6 Awesome Coworking Spaces in Grand Rapids, MI

Having a hard time staying productive while working from home? Booking a coworking space in Grand Rapids might just be what you need. Whether you’re a digital nomad, entrepreneur, or just looking for a change of scenery, these coworking spaces are perfect for getting some work done. Plus, they offer plenty of opportunities to meet other like-minded professionals and connect with the local community.

So what are you waiting for? Check out these awesome coworking spaces in Grand Rapids today!

Coworking Spaces in Grand Rapids

Whether you are looking for a permanent office space or just a place to get some work done while you are in the city, there are plenty of coworking spaces in Grand Rapids from which to choose. Check out a summary of all the amenities, prices, and locations to make an informed decision.

1. Worklab By Custer

To maximize your productivity and tap the inspiration of other creatives, you might consider the coworking space at Worklab by Custer. This clean and modern space design sets just the right tone to fuel your inspiration. You can take advantage of the many networking events hosted here, and the passionate hospitality team of this coworking space in Grand Rapids is always on hand to ensure you have everything you need to succeed.

Enjoy an unlimited supply of coffee, healthy snacks, infused water, and tea that will keep you going throughout the work day. If you are health-conscious, you will especially appreciate the on-site gym at members’ disposal. Amenities and services also include, of course, all the necessary basics such as mailbox service, printing services, and private phone booths.

Pricing: Costs to rent a private office start at $799 per month, while membership for 24/7 coworking access is $409 per month. If you’re in need of more flexibility, a day pass is available at just $25 per person per visit. However, the list doesn’t end here. You can contact them for more details on pricing of all membership options available.

Website: https://www.worklabinc.com/

Location: 99 Monroe Ave. NW, Suite 200, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Phone: (616) 726-7700

2. The Factory Coworking Space in Grand Rapids

If you love the idea of working in a group setting with other entrepreneurs, The Factory is the right shared space for you. The space is perfect not only for work, but also for hosting events and meetups for networking. The various social gatherings hosted here provide an excellent opportunity to make friends and business connections in a charming and welcoming environment.

The Factory Grand Rapids can accommodate the needs of all kinds of businesses, including tech startups, design agencies, and various traditional industry small businesses. The space has a fully equipped kitchen that you can use to cook your meals or to just grab a quick snack. Members can also use printing, scanning and copying services. And for those eager to expand their skillset, this location hosts a learning center within its premises.

Pricing: You can become a community member of this Grand Rapids coworking space by paying $49 per month. Alternatively, a resident membership plan will run you $325 per month, while $199 per month will get you the basic, and $149 per month is the cost for the Lite membership. However, visit The Factory’s website to get the details of all membership plans available.

Website: https://workthefactory.com/

Location: 77 Monroe Center St NW, Suite 600, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Phone: (616) 803-9131


3. Regus – Grand Rapids

Coworking Space Grand Rapids- Regus

Regus is the top-notch option for professionals looking for an economical, spacious, and flexible coworking solution in the dynamic city of Grand Rapids. The appealing design of their workspace is crucially crafted to make a lasting impact on your clients or guests. It has all the amenities ideal for professionals seeking a shared workspace.

With features like high-speed internet, on-site IT support, access to a business lounge, well-equipped meeting/conference rooms, and printers, Regus provides everything necessary to make you eager to work here every day. Moreover, you can utilize their visually appealing outside seating area and terrace to enjoy a breath of fresh air, foster connections, and initiate social interactions. Without having the need to step outside, you can enjoy delicious meals at their on-site lunch restaurant and coffee bar.

Pricing: To explore the vibrant work environment of Regus in Grand Rapids for a day, you can avail of their day membership at $59. Their coworking membership is priced at $119/month, while a permanent desk can be booked at a monthly rate starting from $359 per person.

Website: https://www.regus.com/en-us

Location: 250 Monroe Ave NW Suite 400B, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, United States

Phone: (616) 717-5700

4. Little Space Studio 

This Grand Rapids studio and shared space offers a highly creative and artistic environment. The wood and brick accents and greenery create a warm and pleasant ambiance. This is the spot to be if you want to work with people of similar interests, unique ideas, and an out-of-the-box approach. Every corner of Little Space Studio has something different and exciting to offer. As it is one of the best-rated coworking spaces by locals, if you live in Grand Rapids and you ever did an online search for “top coworking space near me”, there’s a high chance this creative and artsy space showed up among the first results.

From a business point of view, the Little Space Studio has all the standard amenities, like a fast internet connection, mailing address service, unlimited coffee, tea, and snacks. There are lockers available for you to safely store your personal belongings while you focus on your work. Also, a special crafting space is there for those who enjoy taking an active break during their workday to create something beautiful.

Pricing: The membership plans of Little Space Studio are very flexible as you can opt for a startup membership for $75 per month or a digital-access membership for $35 per month. Also, basic access to the space is available for $15 per day, or you may want to try a ten-day pass for just $125. Learn more about the space and membership plans by contacting them.

Website: https://www.littlespacestudio.com/

Location: 111 Division Avenue South, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Phone: (616) 240-9071

5. Grow Hub GR

Coworking Space Grand Rapids- Grow Hub

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking for a coworking community to elevate your business? If so, then Grow Hub GR is the right place to be. Here, you will experience a modern yet comfortable and productive environment, encouraging you to take your business to new heights. While working for your goals within a community of passionate, ambitious, and creative individuals, you can build meaningful connections and actively engage in networking opportunities.

Upon availing of the membership, you can access well-equipped conference rooms, superfast Wi-Fi, a locker facility, access to showers, and many more facilities. Besides 24/7 access, you can take advantage of the key card entry and flexible hours to conveniently access the workspace, catering to your schedules and preferences. Moreover, the free parking facility ensures a hassle-free experience, eliminating the need to pay huge parking fees.

Pricing: Grow Hub in Grand Rapids provides various flexible monthly membership options as per your requirements. You can opt for a membership plan that aligns with your schedule for accessing the shared workspace for a day, 3 days, or 4 days a week, priced at $248, $303, and $385, respectively. Full access to the shared workspace is priced at $440/month.

Website: https://www.growhubgr.com/

Location: 560 5th St NW Suite 205, Grand Rapids, MI 49504, United States

Phone: (616) 647-7810

6. The Space

Coworking Space Grand Rapids-The Space

Unlock your full potential as a successful woman in business at The Space Grand Rapids, a coworking and wellness studio exclusively designed to empower women. Here, you can experience a perfect balance of work and wellness in your professional journey as, alongside versatile workstations, you’ll have access to dedicated wellness centers. The space is cautiously designed to meet the desired requirements of like-minded women, whether they are freelancers, remote workers, or wellness entrepreneurs.

Talking about amenities, The Space offers the advantage of discounted in-house yoga facility for its members, allowing them to rejuvenate during busy work hours. In addition to this, upon becoming a member, you gain access to complimentary beverages, office supplies, high-speed internet, engaging content planning sessions, etc. Here, you will find office space at an affordable rate compared to renting a dedicated office for embarking on your entrepreneurial journey. Moreover, the free parking facility ensures a hassle-free parking experience for your clients or guests.

Pricing: You can avail of their day pass at $20. Their basic and premium plan starts at an affordable monthly rate of $88 and $150, respectively. You can even opt for the yearly membership at this space, including a basic plan priced at $950 and a premium plan available for $1620.

Website: https://www.thespacegr.com/

Location: 1119 Burton St SE #100, Grand Rapids, MI 49507, United States

Phone: (616) 888-2569



If you want to take your business to the next level, then a coworking space in Grand Rapids might be what you’re looking for. From a flexible membership to top-notch amenities, browse our selection for the operator that best accommodates your business needs. 

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