5 Refreshing Coworking Spaces in Ann Arbor

It’s no surprise that Ann Arbor is a hot spot for entrepreneurs and digital workers. Home to the University of Michigan and bustling downtown, this city is one of the most creative live-work hubs in the Midwest. From thriving business ecosystems to coworking spaces popping up all over town, it’s easy to see why people are flocking here – they know they can leverage their network while enjoying all that life has to offer in an inspiring setting. If you’re looking for a place to work without feeling cooped up in your home office or cubicle, then a coworking space in Ann Arbor may be exactly what you need!

In this post, we’ll dive into the coworking spaces available in Ann Arbor and explore how these great workspaces can help spark creativity and enthusiasm toward work.

Coworking Spaces in Ann Arbor

These five top-rated coworking spaces will offer you a better understanding of the coworking landscape in the city. 

1. Workantile Coworking Space Ann Arbor


Workantile, a leading coworking space in Ann Arbor, is an inspiring oasis of creativity and collaboration. Located near downtown, it boasts a unique, artsy, and professional atmosphere, most suitable for writers, graphic artists, and graduate students. The wide variety of professionals also includes attorneys, marketers, programmers, designers, and tech entrepreneurs. The 3,000-square-foot space is designed specifically for such versatile groups. 

It features an open-concept floor plan with high ceilings and exposed brick walls that create an inspiring and well-illuminated setting. Furniture is movable to suit individual needs, while power outlets are abundant throughout. And nothing is better than ending a productive workday with coffee or snacks from the kitchenette! Workantile is more than just another workspace; it’s a real community where like-minded professionals create meaningful connections in an environment that fosters motivation and creativity.

Pricing: Affiliate Members can gain a 4-day/month access plus full Sunday access for only $92/month. Alternatively, they also offer full membership (at $225/month) and dedicated desk & family membership (at $375/month) 24/7.

Location: 111 S. Main St, Third Floor, 118 S Main St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, United States.

Website: https://www.workantile.com/ 

Phone: (734) 707-1099


2. Cahoots Coworking Space Ann Arbor

Cahoots Coworking Space Ann Arbor

Cahoots coworking space Ann Arbor is a community built by tech entrepreneurs for tech entrepreneurs. It is tucked away in the heart of Ann Arbor’s cultural district – steps away from all that downtown has to offer – making it the perfect destination for an efficient workspace. Upon entering Cahoots Coworking, one is instantly embraced by an ambience of openness and creativity. Its lighting creates a sense of warmth, while its interior is marked with art pieces and trendy furniture that exudes an energetic vibe.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a learner looking to collaborate with like-minded individuals, Cahoots Coworking offers fitting amenities, such as private offices, brainstorming rooms, meeting tables, Skype booths, and private studios. Cahoots Coworking provides cutting-edge technologies, including a 4G wireless network and multi-function printers. With such extensive features, combined with their friendly customer service team, it’s no wonder why they’re springboarding some of the region’s most ambitious businesses into success.

Pricing: Cohoot’s Ann Arbor offers a $425/month full-time membership, with access to 24/7/365 workspace along with an electric Sit/Stand desk and a comfy chair, not to mention the fantastic call and meeting spaces! Also, you get Health Spa benefits for a minimal additional fee of just $25. Cahoot’s Part-Time Membership at $239/month is perfect for those looking for more flexibility.

Location: 206 E Huron St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, United States.

Website: https://cahoots.com/ 

Phone: (734) 249-8898


3. Office Evolution Ann Arbor

Office Evolution

Office Evolution, a leading Ann Arbor coworking space, is a dream for entrepreneurs and freelancers. The modern office offers unbeatable convenience, luxury, and comfort. Minutes away from downtown, the space is a great place to set up shop, with plenty of room for friendly collaboration. Visitors can also gain paid access to their flexible coworking space packages, private offices, conference rooms, and unlimited access to the business community. This space also offers guests complimentary coffee and tea throughout the day. 

Furthermore, you get a community kitchen, top-notch premium furnishings, phone booths, mail services, and membership access to its nationwide network of spaces. An onsite receptionist is also there to assist, and parking access is free of charge. Office Evolution even includes training rooms perfect for team meetings or presentations. 

Pricing: Office Evolution’s Ann Arbor coworking space offers excellent pricing for its customers. Shared workspaces start at just $99/month, while private offices are available from an economical $940/month. The prices match the quality of the amenities and services provided, making them excellent value for money.

Location: 455 E Eisenhower Pkwy Suite 300, Ann Arbor, MI 48108, United States.

Website: https://www.officeevolution.com/

Phone: (734) 201-0357

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4. Tech Brewery 

Tech Brewery Coworking Space Ann Arbor

TechBrewery is a premier coworking space in Ann Arbor. Founded in 2009, it has quickly become an Eden for tech startups looking to collaborate and create together. Thanks to its warm lighting, comfy furniture, spacious interior, and welcoming environment, this space regularly attracts creatives. The coworking space is conveniently located right off Plymouth Parkway Path. It’s the perfect spot for a change of scenery while remaining close to everything Ann Arbor offers. 

Tech Brewery coworking space’s amenities are tailored to tech startups and entrepreneurs. Facilities include wifi & internet access, mailboxes with the Tech Brewery address so members can receive mail, access to kitchenettes, conference rooms (equipped with whiteboards and projectors), and even a multi-function printer. Plus, you can always take some time off your work for community foosball and pool tables. 

Pricing: For those looking for everyday access, the shared desk option is ideal, and it comes at a great price of $75/month. If you need a dedicated space, your package will start at $225/month. But if multiple desks are needed, this Ann Arbor coworking space has them available at an unbeatable rate of $200/month.

Location: 1327 Jones Dr. STE 106, Ann Arbor, MI 48105, United States.

Website: https://www.techbrewery.org/ 

Phone: (734) 436-1327


5. Shift Creator Coworking Space Ann Arbor

Shift Creator Space

Ann Arbor’s Shift Creator space is much more than just a workplace; it’s a unique community of designers, artists, entrepreneurs, and makers at the University of Michigan. The premise is inviting and encourages collaboration. One part is a coworking area with eye-catching interiors and comfortable furniture to lounge around on. Another part is an art gallery with an influx of natural light to inspire creativity. Apart from these, you get everything from modern desks and workspaces to versatile furniture and plenty of power outlets for everyone’s tech needs. 

The ambience allows all creators to be part of workspace to hang out, deliver updates on their projects, gather feedback, and make progress. Along with their extensive tools and equipment, such as hardware & art supplies, they also host special events, like community workshops & speakers. Some members could even gain project grants that offer the chance to learn, compete, and grow. Shift Creator Space fosters innovation and provides an exhibition space as the hub for cross-collaborative projects. 

Pricing: This coworking space in Ann Arbor is only accessible to University students or by invitation from the administration. 

Location: 923 S State St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, United States.

Website: https://shiftcreator.space/ 



These five coworking spaces have got you covered whether you need a space to think outside the box, host an event, or want to get some work done in a refreshing environment. What is your favorite coworking space in Ann Arbor?

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