Best 7 Coworking Spaces in Arlington VA

Arlington, Va., is home to many innovative and hardworking entrepreneurs. If you’re part of this community and you are looking for a change of sights, or just need a break from working from home, consider joining a coworking space in Arlington, Va. The spaces here provide all the benefits of working from home, with the added bonus of being in a communal environment with like-minded professionals.

Plus, there are plenty of coworking spaces in Arlington, so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you. So what are you waiting for? Check out the list below for some of the best spaces and join the one that suits your needs best!

Coworking Space Arlington VA

You don’t need to settle for a noisy coffee shop or a cramped library cubby. There is an abundance of coworking spaces in Arlington that offer a great variety of options to help you be productive, comfortable, and inspired while you work.


Industrious Arlington Court House

Imagine working in a space that has everything from entertainment to fitness and provides the right motivation for work as well. At the Court House, one of the best-rated coworking spaces in Arlington, Va., Industrious has it all on offer and can become the brand face for your business. Moreover, the greenery and the natural light give the space an airy feeling.

The list of amenities goes on and on with this space. From access to private conference rooms to unlimited colorful printing, you’ll have everything you need to get the job done. Daily breakfast and coffee are also readily available to help you power through your workday. If you wish to soothe your frazzled nerves, take a break and relax in the on-site wellness room. Finally, the fitness center, event space, and outdoor space are perfect for when you need to blow off some steam or entertain clients.

Pricing: Prices for office space start at $1,012 per month. Meanwhile, prices for other membership plans vary from location to location. Also, the availability of the space changes with time, so it’s best to check with Industrious beforehand.

Location: 2311 Wilson Blvd., 3rd Floor, Arlington, VA 22201

Contact: (703) 373-1440


Venture X Coworking Space Arlington VA

The Venture X Arlington Courthouse Metro space is a contemporary, flexible office environment that enables its members to work in a secure, shared, adaptable workspace with other like-minded business professionals. Their offices are private, tranquil, and have world-class dedicated IT service for its members. This community includes members such as government organizations, entrepreneurs, established firms, startups, and small- to medium-sized enterprises. Furthermore, this modern coworking space in Arlington features high exposed ceilings and an industrial loft style. It gives you the perfect environment to stay focused and finish your work.

There is a large sitting area with a capacity of up to 100 people and a café. The offices are private, with see-through windows for added security, and were created with more security-conscious clients in mind. Moreover, this location offers other amenities such as a gym, bicycle parking, and on-site car parking. The space is in a quiet neighborhood and is located in relatively close proximity to the city center, the Pentagon, Amazon, Microsoft, and other high-profile neighbors. Additionally, many restaurants, bars, gyms, boutiques, and the Arlington Courthouse are just a few steps away.

Prices: The membership plans and pricing here are varied. Private offices start at $800 per month. You can also opt for virtual office services, which start at $29.99 per month. Dedicated desk plans start at $425 per month, while meeting rooms can be booked for $29/hr. What’s more, coworking fans can opt for a unique community membership that provides access to the lounge, reception area, cafe, and conference rooms. The price for a community membership plan is $60 per month. If you’re looking for shared spaces, you’re looking at $175 per month. 

Location: 2300 Wilson Blvd., Suite 700, Arlington, VA 22201

Phone: (703) 783-3418


Carr Workplaces Clarendon

The best location for your new office can be in the Arlington neighborhood of Clarendon. Here, you can work in close proximity to Fortune 500 corporations, global nonprofit organizations, and federal agencies. You can also enjoy some of the most delicious local cuisine at some of the finest dining locales near this particular Arlington coworking space. There are many entertainment options where you can relax after work. Moreover, Carr Workplaces‘ location near the metro station is ideal for those who travel frequently.

This coworking space boasts amazing work office design and decor and a modern and sleek open floor plan. You can pick from various membership plans like coworking desks, private offices, and virtual office services. The amenities provided are top-notch, including complimentary beverages, mail handling, and IT service. On-site amenities also include 24/7 building security, concierge service, an on-site fitness center, and an outdoor event space. Carr Workplaces Clarendon has all the makings of being one of the best coworking spaces in Arlington, Va.

Pricing: The price for coworking desks here starts at $25 per month, while the price of a private office starts at $50 per month. Additionally, virtual office plans start at $80 per month. You can also book a meeting room for $50 per hour. Lastly, there are team and event spaces are also available for booking, but you’ll need to contact them via their website.

Location: 3033 Wilson Blvd., Suite 700, Arlington, VA 22201

Phone: (703) 936-9028


Industrious Coworking Space Arlington VA

Industrious in Arlington, Va., brings a modern structure in the city’s most walkable neighborhood. Industrious provides panoramic views of Washington, D.C., and is just minutes away from the Ballston-MU station. This carefully planned workspace features elegant interiors, best-in-class amenities, and floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the space with natural light and keep your mind inspired enough to fuel your best creativity every day at work. If you’re seeking an elevated experience, Industrious Ballston Exchange might just be the right place for you.

Membership plans here include both private offices and virtual office services, for various pricing options. Conference rooms are perfect if you need a place to host your important meetings or events. Amenities also include a wellness room, office supplies, unlimited color printing, fast and secure Wi-Fi, mail and packaging service, community events, daily breakfast & craft coffee, professional-grade cleaning service, and much more. It’s worth noting that this Industrious location has been rated as one of the most convenient local coworking spaces for women

Prices: There are three main membership plans offered here: the first is an access plan for hybrid workers and individuals ⁠— contact Industrious for details on prices for your exact needs on this plan. The same applies for virtual office services, which you can book according to your needs. Lastly, you can opt for private office space, which starts at $896 per month. 

Location: 4201 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA 22203

Phone: (703) 373 1900


WeWork Arlington

A shared space provider that needs no introduction, WeWork’s dominance in the industry is well-known. Thanks to its worldwide locations and excellent amenities, it has become a go-to for many freelancers and startups. In the WeWork coworking space in Arlington, Va., you can network, collaborate, and socialize with other like-minded professionals like nowhere else. With safety and modernity in mind, this space is perfect for anyone looking for an upgrade from the traditional office. Hence, by booking a spot here, you’re guaranteed a productive and fun work experience.

With WeWork, it’s all about the extra mile and the special touches. Mothers won’t have to stress, as the mother’s room is a comfortable and private space designed for coworking members who are nursing. You can make use of the on-site parking, as well as the bike storage, to store your belongings. The in-house wellness room and fitness center will help you stay active and fit. So, without further ado, book your spot at WeWork Arlington and enjoy a first-class coworking experience.

Prices: The membership plans and pricing depend on location. For instance, Wework Seattle has different costs of membership plans. You can expect to pay around $29 per day for a hot desk and $10 per hour for a meeting room. Dedicated desks and private office space are also available for booking. However, it is best to approach WeWork directly for more information on their prices and current availability.

Location: 1201 Wilson Blvd., Suite 27, Arlington, VA 22209

Phone: (571) 234-8454


Office Evolution

Coworking space Arlington VA-Office Evolution

If you are seeking an exceptional coworking place with limitless possibilities for growth and creativity, Office Evolution is an ideal choice for you. With abundant amenities, this coworking space establishes an ideal environment that promotes productivity and concentration. This workspace is fully equipped with ample space and modern facilities, including soundproof areas, professional administrative support, eye-catching artwork, and statement furniture pieces.

Regarding amenities, Office Evolution is furnished with high-speed internet, mail services, parking access, complimentary beverages and snacks, conference rooms, and many more. Moreover, you can use their private massage therapy session and meditation room whenever you need to relax and rejuvenate yourself during work hours. With their in-house fitness center, you can prioritize your health and well-being without stepping outside the premises.

Prices: Office Evolution provides various flexible plans to cater to your requirements. Their private offices start at $899/month. A shared workspace would cost you an affordable rate of $49/day, while you can book a conference room starting at $45/hour.

Location: 1530 Wilson Blvd Ste 650, Arlington, VA 22209, United States

Phone: (571) 620-6465


CoworkCafe Clarendon

Coworking space Arlington VA-CoworkCafe Clarendon

Have you ever considered utilizing a peaceful corner in a café to pursue your entrepreneurial aspirations? If that’s the case, CoworkCafe is the perfect place to embrace. A distinctive fusion of coworking and café culture, CoworkCafe offers the opportunity to effortlessly combine a productive workspace with the creative atmosphere and delicious offerings of a café.

Apart from relishing the delectable meals, you can take advantage of other amenities catering to your diverse needs. These include phone booths, high-speed internet, printers, on-site parking, conference rooms, business mailbox service, storage cabinets, and many more. Moreover, the space features a podcasting studio with various resources, enabling you to record your podcasts efficiently and professionally.

Prices: A day pass at CoworkCafe Clarendon would cost you $20/day. You can avail of their monthly, quarterly, and half-yearly membership at $150, $375, and $600, respectively.

Location: 2719 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201, United States

Phone: (703) 341-5997


If you think you’ve outgrown the traditional office, it might be time to consider a coworking space. With so many shared spaces available these days, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs. The options presented in this article are only some of the best coworking spaces in Arlington. Consequently, do more research on your own and pick a coworking space in Arlington, Va., that best suits your work needs.

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