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Industrious San Francisco forwards amazing workplace solutions to professionals from various backgrounds. So, whether you are a solopreneur or are working in a full-fledged team, they will cater to your demands. Not to mention, this coworking space in San Francisco provides top-notch facilities to teams of all sizes. This modern workspace has a beautiful interior that inspires creativity. The flexible work plans of the center will enable you to get things done as per your terms. Isn’t it great? You will not be working under anyone and will be answerable to no one but yourself. Every day at the workspace is filled with surprises and learning opportunities.

Another great feature of Industrious (SF) San Francisco is that they have a community of talented professionals. Furthermore, working in a collaborative space gives you a chance to enhance your network and hence grow your business. Even if you have just started with your venture, they will guide you at every step. To help make things easier for you, they have made available amazing facilities that are complementary to the membership plan you opt for. All these services are available under one roof! Besides, this place has a lot more to offer. Therefore, to get a closer look at this place, keep reading further.

Industrious Coworking San Francisco



Perks of working at Industrious SF:

  • Internet facility: Industrious San Francisco has a secure and reliable internet facility for its members. So, if you can work online without worrying about a poor connection.
  • Printing facility: The great printing equipment at the center will enable you to get high-quality print outs of your documents. So, no need to go out for small tasks such as this.
  • Wellness rooms: The workspace has special rooms known as wellness rooms wherein you can lay back and relax. After all, your well-being is of the utmost importance.
  • Coffee and snacks: Help yourself with a warm cup of coffee and refresh your mind before starting with another task. In addition to this, they also provide tasty snacks.
  • Member events and parties: The community events at Industrious coworking space San Francisco provide you with a chance to learn new things and mingle with the fellow members. Moreover, these events give you a chance to network with like-minded individuals.
  • Professional staff: The professional staff at the workspace is always available at your disposal. So, whenever you require any kind of assistance, you can walk up to them.
  • Community: Industrious SF has a great community comprising of talented professionals. Each individual has a unique feature and is extremely capable.
  • Parking garage: There is a spacious parking garage available for you at the center. So, no more worrying about where to park your car while you visit the work center.
  • Bike storage: Travelling on a bike? Great. The center also provides bike storage facilities so that you may not face any sort of inconvenience.

Industrious San Francisco Membership Plans:

Industrious SF provides flexible membership plans that comprise of specific services. Further, each plan has been thoughtfully designed so that every member is able to benefit from it. So, whether you are a freelancer or a well-established business executive, they have a special set of facilities for you. In addition to this, these plans also give you access to a set of great services. And you do not have to pay anything extra to avail these facilities. So, all that your business requires is available in a single plan. So, go through the available options and choose the most suitable option.

Community memberships: This option at Industrious SF will give you access to the communal areas of the workspace. So, you can work on any desk of your choice and avail the facilities of the center. This option is suitable for those who work solo. For instance, freelancers and entrepreneurs. Moreover, working in a collaborative space will give you an opportunity to learn new skills that could be useful for your venture. And also, these amazing workstations are distraction-free and will encourage you to strive harder. So, bring your laptop along and get on with your work. The membership price of this option starts at $630.

Private offices: Need a personalized space for your team? No worries. Industrious San Francisco facilitates you with spacious private offices which are fully-equipped with basic facilities. Furthermore, they have offices for teams of all sizes. You can work in a private environment and can yet benefit from the advantages of working in a shared space. So, you will have the best of both worlds! These offices are furnished with comfortable seatings so that you are able to work without any inconvenience. Moreover, you can make full use of the amenities provided by the workspace. These offices inspire creativity and will encourage your team members to work more productively. The cost of availing this option depends on the size of the office.

  • Small Office: starts from $1247
  • Medium Office: starts from $2439
  • Large Office: starts from $3843

Industrious Locations in San Francisco:

Broadway Plaza

Very soon Industrious San Francisco will be launching its space in the Walnut Creek’s Broadway Plaza. Moreover, the workspace will be located right in the middle of Walnut Creek’s business as well as the entertainment district. The location is quite accessible as it is nearby BART and some of the major highways. At a small distance from the center, you will get the best services in the city.

Address: 1212 Broadway Plaza Street, Suite 2100, Walnut Creek

SF Financial District

This branch Industrious SF is situated in the city’s central business district. That implies this is an ideal place where your business can thrive. Additionally, this area is home to many leading corporations. It is at a small distance from BART, Muni, and cable cars. You will find great cafes and restaurants right across from your workspace.

Address: 345 California Street, Suite 600


This address of Industrious San Francisco harbors great coworking zones and private offices in North Beach. Not to mention, this is an ideal location where you will find almost all the requisite facilities. So, if you want to strike a balance between life and work, this is the right place to do so. Also, the center has abundant parking facilities for your convenience. Closeby to the workstation is the Montgomery BART station. All in all, all that your work demands are available here.

Address: 1700 Montgomery Street, Suite 108


Email: [email protected]


Strike a balance by working at the creative Industrious San Francisco coworking space. With the help of their unique work culture, you can easily reach your targets. This work center is a great alternative to corporate offices in terms of flexibility and productivity. As a result, you are able to experiment more and work on your innovations without any intrusion. The dedicated team of professionals will guide you at every step. They will help you accelerate the growth of your business.

All three addresses of Industrious coworking San Francisco have something unique to offer. They are set up in the hub of innovation and are surrounded by some of the leading companies. So, you can operate your business in a great environment as it will get a good exposure. So, if you aspire to become successful in all your endeavors, you should consider working at this place. You will surely fall in love with their services. You don’t believe us? Well, take a tour and see for yourself. Happy Coworking!

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