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Spaces San Diego is an amazing workspace to work at. Why you may ask? Well, it offers great facilities which will help you grow your venture. Also, the positive working environment at the center will encourage you to accomplish all your goals. This workspace is working on the idea to transform the work culture. That is to say, to make it more flexible and approachable. Moreover, the vibrant community of professionals working here comprises of talented people from different backgrounds. So, whether you are an entrepreneur or an artist, this place will help you explore your potential. You will come across numerous opportunities to boost your business and take to a whole other level.

Spaces San Diego is not just any ordinary coworking facility. Over the years, they have worked hard to cultivate a community of thinkers who believe in their ideas. Furthermore, they have some unique features to offer. For instance, they host plenty of business events, business lunches to network over and a lot more. The informative community events will enable you to keep a track on the latest business happenings. Not to mention, you will meet new people who might be able to assist you in endeavors. All in all, at this workspace every day is a surprise filled with endless opportunities. Keep reading further to know more about this center!

Spaces Location in San Diego:

Makers Quarter:

One of the locations of Spaces San Diego includes Makers Quarter. The area around this work center is bustling with commercial venues. You will be surrounded by plenty of restaurants, cafes, restaurants, galleries which are located within a walking distance of the workspace. Furthermore, the surroundings of the workspace are ideal for the growth of a business. Makers Quarter is a modern styled building providing workplace solutions to budding professionals. Additionally, San Diego Trolley’s Park & Market station is located nearby and here you will find abundant taxi services. This location has a total of 50 parking spots. So, book a spot here and avail all the convenient services available here!

Address: 845 15th Street, Floors 1 – 4, San Diego, CA 92101

University Town Center:

Another location of this coworking space in San Diego offers a great productive outlet where you can bring out the creative guru in you. Situated in San Diego’s business district, you will be working alongside some of the top-notch companies. Further, this center is located at a small distance from the University of California San Diego. This means you will be working in a vibrant environment filled with plenty of opportunities. Not to mention, the workspace has a beautiful outdoor lounge where you can refresh yourself. There are a number of eating points and great retail stores such as Westfield UTC Mall nearby. So, book a desk here and be a part of their thriving community.

Address: 4660 La Jolla Village Drive, Suite 100 & Suite 200, San Diego, California 92122.


Email: [email protected]

Spaces San Diego




Amenities offered by Spaces San Diego:

Spaces San Diego offers additional perks which are complementary to the membership plan you choose. That is to say, you will not have to pay anything extra for availing these facilities. Moreover, these amenities will make your work less tedious.

  • Global access: You can access any Spaces coworking facility during business hours located in different places around the world. So, even if you are traveling, you will still have a workspace option in case of a new project drops in unannounced.
  • Wi-Fi facility: Spaces Sandiego has a super fast Wi-Fi facility. So, you can complete your work without facing any hindrance. All that you need is just a click away!
  • Personalized rental terms: Once you opt for a dedicated space at the center, you can customize it if you have some specific requirements. Here, the fulfillment of your wishes is their first priority!
  • Events: The regular community events at Spaces San Diego will present you with an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals. And who knows? You might come across a new business client!
  • Reception services: In case of a query, you can approach the dedicated team of the center. In addition to this, they also provide mail handling services.
  • Coffee: Feeling lethargic? No worries! At Spaces San Diego, recharge yourself with a warm cup of coffee before working on a new assignment.
  • Meeting room: They also provide meeting rooms so that you can conduct your conferences in a highly professional environment.

Spaces San Diego Membership Plans:

Private office: At Spaces San Diego, you can book a well-equipped private office for you and your team. Further, these offices are available in various sizes so that you can opt for the one that suits your requirements. You will have 24/7 access to your office space and can even use the Business Club during work hours. Moreover, if there is something in particular that you require, you can request their team for the same. These private offices will enable you to work in a thriving business environment. Also, you will be in constant touch with the fellow members of the center. This membership option is available on flexible terms keeping in view your needs.

  • Makers Quarter: Contact the team.
  • University Town Center: $749 per month

Dedicated desk: Dedicated desks at Spaces San Diego are ideally suited for solo professionals who need a fixed working spot. Moreover, a dedicated spot at the center means you will always a permanent waiting for you every day. Great think about this option is that it allows you to enjoy your privacy while working in a collaborative environment. So, you will be working with talented people who share your aspirations. With these workstations, you will get individual lockers wherein you can store your work materials. Isn’t that great? No more do you have to worry about carrying your stuff to and from the work. Additionally, you are eligible to use the business club in case you want a change in your surrounding. So, enjoy your individual space while enjoying the benefits of a shared workspace.

  • Makers Quarter: Contact the team
  • University Town Center: $462 per month

Business club: Spaces San Diego provides you with another great working spot. The business club is a spacious area that has all the basic facilities incorporated. So, whether you want to work or chat with a fellow member, you can access this spot. Also, you can use it as an informal meeting spot in case you have something important coming up. This space can be used in whichever way you want to. It all depends on what you are looking for!

  • Makers Quarter: Contact the team
  • University Town Center: $112 per month


Working at Spaces San Diego can help you accelerate the success of your venture. No matter if you need a private space or a coworking desk, they have made everything available for you. Further, the environment of the workspace is such that you will be driven towards the fulfillment of your goals. Other than this, the team at the center will help you network with people who can assist you in your work. The flexible membership terms will help you to choose the plan that matches your work schedule. So, avail the services that can prove beneficial for your business.

To help you get the best results, Spaces San Diego has come up with unique facilities. The main motive is to help you establish yourself in the market. Even if you have just started with your idea, they will make sure you get everything you want. Additionally, they also offer professional meeting spaces where you can discuss important matters with your team or clients. If you are still not sure about your decision, take a tour and see yourself. You will find all that you need here! Happy Coworking!

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