Top 7 Coworking Spaces in Tulsa, Ok With Prices (2022)

Tulsa has been a prime destination for digital nomads and remote workers from across the world over the past few years. This has given a boost to the culture of coworking space Tulsa. The reasons are multifaceted—the windy weather beats the heat and people are fond of the fascinating Native American culture.

To top it all off, Tulsa seeks out digital nomads as much as they seek Tulsa. The Tulsa Remote program offers $10 000 to digital nomads to settle here for a year. For the same reason, this city has ample custom-made coworking spaces to suit the needs of remote workers from all walks of life. This article will cite and discuss some of the best coworking spaces Tulsa offers.

Coworking Space Tulsa

We’ve prepared a list of top-notch coworking spaces in Tulsa that are community-driven, growth-oriented, and put your comfort on priority. Moreover, these spaces have the most reasonable coworking space rates in Tulsa.


The Root coworking, Tulsa

The root coworking

The Root Coworking Tulsa serves all kinds of workers—self-employed, freelancers, and other digital nomads from across the globe. Its tagline, Work Your Way, gives the perfect image of the work culture here. 

A wide range of amenities like super-speed wifi, constant coffee supply, on-site support team, beer privileges, and free parking is available. You can have your pick from the hot desks, team suites, private offices, meeting rooms, and drop-in passes. Your work time coordinates with their services, with its modern design escalating the vibe.  

Price: $85/month to $325/month

Location: 110 S. Hartford Ave., Suite 100, Tulsa, OK 74120

Phone: (918) 236-3111



The Bridge

The bridge coworking

A creative coworking space in Tulsa, The Bridge justifies its name—bridging the creators, entrepreneurs, and freelancers in a coworking community. What accentuates the vibe of the place is an interactive design with visual communication. 

You can work from the large open working area for one-time drop-ins, with access to the coffee bar. For full-time citizens of the Bridge, you get a separate locker and a large shared desk to work when you’re bored of the private office. So if you’re wondering, “where can I organize an event near me?”, it’d be in your best interest to know that the conference room here is wholly presentation-oriented and likewise equipped.

Price: $100/month to $400/month

Location: 5272 S Lewis Ave #250, Tulsa, OK 74105

Phone: 918 779 0749



Brookside Collective

The brookside collective

Whether you need a space to work temporarily or have a dedicated workplace, Brookside is custom-made for your needs. Its strategic positioning makes it a targeted destination—within walking distance from Gathering Place and a few minutes’ ride from Downtown Tulsa.

The coworking space Tulsa flaunts a great, modern design with premium furniture. Entrepreneurs and business professionals can indulge and grow in Brookside Business Association’s community. This place is flush with amenities, from private desks, dedicated office, conference rooms, and meeting spaces to shared office spaces. 

Price: Small, private desks starting at $150/month

Location: 3741 S. Peoria Tulsa, OK 74105

Phone: 918-212-4862



36 Degree North

36 Degrees North is a unique shared workplace in Tulsa that prioritizes businesses, startups, and remote workers in a highly collaborative environment. They provide all the necessary spaces for individual workers like a shared workspace, private office, or lounge space. 

For businesses, this Tulsa-based co-working space provides private offices, conference rooms, meeting spaces, and community spaces that build the largest community of entrepreneurs in Tulsa. Their incubator on the 5th floor of One Technology Center provides a highly equipped space for investors, high-tech startups, and mentors.

Price: Coworking space starting at $149/month

Location: 36 East Cameron Street, Tulsa, OK 74103

Phone: (918) 884-3550; Email: [email protected]



Elevate (Coworking Space Tulsa)


Right in the heart of south Tulsa, Elevate is your standard, everyday coworking space with all the prime locations within walking distance. Elevate’s business side provides efficient and impressive services for businesses looking to hold their team meetings. 

For individuals like content creators, graphic designers, or any other freelancer, Elevate is ideal. This place is rich with amenities like private desks, shared desks, a well-lit dedicated office, and dim-lit spaces for design-centric individuals. You can customize these amenities to suit your needs and pay just for them. 

Prices: ​​dedicated full-time desk starting at $270/mo​nth

Location: 8990 S Sheridan Road, Suite B

Phone: 918-392-7108



Tag Coworking Tulsa


A creatively designed space, Tag offers a great chance for networking in Tulsa. This coworking space is amazing. You get your work done in a private office, personal desk, or shared space. Tag keeps happy vibes on priority. 

However, you spend your free time in community lounges that focus on great networking and idea exchange. They have regular events planned for ‌training, mentoring, or organizing workshops. Moreover, taking networking up a notch, they have a members-only chat network where you can talk and get acquainted with like-minded, interesting people. 

Prices: Coworking starts at $109/month – Private Office at $559/month

Location: 8214 E 111th Pl S #100, Bixby, OK 74008

Phone: (918) 924-5874



In its bid to spark its local growth, Tulsa has provisioned effectively for remote workers. Besides the Tulsa Remote program, the place has an abundance of tourist destinations with cultural and historical relevance. The Tulsa coworking scene is robust and backed by the state for better accommodation of businesses settling in Tulsa. Make your best pick from this list of top-notch coworking spaces in Tulsa.

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