11 Awesome Coworking Spaces in Orlando with Perks & Prices (2022)

There are various famous options for coworking spaces in Orlando. These include both huge and relatively newer space options. All of these spaces are equally efficient and amazing. There are a lot of different types of coworking options available here of various sizes and offering essential amenities.

These cater to the corporate requirements of freelancers, startups, small to large businesses and part-time workers. Such office spaces are airy and spacious and hence they have a vibrant and welcoming ambiance. The home-like environment here makes individuals feel comfortable. Therefore, the productivity rises and the businesses grow leaps and bounds. Workspace and its environment have a huge impact on the businesses. And eventually, it shows in its performance.

The various options for coworking in Orlando offer all the important amenities and perks for the businesses. These are high-quality facilities along and their services are topnotch too. Even though there are quite a few shared offices in the city. We have listed out the best of these options and detailed out their complete information below. Check it out.

Coworking Spaces Orlando

There are numerous options for all kinds of shared office spaces in Orlando. The best ones are mentioned below.


Canvs/Starter Studio


Starter Studio which was formerly known as Canvs Orlando is quite a famous choice for coworking at Orlando. They have two office locations in the town. A lot of informational and knowledgeable events are also organized here. These are indispensable for the growth of the businesses. Conference calling and mail handling/packaging perks are available. At this coworking space Orlando, top quality coffee and snacks are also served. Moreover, the internet speed is also very fast and therefore, your work never suffers.

There are quite a few highly rated restaurants, cafes, and eateries around this space. So, you can enjoy some good meals whenever you want. These spaces remain speckless at all times as the cleaning crew here stays on duty throughout the day.

Official Website: https://www.starterstudio.org/


  • 101 S. Garland Avenue, Suite #108, Orlando, FL 32801
  • 500 W. Livingston St., Suite #106, Orlando, FL 32801

Membership Plans: They have various membership plans which are Social, Social Plus, community and dedicated. The social membership plan costs $100 per month and all the necessary high-quality amenities are also included in it. To know more about their price plans for Starter Studio spaces, visit their official website.


Catalyst Spaces


Another great choice for coworking space Orlando is Catalyst spaces. It has one location in the city which is situated at the prime locale of Orlando. Access to the spaces here is available for 24/7. Also, meeting cum conference rooms are also available here. There is also a coffee bar where unlimited tea, coffee, and snacks are served. A lot of networking events are organized from time to time which brings growth opportunities. Office supplies also remain fully stocked here are all times, just in case.

You can also avail of the locker facility at Catalyst Orlando which is secure and safe. Moreover, you can place local and international calls at these spaces at the soundproof phone booths here. Also, you can get expert advice from the mentors here.

Official Website: https://catalystspaces.com/

Address: Catalyst Spaces, 1 S. Orange Ave., Suite 502, Orlando, FL 32801

Membership Plans: There are five price plans available here. These are a hot desk, reserved desk, single-person, two-person, and team offices. You can rent out a hot desk for $99 per month at Catalyst Orlando. To know more about their other price plans, visit the official site.


Regus Orlando


When it comes to coworking space Orlando, Regus is undoubtedly the only global giant. They offer various coworking spaces for freelancers, startups, and single entrepreneurs and various businesses. Regus Orlando has various locations for coworking in the city. These offer a wide range of amenities and services which are of high quality. Furthermore, these spaces are located at the prime locales of the city. Hence, these are well connected will the major commute options and traveling is thus easy. Also, wifi services at Regus are of high speed and good quality.

There are numerous highly rated restaurants and cafes around these spaces. Therefore, some quick bites are just at a walking distance away. Parking around here is also hassle-free and easy.


  • 111 North Orange Avenue, Suite 800, Orlando, Florida, 32801
  • 618 E. South Street, Suite 500, Orlando, Florida, 32801
  • 5323 Millenia Lakes Blvd, Suite 300, Orlando, Florida, 32839

Membership Plans: Here, private offices, virtual offices, meeting rooms, and business lounges are available. You can rent out a private office for $207 per month at Regus Orlando. For more information about their spaces, reach their official website.


Orlando’s Hub 925


This space has a wide variety of office spaces. At this coworking space Orlando, you can rent out both event spaces and workspaces. These are vibrant spaces which have a welcoming vibe. You can work with a high-speed internet here which is secure. Also, there is an onsite parking lot here where you can park for free. The outer view from Hub 925 Orlando is picturesque too. Furthermore, there are various facilities in the break room which include a sink, refrigerator, and a microwave.

There are a lot of highly rated restaurants and cafes around including Starbucks, Panera, Tijuana and more. You can also avail of various discounts available for their meeting rooms.

Official Website: https://hub925.com/

Address: 7594 W. Sand Lake Rd. Orlando, Fl 32819

Membership Plans: At this coworking space, meeting spaces, corporate events, etc are available. They have various discount offers from time to time. Do visit their official website, for more information about their spaces.


Citrus Club


This is one of the most unique coworking space in Orlando. Here you can rent out various office spaces which are welcoming and vibrant. Quite a lot of events are organized here from time to time. You can also avail of the fitness and spa facilities at this space. Furthermore, you can enjoy amazing snacks and beverages throughout the day. These spaces have ergonomic furniture and hence are comfortable for the individuals to work at.

Citrus Club is easily connected via various commute options. Therefore, traveling around here is not an issue. Also, you can get a parking spot easily here, therefore it is not hassle-free.

Official Website: http://www.clubcorp.com/

Address: 255 South Orange Avenue, Suite 1800, Orlando, FL 32801

Membership Plans: You can get Club, community and world memberships at the Citrus Club Orlando. Open areas, meeting rooms, and conference rooms are available here.


Industrious Orlando


Industrious Orlando is a great option for coworking in the town. These coworking spaces in Orlando are fine and have plenty of amazing amenities and perks. Furthermore, you get gourmet breakfast here and high-quality beverages and snacks all day long. They also have happy hours from time to time which has include wine tasting and networking. Apart from this, various programming and professional events are held from time to time.

You can also avail of the wellness room facility here which are great for some quiet time. Also, business class printing and mail handling facilities are available here. 

Official Website: https://www.industriousoffice.com/

Address: 300 S. Orange Avenue, Suite 1000, Orlando, Florida, 32801

Membership Plans: Community memberships and private offices are available here. You can get the community-membership for $405 per month. For more information about their price plans, visit their official website.


Pipeline Workspaces


Pipeline Orlando is another great office space which is modern and has the latest hi-tech facilities. At this coworking space Orlando, there is an onsite parking facility which is free. Also, I-4 and 408 East-West Expressways are also easily accessible from these office spaces. Pipeline Orlando is just a few minutes away from Eola lake.

There are numerous shopping centers, highly rated restaurants and cafes around these spaces. The office furniture is modern and ergonomic here. Also, you can also avail of the receptionist services here.

Official Website: https://pipelineworkspaces.com/

Address: 20 North Orange Avenue, Unit 1100, Orlando, Florida 32801

Membership Plans: You can rent out private office suites, dedicated desks, flexible desks, and virtual offices here. The rental charges for a dedicated desk here are $449 per month. For more information about their spaces and price plans, you can visit their official website.


Factur Coworking, Orlando


This coworking space Orlando is located towards the north of Downtown locale. Various events and workshops are organized here from time to time. A wide range of amenities and perks are available at Factur Orlando. This shared office Orlando is flexible and spacious. There’s ample room for sunlight in these offices. Also, the infrastructure is modern and these have the latest technologies.

Furthermore, there are many restaurants, eateries, and cafes located around these offices. Commuting around is also very easy as this space is connected through various transport options.

Official Website: https://factur.org/

Address: 520 Virginia Drive, Orlando, FL 32803

Membership Plans: Two membership plans are available at this coworking space Orlando. The basic membership plan can be purchased for $150 per month. It includes 24/7 access and common rooms and electronic rooms are also accessible. To know more about their spaces and their rentals, visit their official website.


Orlando Game Space


Orlando Game Space is another amazing option for coworking spaces in Orlando. High-speed wifi is available at this space which ensures a smooth flow of work. Finding a parking spot here is also very easy as an onsite parking lot is available. A fully equipped kitchen is also accessible here. Also, these spaces are pet-friendly, so you can bring your furry friends along. The outer view from these spaces is truly a sight.

You can do some gaming in the break time in the gaming room here. Also, there is a VR hall facility which you can avail of.

Official Website: http://new.orlandogamespace.com/

Address: 421 E., Robinson Street, Orlando, Florida 32801

Membership Plans: Among the various coworking spaces here are open spaces, part-time and studio rooms. The part-time coworking space costs $100 per month and includes all the necessary amenities. For more information about their spaces, you can visit their official website.


National Entrepreneur Center


National Entrepreneur Center Orlando in another most preferred option for coworking in the city. Several business seminars are held here from time to time. Also, by joining this space, you can make use of their resources. At these Orlando coworking spaces, LCD projectors and microphones are available here. You can also make use of training rooms here.

Apart from these various events are also organized from time to time which is very beneficial for growing businesses.

Official Website: https://nationalec.org/

Address: 3201 E. Colonial Drive, Suite A-20, Orlando, FL 32803

Membership Plans: You can rent out meeting spaces and training rooms at these office spaces. These include synergy conference rooms, a collaboration room, executive conference room, venture training, and strategy training room. The rental charges of a collaboration room are $125 per hour. For more information about their office spaces, visit the official website.


Above mentioned details list out the best options for coworking space Orlando. These have all the necessary amenities and services available. All kinds of coworking spaces suiting different corporate requirements are available here. Do check out these spaces. Few other options for coworking here are coworking winter park, Your Office and Venture X among others.

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