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Have you heard of Office Nomads Seattle? It’s the spot that has totally changed the definition of coworking spaces. As working independently does not mean that you won’t need any help from anyone. At the time when you decide to work independently, you may face many problems in the beginning. And the solution for the same is to meet the people who faced the same issue once so that you would know how to tackle that issue. Coworking space only provides you with the working space but Office Nomads Seattle provides you with the community so that you can help each other and build something great. 

Office Nomad is not a new coworking space. It has been ruling the world of coworking spaces from 10 years which is not a small thing. They are growing rapidly because they have different thinking for the coworking spaces. Their motto is to connect people, they believe that together we can reach greater heights than going alone.

Perks at Office Nomad Seattle

Perks at the Office Nomads is yet another reason why you should choose this working space. They are providing you with a number of facilities so that you can work with ease without any distractions. 

  • No long term contracts: You do not need to sign any long term contract to join Office Nomads, as they are providing to your month to month membership plans. You can also jump from one membership to others, that is totally ok for them.  
  • Coworking visa program: The connection is very important to grow in any field that is why they are providing coworking visa program that will allow you to connect to different coworking spaces around the world. 
  • Varieties of work areas: You have a number of options for the working areas like standing desks, long tables, coaches etc. All these things are very comfortable that you can do your work with ease.
  • Couches: Feeling sleepy while working? At Office Nomads you have the facility to take a nap as they have provided you coaches, where you can rest.
  • Meeting rooms: With meeting rooms, it will be easy for you to presenting things before partners or colleagues, or to suggest any thought or ideas to them.
  • Tea or coffee: You do not need to go outside for tea or coffee, everything is available here for your better comfort.
  • High-speed internet: The internet is the most essential thing in today’s time and they know that. That is why they are providing high-speed internet so that you can work with comfort.

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Membership plans at Office Nomads:

Office Nomads is not the place to sit like a fool for the whole day and go back home. They always try to reconnect the independent people to one another so that they can collaborate and learn from one another. There are different plans to join the Office Nomads Seattle, have a look and decide which one you like for work. 


They understand that you may not have time to visit us regularly but you want to be a part of our community so that you and other member learns a lot from one another. For the same, they introduce this membership plan. You can come for one day in a month according to your choice. Do not worry you have all the rights to enjoy every perk that others are having. Likewise, you can attend the community events or participate in the office Nomads mailing Seattle list. The price for Advocate is $30 for 1-day per month


Here the part-time means that you can come to the office by your choice for 5 to 15 days. The days will be of your choice. In fact, you have the freedom to choose the plan for either 5 days or 10 days or 15 days but not more than that. 

Visit us when you like to when the weather shows beauty, no worries. You will have all the perks that a regular Nomad is enjoying. $90/month: 5 days per month; $180/month: 10 days per month; $270/month: 15 days per month


It is not always easy to make your home a workplace, a private office is always required where you can work without any disturbances. The solution is here now. At office Nomads Seattle you have the option to book your permanent space where you can work whenever you want too. It will be open 24/7 for you. Hence, you can place your frame or teddy or anything on your desk. Yes, that all belongs to only you.

As this plan also includes the business membership plan that means you can register the business at Nomad, results in you will get the mailing and packages here. For the 24/7 access, you need to pay $495 plus deposit at Office Nomads. 

There are other membership plans also for the students and for a team that wants a place to grow and work upon their ideas.

Student membership plans

This plan is especially for those who are not happy with their Grad school and want more to wrap up the thesis and dissertation. Not always an entrepreneur needs the workspace, the students who are known on their learning stage also need the same, who knows they will be built their business someday. 

You do need to come every day, you will have access to come to office Nomads Seattle for five days in a month. The choice of days depends upon you. This plan is priced at $50 per month

Membership plan for a team

Ok, you and your team list your jobs huh and thinking for a startup? Amazing! At Office Nomads Seattle, they offer the membership plans to teams also. So, book your place here and let the work start. The number of people allows for the membership plans are 2 to 4. 

Prices: $360/month: 20 days per month; $540/month: 30 days per month; $720/month: 40 days per month


Book your workspace today and get a chance to get many opportunities. Meet your fellow one or unknown people who are working on the same projects. There are chances that you may work with your space mate on many projects. In the end, it can be said that Opportunities are waiting for you. Go and snatch them at 1617 Boylston Suite 200 Seattle

Email: [email protected]



Hence, you do need to run here and there to find the working space. Cannot sure for all the people but the one who is in Seattle are lucky enough as they have Office Nomad Seattle. Moreover, they have 10 years of coworking experience, which makes them the best option. On the other hand, they are different from other coworking spaces in a term that they believe in togetherness. They believe that together we can grow more to great heights.


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