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If not for startups we would not have Microsoft and Apple ruling the world. Eureka Hub at Eureka Building , a coworking space in Irvine thrives on providing an amicable environment to startups. Their mission is to facilitate the necessary means and support to the new startups who are looking to establish themselves. The 21st Century business scenario is dynamic and filled with complexities. In this scenario, coworking spaces provide the much-needed connection, a set pathway and a propitious direction for startups to launch successfully.

A coworking space such as Eureka Hub (Eureka Building) does not only facilitate desks and a chair for you rather they ensure that you are following the right path. They ensure that you are amongst the right people who are appreciative and cohesive. They teach you how to take the next step, how to scale and when to scale also when to apply some brakes. And all this is not done in a specific classroom or a workshop. No, all this is made possible due to a welcoming and vibrant community. They ensure that you leverage the most out of your investment, the costs are set to suit your needs. All of this just to ensure that you can enjoy your Eureka Moment that is waiting for you down the line.


Eureka Hub (Eureka Building) Irvine is an exciting place to work at. It is not just a coworking space, it is a customized campus only for startups and entrepreneurs. The 7000 sq ft campus fits in each and everything your startup may require. From refreshments to state of the art infrastructure and the camaraderie of the community.

  • A big campus built for your startup and hosting events.  
  • Plenty of sitting options, from open desks to dedicated desks and private offices.
  • High-speed internet facility for all the members.
  • Printing and fax services are available within the campus.
  • There a kitchen room where you can enjoy a good snack with your friends.
  • For privacy, there are various special phone booths on the work floors.  
  • You can park your car or bike without any cost in the parking bay available on the premises.
  • There is no need to rush out to grab a bite, the Eureka Hub Irvine campus has an on-site restaurant.
  • Plus, the human fuel is ever present in the cafeteria. Yes, I am talking about coffee. And did I mention that it is free?
  • The members can have access to their workspace and offices 24*7.
  • There are designated chill-out zones and lounge areas built to rejuvenate your mind after the long hours of work.
  • Don’t want to leave your best friend at home? No problem, Eureka Building is a dog-friendly place.
  • Any coworking place is incomplete without Foosball. They have an awesome foosball table for you to play with your coworkers.
  • The whole campus area has wheelchair accessibility.

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Membership Rates of Eureka Hub Irvine:

As I have told you before that this coworking space is not just any workspace where you can come, pay, sit, work, and go home, but Eureka Hub Irvine (Eureka Building) is much more than that. Here you will get support at every step, from launching to developing to selling the first product. The founder and the management team will make sure that you are cared for and have everything you need to run your startup. With that being said, let’s know which are the different membership plans available at this space.

  • Day Pass: need the workspace for a single day or just want to check how is it? Well, it is a smart move. The day pass at Eureka Hub will cost you $25 and you can avail it from Monday through Friday between the office hours. You will get Wi-Fi, can use the phone room, access the kitchen and the lounge area and also print your documents. That is much more than you can bargain for in $25.
  • Office Presence: That’s a unique name, don’t you think? Well, the office presence is somewhat similar to a virtual membership. After paying $99 every month you will be able to use their address as your own and also receive mails at the Eureka Hub address. Plus the conference room is also available to use for 2 hours in a month. Whenever you are on campus, feel free to use the kitchen and the lounge area.
  • General Memberhsip: Being a general member, the space is open for you 24*7, come in anytime you want and work from a new desk. The general memberhsip will cost you $299 per month and you will be able to use the shared workspace at Eureka Hub. If you want to work at your favorite spot, you need to be there first. When everything is shared they cannot reserve a spot just for you. With this membership, you will get 10 hours of conference room usage every month. Along with other sundry services you can also attend the Eureka Hub events without paying a single buck. And most importantly you can bring in your pet if you want.
  • Dedicated Membership: This plan is for those who are dead serious about their work. You will get a big desk and it will be yours at $499 per month. This desk will give you what I would like to call stability. Working from your own desk day in and day out. You will get a personal storage and filing cabinet along with this membership and 20 hours of conference room usage. Moreover, attendance to the Eureka events is free and the kitchen is open for you.
  • Office Pod: It is amazing that you want to expand and scale your startup. At Eureka Hub in Eureka Building Irvine, you can rent out an office space which can house from 3 to 10 people. The pricing for offices varies as per the requirement and the number of people you want to fit in. But rest assured that you will get an eloquent office space which has everything a normal office has and much more. You can use the conference rooms for 20 hours in a month and this is within the final price. So, what are you waiting for, bring in your squad and get cracking?
  • Conference Rooms: There are two conference rooms available at Eureka Hub which are named as Eureka Room and Board Room. The price of renting the conference room is $50 per hour. You can use the room from Monday to Friday between 10 AM and 6 PM. Both the boardrooms have whiteboards, HD TV with HDMI connectivity, and accessible with Mac and PC both. You can sit up to 10 people in each of the rooms.


Eureka Hub Fest:

This fest is all about celebrating, they celebrate every first, every achievement. There will be entrepreneurs with their inspiring and interesting tales of how they became what they are today. You will hear from venture capitalists, industry experts, all in all, this is reputed as the largest startup festival in all of Orange County.

If you are interested in pitching your ideas the stage is all yours. From demo showcase to networking among like-minded people, a zillion opportunities are waiting for you at Eureka Hub (Eureka Building) and most importantly there is an after-party (of course there is, you are in America).

Location and Contact of Eureka Building Irvine:

The Eureka Hub building is a pearl residing in the Irvine Business Complex. You will find that a number of prominent and popular centers of the city are nearby to this location. It is also nearer to the important highways. Did I tell you that the total area of the Eureka Campus is around 3 acres? Eager to go check it out? Well, here is the address 1621 Alton Pkwy, Irvine, California 92606.

Reviews = 4.5 out of 5


Email: [email protected]


Truly there is no other startup launcher and coworking space in all of Orange County besides Eureka Building Hub, Irvine. The building, the community, the workspace, the environment, each and everything is just amazing. There are a lot of avenues at Eureka for your benefit only for you to reach your Eureka Moment. With such an eloquent and jovial coworking space operating right in the hear of the city, it will be a waste to not go and check it out once. This is a place which respects innovation, fosters intellect and steers the members towards learning something new. Diversity is a virtue at Eureka Building (Eureka Hub) and you will become a part of their incredible journey the moment you step inside the camps. Happy Coworking!

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