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The Urban Hive Sacramento is a place where you can give a new identity to your business. To elaborate, this coworking facility understands your entrepreneurial aspirations and therefore has come up with a bundle of services. Further, these services will help you establish a good position in the market and attain success. They offer membership-based facilities to freelancers, creative artists, and business professionals. Basically, if you got an idea brimming, then this is the perfect place to execute it. Are you fed up with the monotonous corporate office culture? Are you looking for a good alternative? If yes, then you should definitely book a spot for yourself at this wondrous workspace. The amazing community of passionate people will help you as you traverse the path to inevitable success.

Furthermore, Urban Hive Sacramento encourages you to think out-of-the-box and discover new methods of achieving a great feat. The work center offers open workspaces, private offices, an art gallery, and meeting rooms. All these facilities are well-equipped and are technologically sound. Apart from this, you will come across many instances where you will have a chance to collaborate with the other members. Not only will this widen your network but also it will boost your venture. How, you might ask?  Well, its because you will be working with like-minded individuals. And of course, the long list of additional perks offered by the center will make your work journey less hard. Keep reading further to know about the place in detail.

Amenities at Urban Hive Sacramento:

Urban Hive Sacramento offer state-of-the-art amenities that are tailored according to your professional requirements and will make your entrepreneurial journey less bumpy.

  • Wi-Fi facility: To execute your work nowadays, you need a steady internet connection. Therefore, at the Urban Hive, you will have access to fast and secure Wi-Fi. So, stay connected always!
  • Shower facilities: Feeling drowsy? No worries! At the workspace, you can take a quick shower and refresh yourself before committing to another task.
  • Print/Scan facilities: No need to leave the premises to get your documents printed! The Urban Hive Sacramento has made available efficient printing and scanning facilities just for your convenience.
  • Reception services: Need assistance regarding something? Well, the dedicated team of professionals at the work center is ever ready to help you in whatever way they can. No need to worry anymore!
  • Kitchen: To keep the hunger at bay, you can prepare tasty snacks for yourself in the kitchen of Urban Hive Sacramento. And not to mention, good food is important for productive work outcome.
  • Coffee/Tea: You can drink as much tea or coffee as you want at the workstation to recharge yourself. After all, a warm cup of coffee is believed to solve a great many problems.
  • Efficient meeting rooms: You can conduct your meetings in a professional environment at the work center. Further, these meeting rooms contain all the necessary equipment that you might need to carry out a successful meetup.
  • Professional mailing address: Another great benefit of working at the Urban Hive Sacramento is that you can use its address as your professional mailing address. In this way, you get to enjoy the benefits of having an elite business address that will surely boost your venture.
  • Events: You will have access to the events held at the workspace especially for the members. Also, these events are a great platform to meet new people and form connections.
  • Yoga and Meditation: In case you feel stressed from working too much, you can do yoga or meditate for a while at the center. This will help you get rid off all the negative energy.

Urban Hive Sacramento






Membership Plans at Urban Hive:

The membership options at Urban Hive Sacramento are segregated keeping in view the requirements of individuals from diverse spheres. Each membership plan gives you access to different workplace facilities. Not to mention, with these memberships you get a lot of additional services. So, choose the one that fulfills all your work needs.

Part-time: At the Urban Hive Sacramento, you have the choice of applying for a part-time membership. Under this program, you can occasionally use common work areas. In addition to this, you can also access meeting rooms. For availing this plan, you will need to pay a menial cost which starts from $199 per month. This option is suitable for independent workers or freelancers. Basically, for those who do not need a permanent space to work.

Full-time: Are you looking for a more permanent workspace solution? Well, in that case, they have got you covered. You can opt for a full-time membership at the Urban Hive Sacramento and get your own personalized space. This implies you will have your own work spot with a 24/7 access. Further, you will have access to both common and private desks. Isn’t that great news? And the membership cost of this option starts from $299 per month. So, drop in at the workspace whenever you feel like it.

Team Suite: Urban Hive Sacramento harbors professional office suites for teams of varying size. In other words, if you need a confined workplace for your team then these offices are what you are looking for. Moreover, these suites have modern decor and encourage creativity. Apart from that, they are well-equipped with all the basic necessities. So, whatever it is that you are looking for, it is here! The price of this option starts at $1200 per month.

Location and Contact:

Sacramento Urban Hive

Urban Hive Sacramento is located in the historic building, The Cannery. This building is situated in the midtown Sacramento. Over the years, this space has evolved to become the most wanted business destinations. The 275,363 square-foot two-story building consists of the entire city block. Further, it attracts professionals from different backgrounds as it is ideally located. Also, the building is at a small distance from the vibrant Midtown submarket. Other than this, it is close to many restaurants and entertainment venues. Here, you have the chance to be a part of the exciting urban life of Sacramento. Other major attractions nearby include UC Davis Medical Center main campus, light rail and much more. All in all, this is a great location to execute your business venture. Also, in October 2018, this facility expanded its service to I/O Labs located in downtown Sacramento. To put it precisely, it is an incubator for people from various professions. Another ideal location to work on your projects.


  • 1610, Alhambra Boulevard, Sacramento, CA, 95816, United States
  • 700 J Street Sacramento, CA, 95814, United States


Email: [email protected]


All the features of Urban Hive Sacramento discussed so far are enough to convince us that it is a great coworking facility. They have a community of more than 500 creative individuals who are working towards their goals. Further, they belong to various professions including entrepreneurship, designing, and business. This workspace has a strong belief in working in a team through creative collaborations in order to procure more benefits. Additionally, the events held at the center will help you grow at a personal level. You will chance upon talented people who might actually help you in your venture. You never know! The universe works in mysterious ways.

Also, Urban Hive Sacramento offers an ideal location to commence your work. At close proximity, you will find some of the well-established businesses. This, in turn, enhances the identity of your venture and attracts more clients. The spacious office space with 18-foot ceilings will always keep you driven towards achieving more. All these great facilities are available at a single place. You do not need to wander in lonely cafes or work from home anymore. And why should you when there exists an amazing solution like this. Enough said! Take a tour of this coworking space and discover the workstation from a close range. Conclusively, you will definitely fall in love with the work culture they provide! Happy Coworking!

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