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A work cafe, HanaHaus Palo Alto is an exciting space in this Silicon Valley city. And its focus is on three C’s – creativity, connections, and collaborations. For one simple reason, to help businesses access opportunities, and promote the culture of collaborative growth. Moreover, this space has been presented to the South Californian entrepreneurs, by none other than the global software behemoth SAP. In fact, it is the idea of HahaHaus was conceived by one of SAP’s founders. Consequently, learning, sharing, connecting and growth are essential elements of this coworking space’s aura.

Our workspace affects our productivity. And for this reason, HanaHaus Palo Alto has put in highly ergonomic furniture, besides cool lighting in a building with beautiful architecture. You might have worked from a cafe table before, but what you will experience here is matchless. It is because at other cafes all you will get is a desk, chair, and a few cups of coffee. Not to mention the constant chatter and clatter of the people around. HanaHaus, on the other hand, takes special care that members get multiple chances to connect with a like-minded crowd. Plus, it will eventually aid your business growth and motivate you to get back to work each day.

Perks of Working from HanaHaus Palo Alto:

  • Onsite Cafe: This location is also home to Blue Bottle Cafe. Espresso, Americano, Latte, Mocha or Cappucino, they have it all and many more. You can also go for Hot Chocolate, Pastries, or even a full course meal.
  • HanaHaus Events: The events at HanaHaus Palo Alto are a great package of inspirations and networking opportunities. They cover different domains, musical events, workshops, motivational lectures or just a get-together.
  • Event Spaces: And if you wish to host your own event here, you are welcome. They have a range of spaces which you can hire. Their highest capacity is close to 150 people in an event.
  • Meeting Rooms: They have a range of meeting rooms and conference spaces. You may use them for interviews, meetings or presentations, etc. Plus, These are hireable on simple hourly rates.
  • Lounge Areas: If you need a laid back space to work or rest, the lounge areas are the perfect spot here. The comfortable couches and movable desks are a great plus at Palo Alto’s HanaHaus.
  • Support Staff: A full-time support staff is stationed onsite to cater to all your needs and queries with respect to space. They will just be a call away, for you to have a steady experience.
  • White Boards: These are available at many of the open, semi-private and private spaces. Besides, two of the rooms have walls that double up as whiteboards.
  • Locker Storage: Need a space to keep personal stuff safe? Then you may avail the lockable storage spaces. So no need to carry your stuff back home on the end of each day.
  • Super Fast Internet: Most spaces at HanaHaus Palo Alto have access to fast speed wifi and Ethernet service. So you may have ultimate connectivity on the go.
  • AV equipment: Need a monitor to play a video or a slide show? They have almost all the digital gear you might need for the daily affairs of your business.
  • Quiet Rooms: For an important client call or a one on one meetup, a quiet room will be a handy aid.
  • Mothers’ Nursing Room: At this awesome location, nursing mums can have their privacy in a space built for just that.

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Membership Plans and Prices:

Memberships at Palo Alto’s HanaHaus coworking space comes in many distinct packages. Choose between communal hot desks or multiple team spaces, further ranging from open, to semi and fully private. Plus their pricing is very easy. As they charge simple hourly rates for each seating option. And interestingly they have given names to some of their meeting rooms, after some of the prominent world cities. Read below to know their plans and respective prices.

Open Seating | Hot Desks

Casual drop-in is worthwhile at HanaHaus Palo Alto coworking space. The open seating plan is the most flexible of the many options to access this space. Set in a cafe-style arrangement, this area has seats right in the middle and under a glass ceiling. While some on the stage area. In this open plan area, you will have to look for a vacant desk before starting off. And probably, you will get a new desk to work from within the location, on each visit. Plus, an amazing opportunity to connect with the member sitting next to you is an additional networking perk. And all that at the price of $3 per hour. How awesome is that?

Group Seating

Need shared office space in Palo Alto? Whether a small team or a startup, there are many fabulous seating options for you. These include desks and chairs/ sofas set in a lounge format. Plus, most of these are next to huge windows which fill them with bright sunlight. The various Group seating alternatives accessible at HanaHaus Palo Alto are,

  • Lounge Seat Group: The simplest of all the group seatings, this space has the capacity for four. Furnishings include a round glass table in the middle, along with comfy couches around it. The price of this group space is $10 per hour. Plus, this space also comes with access to a whiteboard and is within the common area. While the couches are accompanied by movable work desks.
  • Lounge Seat Group Budapest: Named after the gorgeous Hungarian capital, the price for renting this space is $35 per hour. Plus, it is a semi-private space with seats for four. And also has whiteboards apart from an HD monitor. Inspiring words are painted on one of its walls. And the seats are comfortable round chairs with cushions, all set in a corner.
  • Lounge Seat Group Capetown: This semi-private space at Palo Alto’s HanaHaus gets its name from a South African port city. You can hire it for an hourly rate of $50. And though it has space for four people, you will have the option to turn it into a bigger space for twenty. That is by combing it with adjacent space for bigger floor space. Besides, set on the tones of gray, it has wide windows that bring in a lot of sunshine. There is a round table in the middle apart from work desks next to each couch.
  • Group Table: There are two group tables, with eight seats each. You may hire one for just $20 per hour. Plus they have access to a whiteboard too. And if you need more seats than eight, hire both at once and get seating space for sixteen. These tables are impeccable white and so are the backs of the chairs.

Private Seating

Looking for a space that is calm and away from the buzz of the common area? Then the private spaces are at your anvil at HanaHaus Palo Alto.

  • Quiet Room Sydney: This noise-free room is suitable for one or two people and you can hire it for $25 per hour. It has a long desk on a side with two upholstered chairs, plus outlets for power. The glass walls let you view the commotion outside but save you from the disruptive sounds.
  • Quiet Room Shanghai: This Shanghai room in HanaHaus Palo Alto is Sydney’s twin. As it has the same furniture, capacity, and features. And the price of $25 per hour is the same as well. You may hire these spaces for job interviews, a client meeting etc.
  • Conference Room Berlin: For professional team meets or presentation, you may hire this space for $75 per hour. It has the capacity for twelve, an HD monitor and fast internet access, in addition to a big white table in the center. And the best part, you may use all or any of its walls as a whiteboard.
  • Conference Room Bangalore: This conference room too, has the same specs as the Berlin room. This HanaHaus Palo Alto room is hireable at the hourly price of $75, capacity for twelve and whiteboard walls.
  • Maker Room Silicon Valley: This space is for the creative souls. It has heavy duty furnishings, whereupon you can hold a workshop, training session, etc. And the seating space is for eight people. The price of the maker room is $75 by the hour.

HanaHaus Palo Alto Location:

This amazing spot is at 456 University Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301. Featuring a 15,000 sqft of space, this building has an archaic facade. The original building dates back to 1920s and was known as New Varsity Theatre. Furthermore, University Ave is already home to countless cafes, but you will find the best coffee at this very location. As the Blue Bottle Cafe, operating from its floor, is a hip cafe and dining space. Wherein you can enjoy one of the worlds best coffee on a daily basis. Plus, they have free onsite parking, so no worries for your metallic beasts.

If you still have any queries regarding this location, feel free to call at 1650 326 1263. Or you may also [email protected].

Website: http://www.hanahaus.com

Reviews = 4.5 out of 5


Why HanaHaus Palo Alto than any other coworking space in this Silicon Valley city? Well, to have the luxury of working from a premium space while savoring on a brilliant coffee. Additionally, they have given maximum flexibility, as all of their spaces are hireable on hourly rates. So you pay for only what you use and its duration. And, since it resides in the Varsity Theatre Palo Alto, this space still retains its yesteryear charisma and charm. Moreover, at HanaHaus, it is not like working from any other cafe table. As you won’t have to bear the anxiety as to when you will get a soft tap on your shoulder. And a request will slip into one of your ears to leave their space. In fact, this Californian coworking space celebrates collaborations and comfort.

If you too have a little venture or are still on the idea stage, this space is your ideal destination. HanaHaus Palo Alto has quite a variety of spaces which you can use as a workspace or meeting clients. Or for business presentations, to set team goals, or perhaps just enjoy a fine cup of tea. SAP has pushed its boundaries beyond its tech domain to facilitate entrepreneurial culture and to emerge as a trend-setter. But, are you ready to push yours? Schedule a visit soon!

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