesque sight. It is located in the Lake Avenue business district of Pasadena. There is a cluster of many big companies at the Century Square location. 210, 110 and 134 freeways are also at a short distance from this location. Paseo Colorado is also nearby this location. Outdoor seating on the terrace is also available at this Regus Pasadena location.
Location – 155 N Lake Avenue, Suite 800, Pasadena, California 91101
Contact – 18554003575


Coworking has taken the corporate culture by storm and provided great benefits for the businesses. These spaces help in raising the productivity level and hence the overall performance of the business. Moreover, for freelancers and travelers, these spaces are an absolute blessing. All you have to do is drop by and get to work. A coworking space helps businesses reduce unwanted expenditures. You only have pay for the services that you signed up for. Also, the entire focus is on work in a coworking environment as everything else is already taken care of. All the other stuff is looked after by the space provider. Regus Pasadena is one of the best spaces in the city. Other popular nearby Regus locations include Glendale and Arcadia.

Regus is the ace brand name in the shared office space.  They have global outreach and hence greater networks. They provide a range of amenities and services at their coworking spaces. These services are impeccable and help the business run smoothly and effortlessly. There are two Regus Pasadena locations. You can make a choice as per your specific work needs. Both the addresses are at prime locations of the city. Do visit their official website for more information regarding their coworking spaces and membership plans. You can also use their official MyRegus app to stay updated about the professional events held at Regus. Also, Many discount options also open when you use the MyRegus app. Furthermore, making payments and renewing memberships through the app is a lot easier.

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