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TechSpace is an amazing coworking and shared office space provider with locations in some of the best American cities. TechSpace takes pride in providing what any entrepreneur or a member always need and that is an amicable environment. At TechSpace you can find inspiration at every corner of the workspace. There are people of all age groups evolving here and there is enough workspace for everyone to relax and have a good chat sometimes. TechSpace is home to some of the best and upcoming ventures from the technology industry. You will be working among social media, e-commerce, application, and software development firms here.

As per the members of TechSpace, it takes away all their worries with regards to the connectivity, internet, and other sundry services. It is totally different from traditional office space and you also do not have to worry about the lease considerations. The space is designed in a manner which drives innovations and instills a sense of creativity in the members. The workspaces are best-fit for anyone who loves to work in a private yet collaborative manner. And lastly, the community of TechSpace Los Angeles is like a pandora’s box, you will always be surprised at the ways in which they could support you. Yes, this coworking space is awesome and it has an amazing aura. Let’s know something more about it.

Amenities at TechSpace:

The amenities and services offered by the coworking spaces help them stand out from the others. TechSpace is like a Triton among the Minnows because of the services and amenities, they offer to the members. Let’s see what are these amenities:

  • In terms of accessibility, the members have 24*7 access to the workspace.
  • At all times, you can have a nice cuppa of tea or an energetic dose of Coffee at TechSpace.
  • No need to step out for a hot and luscious snack, there is a full-fledged kitchen inside the premises.
  • The conference rooms are loaded with technology and boasts off with state of the art communication and AV peripherals.
  • The monthly member events are curated specifically keeping in mind the member’s ventures and startups.
  • They have round the clock on-site management to further help the members streamline the processes.
  • Never worry about eavesdropping anymore. TechSpace has dedicated phone booths for the members to take a private call.
  • This is great, they have their own vending machines inside the workspace. How cool is that?
  • Just outside the private cabins, there are large wall-sized windows which will let you gaze upon the beautiful Westwood precinct.
  • The chairs are made for comfort and the desks are spacious enough to let you work without any hassles.
  • The whole workplace is spread in 20,000 sq feet area and has 40 private cabins plus 160 workspaces.
  • In terms of technology advancement and protection, TechSpace has its own enhanced service provisions. There are private data networking, enterprise-class Wi-Fi and sustainable & efficient bandwidth.

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Spaces provided by TechSpace:

Before talking about the membership plans we will first analyze the different types of spaces provided. These spaces cater to different niche workstyles by including the space-specific workstyles into their business.  

  • Startup: What does a startup need? Well, the list is long but the important requirement includes pocket-friendly office space. A well-knit and closed community and ways to enhance productivity. TechSpace will provide with all of these and much more. Their Startup centric workspaces exhibit proficiency, are fully furnished and tech-enabled. If you have a team or want to work as a lone ranger, TechSpace will provide you an awesome private cabin or an individual work desk.
  • Small to Mid-Size: however, if you are looking to set up a new satellite office in the city, in this scenario TechSpace has the perfect solution. They have flexible lease terms which will give you enough freedom to work smoothly from a new office. Apart from the HQ, you will find an equally vibrant and energetic office culture at TechSpace. You can have your own private conference rooms, furnished offices and much more to keep your team happy and content.
  • Enterprise: For the big boys, TechSpace has equivalent Enterprise solutions. Their corporate styled workspaces offer agility and efficient work culture which adds value to your business. The flex-space consultants will be there to sort all your real estate issues. You can also hire the large enterprise office spaces on flexible lease for a short or long term period. In relation to other traditional leasing options, TechSpace entails less operational and set-up cost. They have a short leasing process which is further made hassle-free with the help of the management staff. Less security deposit, space flexibility, and outsourced front office make their Enterprise solutions affordable and optimal. When comparing with other enterprise solution providers, TechSpace’s workspace will cost you approximately $8160 per person/annum.

Techspace LA Membership Plans:

The membership plans for any coworking space define their way of interacting with the members. At TechSpace Los Angeles you can choose from three membership options. These are:

  • FlexSpace: this membership plan will provide you a work desk on the shared work floor. This plan is best for freelancers and solopreneurs who work alone and are in need of a collaborative community. Single work stations provide you with enough networking opportunities with fellow members. At TechSpace, one flex space will cost you $350/month. Added to this, the workstations have enough workspace so that you are comfortable.
  • Private Office: Then there are private offices or cabins available at TechSpace which also provide a wonderful opportunity. The private offices are indeed separated from the shared work floor but the community works as a single unit at TechSpace and you won’t feel left out of the interaction. Plus, the splendid lounge area, enormous kitchen and my favorite vending machines will provide enough opportunities to make connections. Within the private office membership, TechSpace has variable plans offered at different prices. For a single member private office, they charge $900/month further, if you are looking to accommodate multiple members, the rates are as follows:
  •  2-person Private office $1600/month.
  • 3-4 person Private office $2600/month.
  • Similarly, for a 20-person private office, you will be charged $10000/month.

Beyond this, you can consult the management and the dedicated flex-space consultants for enterprise solutions.

  • Virtual Office: Virtual office means that you are originally working from your home, your dorm room or even a cafe. But for your clients, you have set up an office and all your posts and mails will come to this virtual address. With TechSpace not only will you get the best virtual office services there is but their prime office location is impressive. This will help you in building a good reputation in front of your clients and customers. As for the prices, you only need to pay $50 to avail the Virtual Membership.

Location and Contact of TechSpace LA:

The internal environment of TechSpace is truly a marvel in today’s work culture and adds more shine to any business and startups. Apart from this, they reside in a beautiful neighborhood which boasts of world-class dining options and inspiring destinations. From fun bars to fitness arenas, you can find everything in the Westwood area. Added to this, the Westwood Blvd after its intersection with the Wilshire Blvd connects to the Freeway 405.

The nearest bus stop to TechSpace is Westwood NB and LindBrook FS.

Address: 1100 Glendale Avenue, 17th Floor, Los Angeles, California 90024.


Email: [email protected]


Coming to the end, I would like to add that TechSpace has some of the most exquisite interior designing for a coworking space. It has all the elements of a traditional office with an additional big dose of furnished and elaborative elements. The work stations are beautiful yet ergonomic. And the atmosphere is just right for everyone to be creative and productive in their work.

The city of Los Angeles has some of the best in class coworking spaces. TechSpace is the proud owner of one such location which breeds productivity in its members. It fills the members with confidence to work harder than ever and still enjoy life as it is and most of all, you will observe that they have used the private office area beautifully. It does not feel like anything is missing in the office, the furniture is eloquent and the designing is just top-notch. I cannot explain TechSpace enough with my words, you need to book a tour today to know for yourself. So get going and Happy Coworking!

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