7 Awesome Coworking Spaces in Portland with Perks & Prices (2022)

Portland is an amazing and one of the largest cities in Oregon. Not long ago, all coworking spaces Portland were best suited for the patrons of gig economy. But seeing to its potential and advancing like a wildfire, businesses and organizations now resort to shared spaces for better work culture. Up until 2017, people were not aware of the concept of coworking. Starting from every day coworking space to tuning the real-estate in adopting this new culture, Portland has progressed rather rapidly.

Similar to the coworking spaces all around the globe, in Portland, you will find some niche coworking spaces. There are maker spaces and a couple of coworking space Portland are based on a shared kitchen. It is true that the internet has brought the world closer, but to think that it can help people associate on a personal level is not appropriate. There are some line of work where a direct connection is necessary and these coworking spaces will provide just the right kind of environment to the people. Have a look at some of the best coworking spaces based in Portland.

Coworking Space Portland

Here is a list of the best and the most amazing coworking spaces in Portland with the essential details.




ActivSpace in Portland it a coworking arena for small business owners, entrepreneurs, creative artists, and hobbyists. This one of the many niche coworking spaces in Portland will help you make your dreams come true. They have simple lease terms and provide efficient services and amenities to the members. ActivSpace is working in Portland for the last 15 years and has built an impressive coworking culture. All the three locations of ActivSpace Portland are in bustling areas and present impressive development opportunities for the members.  

Website: http://activspace.com

Locations: Activ Space has three amazing coworking spaces in Portland:

  • 1720 NW Lovejoy Street, Portland, OR 97209
  • 833 SE Main Street, Portland, OR 97214
  • 1722 NW Raleigh Street, Portland, OR 97209

Membership Plans: ActivSpace has not shared information for the types of membership plans offered by them. You can contact them for further information.


Centrl Office Coworking


The Centrl Office is one of those coworking space Portland which is everything but an office.  The core motive of this coworking space is inspiring people to do the best work of their lives. Once you are at Centrl Office it is easy to collaborate because it is like a coffee house providing a social touch. And also you will feel like working in a factory where efficiency is of prime importance. Lastly, Centrl Office has services and amenities that are second to none. Hence, this is a coworking space to BE great, DO great and to WORK among the great.

Website: https://centrloffice.com/

Locations: Centrl Ofice has 3+1 running (3 in Portland & one in Hood River) and one upcoming (Lake Oswego) coworking space Portland.

  • 1155 SW Morrison St, Portland, OR 97205
  • 329 NE Couch Street, Portland, OR 97232
  • 1355 NW Everett St, Suite #100, Portland, OR 97209

Membership Plans: Centrl Office works with four membership plans. Starting with Open Desk, you can get a shared desk on the common work floor for $295/month.  The dedicated desk, however, will cost you $495/month. Then there are private offices priced between $1195 to $1295. To rent office suites with two of the three coworking space Portland operated by Centrl Office you need to inquire with them.


Collective Agency Space


Come and Work Here. This is what the members at Collective Agency will ask you whenever you visit here. This shows that the Collective Agency is an all-time favorite and friendly coworking space Portland. They have also won many awards since the inception. Passion is what drives the residents of this space to work harder and better than yesterday. With each passing day as a member, you will laugh more, work more and collaborate on a higher level. All because you are working from an amazing coworking space in Portland.

Website: https://collectiveagency.co/


  • 3050 SE Division Street, Suite 245, Portland OR
  • 511 SW 10th Avenue, Suite 1108, Portland OR

Membership Plans: Collective Agency offers open and reserved desk membership options. The open desk for 6 days a month will cost you $120. To use it for as many days as you want the price is $250. To work from a reserved desk you need to pay $320/month.


Hatch Lab Portland


Hatch Labs is all about promoting and inculcating the essence of Entrepreneurship in the people of Portland. The internal structuring of this one of the unique coworking space Portland is such that it will bring out productivity and efficiency in the members. Hatch Innovation is about building enterprises that can further complement the society at large and help communities build a better future. According to the founder, the best thing about Hatch labs is their “Yes we Can do it, Let’s try it” attitude. With this mindset operating your venture, it will be easy to comprehend risks and bring about a change.

Website: https://hatchthefuture.org/

Location: Hatch Lab PDX, 2420 NE, Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97232.

Membership Plans: Another one of the amazing coworking space Portland has four different membership plans to offer. These are Quarter Time priced at $95/month and will give you access for 5 weekdays. Then they have the Half-Time Plan costing $175/month and will give you 10 days access. The Full-Time membership plan comes with unlimited access and the price is $300/month. Lastly, the On-Demand membership plan will cost you $220 and comes with a punchcard. With this, you can access the workspace for 10 days.


Ned Space


NedSpace is one of those coworking spaces Portland which works with a mission. Their mission is to support and help startups and entrepreneurs to become self-sufficient. NedSpace is spread in 15,000 Sq Ft area and is an amazing workplace for freelancers and remote workers. Once here you will experience that every corner of this Portland coworking space is overflowed with energy. NedSpace is also one of the oldest coworking spaces running in the city.

Website: http://www.nedspace.com

Location: 707 SW Washington Street, Suite 1100, Portland, OR 97205.

Membership Plan: NedSpace provides open desks, permanent desks, and private offices. The open desk will cost you $175 to $275 and the Permanent desk $375 to $475. And if you are looking for a private office, it will cost you something in between $475 to $2750.




With OpenHAUS operating in the city, the words home and office can be used interchangeably. There are very few coworking space Portland which provide such an inclusive environment to the members as this workspace. Connectivity is essential if you want to build your business. OpenHAUS acts as a bridge between you and success. Unlike other coworking spaces which focus on providing services, OpenHAUS has their eyes fixed on the member as an individual and as a temple of growth. They aim to develop every member as a person and to become successful through their own efforts.

Website: https://www.openhauspdx.com/

Location: 5020 NE, Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, Portland, OR 97211.

Membership Plans: The Drop-In membership is for those who want to work occasionally. The per day cost is $25 and if you will pay for 10 days collectively it is $150. Further, the hot desk plan is charged at $195/month and the Dedicated desk starts at $300/month.


Regus Coworking Space Portland


One of the most sought after coworking space Portland, Regus has covered the entire city with its 8 locations. Regus is a global coworking space provider and can really bring about a change in the way you conduct your business. It is efficient and will let you sustain in the competitive environment. This is possible due to Regus’s impressive global community and connections that you can build through it. All in all, Regus is known to enhance modernity in a workspace and provide productive solutions.

Website: https://www.regus.com/


  • One World Trade Center, 121 SW Salmon St, 11th Floor, Portland, OR 97204.
  • 650 NE Holladay St, Suite 1600, Portland OR 97232.
  • 111 SW Fifth Avenue, Suite 3150, Portland, OR 97204.
  • 2175 Raleigh St, Suite 110, Portland, OR 97210

Apart from this, there are 4 other coworking space Portland under the flag of Regus.

Membership Plans: Since Regus has a global presence, the membership rates differ in every location. The below-mentioned rates are only for a general reference. The coworking membership at Regus starts at $299/month. And the Private office membership rate begins from $539/month.


Urban Office


When you want to find some inspiration in any of the Portland coworking space, Urban Office will always be preferred. The reason is that the Urban Office is surrounded by entrepreneurs, freelancers, and businessman who are humble and down to earth. Everyone is a member of a family here and acts like one. They will support you all the way and will inculcate the feeling of WE within the community.

Website: https://www.urbanofficeplace.com/en

Location: 4949 SW, Macadam Avenue, Portland, OR 97239

Membership Plans: Urban offices has beautiful and comfortable hot desk seats, starting at $295/month. The dedicated desks with enough space to work in your style will cost you $395/month. Lastly, for privacy lovers and teams there are private offices starting at $995/month.


WeWork Portland


One of the largest coworking operators in the world is present in three locations in Portland. WeWork is one of those coworking space Portland which cherishes a diverse member community. It provides an energetic and enabling environment for each individual member to develop. At WeWork there are no colleagues, everybody is a friend and that is how every WeWork location has a tight-knit vibrant community to work with.

Website: https://www.wework.com


  • Pioneer Place: 700 SW, Fifth Avenue, Portland, OR 97204
  • Power and Light Building: 920 SW, 6th Avenue, Portland, OR 97204
  • US Custom House: 220 NW, 8th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209

Membership Plans: Out of the three coworking options available at WeWork Portland, the open desk rates start at $295/month. For a WeWork permanent desk at any of the three coworking space Portland the price begins at $380/month. Then there are private offices which begin from $600/month.


Portland is not only an amazing city but it has shown great potential at the development. Moreover, it is also believed that the location of this city is beneficial for certain other aspects. A city which has comprehensive development opportunities and efficient work culture will certainly have many coworking operators. Due to this, the Portland coworking spaces ensure that the members are great avenues for enhancing your connectivity. Happy Coworking!

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