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The Circuit Launch is an open circuit of inventors, startups, and smaller firms dealing with all things electronic hardware. They, in fact, are a hub of the industry’s best engineers, manufacturers, and innovators. If you are into IOT, augmented or virtual reality, or anything to do with circuits, this space is for you. You will get a variety of machines, tools, equipment, and spaces at your disposal to curate your dream ideas. The best part, you will get to connect with many experts, suppliers, and investors, that may transcend all boundaries. Another plus point is access to electronic and fabrication labs, and even machines and equipment are included in the membership prices.

Circuit Launch Oakland is not a usual coworking space. And neither just another incubator or accelerator. It is a space where innovators with an electric bent of mind can have more freedom and flexibility. Besides access to all the otherwise heavy machines and tools that they can’t access individually. Newbie or an expert, you will have to take the basics and safety class. Besides, you can ask for technical support staff as and when you need them. Also, you can access the spaces from a single day (via day pass) to months or years, as you need it. Keep reading to know more about the space.

Amenities at Circuit Launch Oakland

Circuit Launch offers a range of amenities to most members. These include various spaces, from coworking desks to shared labs. Apart from utilities and general services, members focus on their work. Go through the following amenities as available here.

  • Conference Rooms: Need rooms for client meetings, video conferencing, or setting team goals? Use the high-tech conference spaces at Circuit Launch Oakland and be ready to impress all.
  • Classes: They organize an array of classes, ranging from CNC designing to 3D printing, CAD, etc. Do note that the members get free or special-price access to these classes at Circuit Launch.
  • Event Space: You can also launch a product, host clients, or a workshop at their event spaces.
  • Mail Handling: All your postal communications arriving here will be under professional management. And will be stored for you to collect or sent to your address, as per your instructions.
  • Kitchen: The kitchen space has all the general appliances. Including fridges, microwaves, toasters, and even dishes and dishwashers, etc.
  • Machines: You will find a number of machines at Circuit Launch Oakland. These include Laser and Vinyl Cutters, Band, Panel, and Meter Saws. Apart from Drill Press and 3D Printers.
  • Tools: As to the tools available here, Spectrum Analyzer, Oscilloscopes, Reflow Ovens, Multimeters, etc are all available.
  • Spaces: They also have special spaces where you can tinker around with hardware and stuff. For instance, Assembly and Shipping Areas, Anti-static Workstations, VR Playspace, and Mixed Reality Greenscreen Studio.
  • Personal RFID Locking Cabinet: You can keep your stuff safely in the lockable storage spaces. Besides, the cabinets are lockable via high-tech RFID key cards.
  • Smartphone Access Door-keys: The spaces are also accessible in a secure way, through smartphone applications. So the key will stay on your phone, and no misplacing.







Check out how WeWork Oakland looks from inside.

Circuit Launch Membership Plans:

The membership plans at Circuit Launch Oakland are simple, flexible, and scalable. You may rent a hot desk, a permanent one or a private office. And your access to the machines and tools will be included in your membership plans. So you have many alternatives to choose from as per your needs and budget. The plans are given below, with prices.


Have a great idea that sparks off innovation? Congrats, you are an inventor! If not yet, you can be one here at the payment of $89 per month. Plus, you can use the common spaces of Circuit Launch on any 8 days in a month. In addition, you can also use the Laser Cutter for 10 hours in the same monthly duration.

Entrepreneur | Hot Desks

If you are ready to put effort into your idea, set sail to your entrepreneurial winds. The Entrepreneur plan is available for the price of $145 per month. This will give you round-the-clock access to the common spaces, including hot desks in the Circuit Launch. Hot desks are temporary desks in an open-plan seating area. And are available on a first come first serve basis. So on each visit, you will have to find a vacant desk. An additional perk of this plan is free to access the Conference Rooms for up to 4 hours a month. In addition, use of Laser Cutter for 20 hours per month.

Dedicated Desk

The dedicated membership also gets you 24/7 access to Circuit Launch’s Oakland spaces. It comes at the price of $250 per month. These are permanent desks and are reserved for members opting for this plan. Such that no one will use your desk space even in your absence. This is inclusive of 10-hour use of the Conference Room and 40-hour use of the Laser Cutter, per month. In fact, you will also get access to locker space and public event hosting.

Private Office

And if you have or have planned to make a little team, a private office space might suit you better. These spaces are completely secure, and accessible 24 hours a day. At the payment of $750 per month, you and your team can get a private space. Besides, you also get access to all the tools, machines, and other facilities, available at the Circuit Launch Oakland location.

Location of Circuit Launch:

Oakland - Circuit Launch

The double-story 8000 Edgewater Drive is a fascinating space, originally constructed in the 1970s. Covering an area of 31,000 SF, this building resides in Oakland’s Airport Business Park. The locale is very spacious and serene. If you wish to eat out, a few restaurants are available on the adjacent Oakport Street. And a little further on the Edgewater Drive itself. As to air transit, it will take an 8-minute drive to the Oakland International Airport. If you need to reach the San Francisco Airport, take around half an hour as the travel time.

You must schedule a visit before reaching their space. And for this, you must contact them at [email protected]. Or visit their website.

Address: 8000 Edgewater Drive, Oakland, CA, 94621


Reviews: 5 out of 5

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Circuit Launch in Oakland is a space with options for all electronics enthusiasts, irrespective of their level of expertise. Every member has to attend induction classes, which provide them with basic knowledge of using the equipment. Whether it’s work commitments or a hobby behind your attraction to this space, you will get all the guidance you need. In fact, you can work on your ideas here in the shared lab and assess the results. So that before you invest further efforts and funds into making it a venture, you will have an idea of its profitability.

Oakland’s coworking space for electrical hardware professionals, Circuit Launch sits in a tranquil location. Set aside from the city hubbub, this space will give you additional peace of mind to think creatively. Moreover, people working with electronics always feel a lack of connectivity and networking opportunities. But Circuit Launch Oakland is the solution to all such woes. Make sure you schedule a visit soon.

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