5 Awesome Coworking Spaces in Asheville With Perks And Prices

With a flourishing scene for coworking spaces in Asheville, you can experience a thriving culture with numerous amenities to meet various demands and working styles. Moreover, there’s a great sense of camaraderie in these coworking spaces, meaning you’ll never feel alone while working here. 

So, if you are enthusiastic about working in a space rich in different ideas and perspectives, here are the best options in Asheville, North Carolina.

Coworking Space Asheville

If you frequently google for ‘coworking space near me’, we have the perfect solution for you. Refer to one of these five best spaces in Asheville and make your work easier.


Focal Point Coworking

coworking space asheville

Imagine working in a space with a unique vibe and aesthetics that makes you feel at ease all the time. This is what Focal Point Coworking offers to its members – a relaxed and comfortable environment that makes working a fun experience. Natural lighting, outdoor space, lush patios, and greenery- all these factors make Focal Point one of the best coworking spaces in Asheville.

Additionally, this space isn’t lacking in amenities either. Along with the usual fast Wi-Fi and printing services, it also offers complimentary refreshments, inviting common areas, Networking events, and business workshops that help you stay updated with the latest industry trends. Your refills of coffee or tea will stay unlimited as their kitchen is always stocked with drinks and snacks for you to munch on.

Pricing: Focal Point offers various membership plans that fit every budget according to different needs, preferences, and requirements. From the coworking office, dedicated desks, virtual, and many more, you can choose any of these options. Because every membership has something different to offer, you can pick the one that befits you. Therefore, go through the official website to dig deep into the membership plans.

Location: 125 S Lexington Ave Suite 101, Asheville, NC 28801, United States

Website: https://focalpointcowork.com/

Phone: (828) 407-0357


Mojo Coworking Asheville

The coworking energy is strong in this space! Mojo is a space that oozes motivation and positivity from every corner. Working at this coworking space Asheville will help your creative juices flow more productively. Also, many exciting events and programs are organized here on a regular basis to help you network and interact with fellow coworkers. You never know; one of these interactions might result in fruitful business collaboration.

It may come as a surprise to you that with social, creative, and entrepreneurial energy, this space is also quite affordable. Moreover, a plethora of facilities and services offered by Mojo makes it one of the most budget-friendly coworking spaces in Asheville. You name a facility, and Mojo has it – private meeting rooms, event hosting space, high-speed internet, mailbox, and whatnot. You will get all of this without much hassle, as their membership plans are pretty straightforward.

Pricing: Flexible spaces, private offices, and its popular annual Mojo membership – you can pick any of these as per your liking and needs. Some of their membership plans include a flex day pass of $25, a $225 Mojo flex pass, and a 24/7 access charge for Broadway at $60 per month. However, the list of plans doesn’t end here; get straight to their website to explore all the membership options in detail.

Location:  81 Broadway St Suite 201, Asheville, NC 28801, United States

Website: https://www.mojocoworking.com/

Phone: (828) 398-1840


Hatchworks Coworking Space Asheville

hatchworks coworking

A safe, comfortable, and motivating environment – this is what you can expect from Hatchworks Coworking. You will get all of these and much more at this Asheville coworking space, as it is designed to help small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers grow. Moreover, the frequency of cleaning is high here, so you can rest assured that you will be working in a hygienic and well-maintained space. Also, there is no flooding of seats, so you won’t have to face the issue of overcrowding.

Hatchworks’ plethora of services, in addition to a healthy and secure environment, sets it apart from the competition. The building has Hopey Grocery (a beverage shop), a famous Thai restaurant to have a quick lunch, and all the basic facilities you need daily. Moreover, you can use the meeting rooms for collaboration, and its prime location will save you a lot of commuting time.

Pricing: The membership plans at Hatchworks are designed to offer you the maximum value for your money. If you want occasional access to the space, you can buy a day pass for $25. Exclusive office suites range from $750 to $2000 without any long-term contract. So, if you are looking for private office space in Asheville on a budget, Hatchworks should be your go-to option. However, the membership plans don’t end here, as there are many other flexible options that you can refer to from the website.

Location: 45 S French Broad Ave #170, Asheville, NC 28801, United States

Website: https://hatchcoworking.com/

Phone: (828) 278-9898


WestBase Asheville Coworking Space

Not just another random coworking space in Asheville, WestBase has every service and amenity to offer that you can think of. The mere vibe of the premise is enough to tell you that it is a highly professional space. Situated in the heart of Asheville, it has been designed to foster growth, creativity, and collaboration. You will find a lot of common areas here that are perfect for networking and brainstorming sessions – which are the core benefits of coworking.

Additionally, a full kitchen has flavored water, healthy snacks, and beverage options that will not leave you hungry or thirsty. Also, the fun and sociable environment of WestBase is perfect for people who want to take a break from the monotony of working from home. After starting your workday here, you will feel more energetic and productive than ever before. Finally, a live moss wall is an excellent addition to the space as it adds to the aesthetic appeal and makes the space more lively.

Pricing: The membership plans at WestBase Asheville are incredibly flexible as they have hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly passes. A day base of $35, a dedicated base of $350/month, a premium office starts at $995/month, etc. Therefore, without wasting any more time, get in touch with them to know about all the membership options in detail and start working in a professional space.

Location: 257 Haywood Rd Unit 201, Asheville, NC 28806, United States

Website:  https://westbasecoworking.com/

Phone:  (828) 712-5712


Center for Craft Coworking Space Asheville

coworking space asheville

Designer, fabricator, scholar, entrepreneur – if you are any of these, the Center for Craft will become your second home in no time. It is a community of makers that was created to support the field of contemporary craft. Moreover, the creative individuals working here get access to the resources, networks, and visibility needed to pursue their passion. You will find a lot of inspiring people from different walks of life here, who can help you in honing your skills.

Artfully crafted work and lounge spaces in the premise will instantly make you fall in love with the place. Also, new mothers can take advantage of the nursing booths, which are a great facility. Moreover, delicious tea and an energetic coffee cup will be at your service throughout the day to keep you going. Don’t worry about internet connectivity, as the place has high-speed Wi-Fi. In addition to so many essential amenities, exciting community events will keep you engaged and motivated.

Pricing: The membership plans at the Center for Craft will fall nothing short of your expectations. You can become a member by paying $150 for a P/T Flex Plan, an anchor desk of $300/month. You can also choose a lavish private office that costs between $500–$1200.

Location: 67 Broadway St, Asheville, NC 28801, United States

Website:  https://www.centerforcraft.org/

Phone: (828) 785-1357


Freelancers, digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and professionals who want to break the monotony of working from home can find common ground in shared spaces. If you are also one of these people and want to explore different coworking space Asheville offers, then this article might come in handy for you. After going through the spaces, we hope you will be able to make an informed decision and choose the best.

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