6 Majestic Coworking Spaces in Madison With All Details

What could sound better than working in a collaborative, community-focused environment? If you find the right coworking space in Madison, you can reap all the benefits of a traditional office with the added perk of an inviting and social atmosphere. Additionally, the sprawling biotech companies, service sector, and educational hub in Madison create a rich scene of opportunity for everyone.

If you are a freelancer, digital nomad, professional, or just need a change of scenery, these different coworking spaces in Madison will surely suit your needs. All you need to do is decide on the membership plan that works best for you, whether it’s a daily, weekly, or monthly pass.

Coworking Space Madison

There is no lack of coworking spaces in Madison, with each offering its own amenities, services, and membership plans. Here are the best spaces Madison has:

1. Brix Coworking

brix coworking

Located above the Wisconsin Veterans Museum, Brix Coworking space Madison is the first location of the budding franchise. This warm, bright, and colorful space is home to various organizations, remote workers, freelancers, and professionals. Moreover, the special inclusion of a podcast studio adds a new dimension to the space.

As for the several useful amenities, you can take advantage of high-speed internet, private phone booths, a comfortable lounge space, secure storage lockers, and more. And if you enjoy sipping tea or coffee at work, you will be glad to know that Brix serves complimentary beverages. The on-site kitchen and café are also great spots to have a break and a snack.

Pricing: From dedicated desks at $250 per month to Flex Desks at $125 per month, Brix has a membership plan for everyone. Furthermore, private office spaces accommodate a single person to a complete team. For only $40/h, a fully-equipped podcast studio is also available for rental.

Website: https://brixcoworking.com/

Location: 30 W Mifflin Street, Suite 800, Madison, WI 53703, United States

Phone: (608) 509-4171


2. Horizon Coworking Space Madison

With two very convenient locations on the east and west side, Horizon Coworking is one of the most popular spaces in Madison. The modern space boasts a sleek design with all the contemporary amenities you need for a great work experience. This space has a comforting and creative aura, perfect for driving productivity as a remote worker or professional. Also, various events are hosted here from time to time, making Horizon a great place to network and make new friends.

If you think the list of amenities ends with high-speed internet and printing services, know that Horizon also has membership discounts, pre-booking, and conference meeting rooms, making it much more than just a coworking space. Surely, after booking your space here, you will be in awe of the incredible value you get for your money.

Pricing: You can get a private office for $500, including conference rooms and a 24/7 Shared Desk at just $125 per month. If you are solo and just need a place to focus, then a 24/7 Dedicated Desk is available for just $325 per month. Also, the Horizon Day Pass of $20 will allow you to use the space for a single day.

Website: https://www.horizoncw.com/en

Location: 7 N Pinckney St #300, Madison, WI 53703, United States

Phone: (608) 313-4774


3. 100state Coworking Madison

coworking space madison

If you want to innovate, build, grow and give back to the community, 100state is the coworking space for you. The vibrant community of entrepreneurs and professionals propels motivation and sparks creativity. As a result, the collaborative environment at 100state leads to some incredible work being accomplished.

Additionally, this coworking space in Madison will flood you with all sorts of essential facilities and resources. For instance, members can access high-speed internet, lounge areas, phone booths, a morning dose of caffeine, and much more. Also, a tight-knit network of professionals can be accessed, which is undoubtedly a valuable resource. Moreover, you might think leaving stuff behind in a coworking space can be risky, but not with 100state Madison. They provide you with a top-notch security system.

Pricing: You can purchase a monthly membership Pro for $150 per month, which gives you access to all the facilities 24/7. If you want to work in a shared space, a Community Membership of $50 per month will be more than enough. Also, exclusive private office space will offer you more privacy and peace of mind, starting at $850 per month.

Website: https://100state.com/

Location: 17 S Fairchild St FL 7, Madison, WI 53703, United States

Phone: (608) 515-5700


4. Synergy Coworking Space Madison

synergy coworking

As the name suggests, Synergy Coworking is all about coming together and collaborating to accomplish big goals. Small businesses, remote workers, and freelancers will enjoy working in this location. Signing up with Synergy will help you in redefining your workspace. Moreover, this progressive space provides safe coworking for women, entrepreneurs of color, startups, and more.

Endless amenities like free Wi-Fi, printing, office supplies, locker, and conference rooms are available. Also, if you like to take small breaks between work, you will appreciate the lounge area and the availability of beverages. Moreover, who doesn’t like free parking space? You will get just that with Synergy coworking space Madison.

Pricing: If you want a flexible workspace that won’t break the bank, then the Flex Office Plan at $100 per month is ideal. Further, don’t worry about paying a huge amount, as you can get office space daily as well as hourly. You can also get access to only meeting rooms starting from $15/hr. For selecting from various plans, check out the official website.

Website: http://www.synergymadison.com/

Location: 6709 Raymond Rd, Madison, WI 53719, United States

Phone: (608) 709-5550


5. Office Evolution Madison

If you’re looking for change and productivity, Office Evolution is the perfect place for you. The reason is that this coworking space strives to provide an environment that helps in business growth. Overall, Office Evolution Madison is a perfect blend of affordability, amenities, and association. This space boasts everything from great customer service to 24/7 access.

Furthermore, if you like to munch and sip hot beverages while working, you will get that here. Also, with a business center and meeting room, apart from a coworking space, Madison makes it perfect for small businesses and remote teams. Phone booths, Wi-Fi access, furnishings, and surface and underground parking spaces are some of the many amenities available. However, the list doesn’t end here; a friendly atmosphere and a great view will make your working experience even better.

Pricing: Be it a private workspace at $350 per month or a conference room at $20/h, there is a plan for everyone. The best part is you can get a professional business address and your personal mailbox for just $79 per month. Finally, to book your workspace, go through the website and get a detailed pricing list.

Website: https://www.officeevolution.com/locations/madison-arboretum/

Location:  2921 Landmark Pl Suite 215, Madison, WI 53713, United States

Phone: (608) 315-5265

6. Serendipity Labs Flexible Office Space & Coworking

coworking space madison

As the word ‘Serendipity’ suggests, this coworking space is all about finding great stuff without looking for it. This space allows you to connect with like-minded individuals and join a vibrant community. Everything about Serendipity Labs Madison is top-notch, from prime locations to endless amenities. The whole aura of the space is going to uplift your mood and help you focus.

Moreover, the long list of amenities will leave you amazed as it has high-speed internet, mail and package handling services, onsite management, and a complimentary fitness center. If that’s not all, one of its USPs is that it is near the famous University of Wisconsin, Madison. Also, the bright, natural lighting will make you feel good while working.

Pricing: For quick and easy selection, the list of pricing is divided into three categories of dedicated workspaces, drop-in plans, and meetings & events. From a single-day pass to team rooms, you can get hands-on everything. Also, for member rates and promotions, visit the website now.

Website: https://serendipitylabs.com/

Location: 525 Junction Rd Suite 6500, Madison, WI 53717, United States

Phone: (608) 305-2415



Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular, and Madison is no exception. In this post, we’ve highlighted some of the best coworking spaces in Madison. If you’re looking for a change of scenery or want to get out of the house and work with other professionals, one of these spaces may be perfect for you. We hope you enjoyed this roundup and that it helps you find the ideal space for your next project or meeting.

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