7 Awesome Coworking & Shared Office Spaces in Santa Monica (2023)

Smart ideas need equally smart spaces to hatch. So, welcome aboard, as we have listed the most impressive coworking spaces in Santa Monica to help you find your ideal match. The city of Santa Monica, also known as Silicon Beach, is a stylish alter-ego of LA. But it also is a fast-emerging hub for entrepreneurs looking for shared office spaces that deliver more and cost less. Besides, the multiple attractions in this coastal city, are certainly enticing to a lot of tourists and business persons. And why not? Beautiful beaches, pubs, cafes, are all little perks, very welcome after a day’s hard work.

Finding the best coworking space in Santa Monica, a gorgeous beachfront city is like a dream come true. Working from this serene bay area improves one’s motivation, creativity, and freshness of the mind. However, the ideal benefits of working from Santa Monica can be best captured when working from an equally elegant workspace. For this, we have shortlisted Santa Monica’s best spaces for coworking. So all you have to do is read through and pick the best fit from the following.

Coworking Spaces & Shared Offices in Santa Monica

1. Regus Santa Monica


Regus, the global coworking giant, is almost omnipresent in most cities in the world, including some cool coworking spots in Santa Monica. Naturally, it brings along global experiences and community access under every roof it holds. They have a range of options for you to choose from. They have coworking desks where you may have a seat for yourself or startup offices. On the other hand, you will also find fully customizable private office spaces besides meeting rooms and business lounges. And, they have virtual office services as well.

Perks: All Regus locations are full of perks to the brim. At one, you will find an outdoor terrace, while the other might be close to a gym. Similar perks include on-site cafes, parking facilities, business lounges, etc.

Prices: In terms of pricing, it’s $112 for five days a month. However, a full month’s access to hot desks comes at the monthly price of $299. At the same time, for the cost of $99 per month, you get unlimited access to their business lounges. The office spaces, on the other hand, cost around $539 per month. Please note that actual prices may vary from location to location.

Locations: Regus operates from 3 coworking spaces in Santa Monica and there are many more around it in California. The three Santa Monica coworking spaces of Regus are:

  • 2500 Broadway, Building F, Santa Monica, California
  • 730 Arizona Avenue, Santa Monica, California
  • 12100 Wilshire Blvd 8th floor, Los Angeles, CA 90025, United States

Contact: You may contact Regus Santa Monica at (310) 806-9300 for any additional details.


2. BlankSpaces


Blankspaces is a gorgeous coworking place where flexibility and comfort are top of mind. The high ceilings and skylights fill this downtown Santa Monica coworking space with ample sunshine. They offer coworking cafe-like space, besides dedicated workstations, and an array of office spaces, on top of virtual office packages. Services also include mailing addresses, VOIP services, internet access, etc. And, if you are new to coworking, try their space for a couple of days via their trial package.

Perks: Other perks worth mentioning at Blankspaces Coworking Santa Monica are private phone booths, conference rooms, and their beautiful kitchen space, in addition to a large space that you can hire for your business events. A spacious parking lot is just across the street, while the upscale shopping precincts of downtown Santa Monica, the Promenade is only a block away.  And, at the same distance is a lovely beach.

Prices: Prices start at $15 for 5-hour access to hot desks and at $25 for dedicated desks for the same hours. Though monthly access to the open lounge coworking area comes for the price of $275, and it will cost you $650 for a large private desk per month. Office spaces, however, have different prices for different sizes. For instance, a private office for one stands at $1,100. Naturally, the price escalates for bigger office spaces.


  • 1450 2nd Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401
  • 3110 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Contact: To talk with a Blankspace executive, call (310) 452-4200 or send an email to [email protected].


3. WeWork Santa Monica


Does WeWork need any introduction? This global coworking network comes with many perks and amazing amenities. These are a great escape from the seclusion of a home office, as they enhance productivity and efficiency like never before. Besides, many great opportunities to grow, network, and collaborate will become available here. In their spaces, they offer hot and permanent desks, on top of private office services.

Perks: In terms of amenities at WeWork coworking space Santa Monica, they have a great deal on offer. Superfast internet, support staff, and print stations are what you will find in common at all their coworking spaces. But apart from these, you can quench your thirst and fatigue with delicious fruit water or freshly roasted coffee. Additionally, you can also access phone booths, lounge areas, and bike racks. They even have a wellness room wherein you can relax, meditate, or just have some me-time.

Prices: Different locations have different prices. The rates for hot desks start from $525 per month. The price for dedicated desks, though, begins from $600 per month.

Locations: WeWork has two locations in the beachside city of Santa Monica, while Lantana is an upcoming location. These are:

  • 520 Broadway, Suite 200, Santa Monica
  • 312 Arizona Ave, Santa Monica

Contact: To talk with a WeWork representative, call at their toll-free number, 1800 123 365 365.


4. Spaces Santa Monica


This impressive Santa Monica coworking space is an eye-pleaser. Its creative interiors and smart seating add to the the productivity levels members experience here. Plus, they will also keep fatigue and stress at bay. And, the unique designer furniture and facilities on offer will amplify your entrepreneurial skills. Further, it is situated among the best tech business scenes and, of course, the buzzing Promenade on Third Street.

Perks: Close proximity to a beach and a happening retail precinct is an unmatchable perk. Besides, Spaces Santa Monica has a whopping 200 plus coworking desks and a balcony too!

Prices: The comfy coworking area is available for $500 per month. The price is, however, the same for dedicated desks, so you have an equal opportunity to choose between the two. Also, round-the-clock, accessible private office spaces hasvea price of $820 per month.

Location: 730 Arizona Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90401

Contact: To communicate with a Spaces executive, ring the number (424) 330-1800. Or send an email to [email protected].


5. The Office


Writers, bloggers, and everyone else who needs a calm and quiet workplace, this space is for you. As one of the best coworking spaces in Santa Monica, the peace you can enjoy here is unbeatable. This space will help you concentrate on your tasks at hand, along with many others who work around with words. So, enjoy peace of mind and let your creativity reign high at The Office Santa Monica.

Perks: Tranquility is the biggest perk here. But nevertheless, a week’s free trial access is also a great perk. Besides, to keep noise at a minimum, they don’t have any conference spaces or buzzing telephones around.

Prices: They have a very simple pricing model. Apart from a free one-week trial, you may get a day’s access for $39. After that, a monthly fee will be payable in addition to a one-time joining fee of $69.

Location: 1347 19th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404

Contact: Before visiting, schedule a visit by ringing (310) 917-4455 or by posting an email to [email protected].


6. Beach House Cowork


A home away from home and by the sea is the desire of many. But what if we give you a workspace by the seaside? Beach House Cowork is situated at the perfect distance of a few steps from the westside Silicon Beach. The interiors are carefully designed to enthuse creativity and a stress-free environment. Further, there are plenty of means around this coworking space in Santa Monica to relax and refresh your mind, body, and soul.

Perks: They extend free tea, coffee, and snacks to all members. In addition to mail handling and concierge services, conference spaces, and a kitchenette. The three lounge areas, patio and bar spaces are definitely worth a mention here.

Prices: They are very flexible on pricing, as their membership ranges from an hour to days and months. Cowork here with a day pass for $25 or a week pass for $125. Monthly memberships include $350 for hot desks and $450 for dedicated desks.

Location: 2219 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405, United States

Contact: To talk with a Beach House exec, call at 424 281 7988. For any information, you may also mail to [email protected].


7. Barrister Executive Suites Santa Monica

Coworking space Santa Monica-Barrister Suites

Experience effortless productivity while enjoying the astonishing views of the majestic Pacific Ocean and the serene Santa Monica Mountains at Barrister Executive Suites. This coworking space is enough to fuel your entrepreneurial spirit with its spacious workstations, well-lit with ample natural light and eye-pleasing aesthetics. Commuting to and from this excellent coworking space is hassle-free, as it offers connectivity to all the nearby significant transportation options. Moreover, Barrister Executive Suites Santa Monica offers the convenience of 24/7 access, allowing you to work as per your flexible schedule. Here, you can explore reliable shopping, dining, and hotel accommodation options, all conveniently located in proximity to the premises.

Perks: On-site management, furnished/unfurnished office space, well-equipped conference rooms, mail & package handling service, a dedicated break room, copier/scanner, janitorial services, etc., are some of the remarkable perks you will get here after availing of their membership.

Prices: Discover their well-appointed conference room, a coworking desk, or a fully-serviced private office space, all starting from an affordable price of $300/month. For a more detailed overview of their pricing structure, contact their team via provided phone number.

Location: 100 Wilshire Blvd #700, Santa Monica, CA 90401, United States

Contact: Call (310) 917-1002 for any information about their workspace solutions.


To Conclude

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, or digital nomads along this coastline, this list will make it easy for you to choose the best. Plus, it’s time you get more productive and skip the lethargy that comes with working at home. Get yourself one space and multiple connections and see the boom in your productivity and frame of mind. Moreover, these top coworking and shared office spaces in Santa Monica are just a short distance from the sea. So, work to your heart’s content and then refresh yourself with the sounds of the ocean.

Work is fun and stress-free when working in a beautiful beach resort town. But then, what’s the best way to work and not get any sand into your laptop? Simple! Visit and be a part of any of these coworking spaces in Santa Monica. Whether a freelancer or an entrepreneur, coworking can be a game changer for the speed with which you attain your goals. Good Luck!

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