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Looking for a coworking kitchen for your food business? The New Foods Kitchen in Portland might be the place you are looking for. This shared kitchen is the only plant-based and certified kitchen in Portland. Also, here you can start your food business from scratch and take it to the next level with their startup assistance. Further, if preparing vegan food for your customers and the environment is a priority then this plant-based kitchen facility is the perfect place to be. Their unique coworking-inspired commissary kitchen idea has brought more than ten small food companies under one roof. Further, if you are a newbie in this field you can get a helping hand here.

New Foods Kitchen has all the equipment that you can ask for a highly functional food production facility. Moreover, this coworking is eco-friendly and sustainable as they mostly using solar power as its energy source. Also, its building has a warehouse and shipment facility making shipments and goods transport easier and cheaper for its members. Moreover with a supportive community and reasonable prices establishing a kitchen here would surely give your business a boost. 

Perks at New Foods Kitchen:

You can get numerous benefits which are worth drooling over by coworking at New Foods Kitchen.

  • Free WiFi: They provide high-speed free Wifi for you to easily connect with retailers and customers.
  • 24/7 Kitchen access: Have an urgent order to finish? No worries you can access the kitchen any time you need.
  • Onsite parking: There is plenty of onsite parking space available for you to park your car.  
  • Onsite industrial Shipment: There is an onsite industrial shipment facility in the building which you can use for your shipments. 
  • Eco-friendly kitchen: Solar power is used as an energy source in this kitchen for many utilities. Further, they also use eco-friendly cleaners for cleaning.  A few more coworking spaces like these and the world would surely be a better place to live in.
  • Storage Facility: They have a cold, dry and frozen storage facility where you can safely store your raw materials and products.
  • Help in moving in: Thinking of shifting your kitchen to New Foods Kitchen? You can set aside all your shifting and relocating worries as they help in shifting and relocating.
  • Networking opportunities: By using this coworking kitchen you will get a chance to connect with other small food companies. And maybe your collaboration with one of them becomes the next big thing.
  • Startup support: Thinking of starting your own food business? With the startup support and mentorship of New Foods Kitchen, your dreams can come true. Within the Food incubator program, you’ll have your product up and ready within 60 days of their program. 

New Foods Kitchen Portland


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What’s in the kitchen for cooking?

A commercial kitchen with just gas and oven will take you nowhere in business!! The New Foods kitchen understands the needs of a food business and has equipped its kitchen accordingly. Along with all the essential kitchen equipment such as chopping boards, pans and knives they also provide commercial kitchen equipment. Some of the kitchen equipment that you can have access to are

  • Commercial gas range
  • Large-sized blenders
  • Commercial dishwasher
  • Basic kitchen equipment
  • Double convection oven

Membership Prices at New Foods Kitchen:

The New Foods Kitchen has all that you need to explore your passion for food. Also, with onsite shipment facility, efficient commercial equipment, and amazing community support this place is perfect to set up your kitchen. The prices to access this kitchen starts from $17 per hour. Moreover, you can opt for their food incubator program if you are a newbie. Further. with their mentorship and assistance, you’ll surely learn all you need to kick start your business.

Location and Contact:

New Foods Kitchen Portland is surrounded by many local cafes and restaurants where you can connect with sellers and sell your products. Moreover, with bus stops and trams, just a short walk away this location is easily accessible to all. Additionally, you can also pay a visit to historic toy museums to treat your inner child. Also with the onsite parking and shipment facility available, this location facilitates all your requirements.

Address: 1140 Southeast 7th Avenue


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Starting up a food business is a challenging task as it demands a costly setup for even basic equipment. At New Foods Kitchen all your commercial apparatus installation issues are taken care of along with your shipment worries. All you need is your passion for food to make things work here. Also, with plant-based kitchen and solar utilities, the coworking kitchen here is one of its kind.

By coworking here you will not only have access to a highly functional kitchen. Moreover, you will have an opportunity to connect with successful food businesses and learn from them. Further, with dedicated support for newbies and expert guidance, they are committed to supporting small startups of the food industry. So, without further ado book yourself a spot and start baking profits with New Foods Kitchen.

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