9 Best Coworking Spaces in Durham, NC

Durham is North Carolina’s technology hub, and it attracts an interesting crowd. With a large number of tech companies, there is also a rise in the number of working professionals. And with remote/hybrid work becoming the new normal, the demand for coworking space in Durham has also skyrocketed. That’s why this gorgeous city has a slew of coworking spaces with beautiful skyscrapers and a hub of arts and culture. 

The coworking areas offer plenty to cheer about for a regular worker. Even if you work from home, these spaces will show you what you have been missing. So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Coworking Spaces in Durham, NC

In this article, we will review and narrow down the services of the best coworking spaces in Durham with location info, pricing structure, and much more.

1. WeWork Durham

We Work

This brilliantly decorated WeWork Durham space might initially give you an impression of a boutique hotel. Its shared workspace will wow you with clean spaces, good food, solid security features, and hygienic premises. The vibrant hues of blue, brown, and yellow run throughout the spaces. You will also appreciate the indoor plants placed here in a systematic manner. The overall atmosphere is quite lively, and the adequate lighting makes the area look much large and airy. 

The amenities at this coworking space in Durham check all the boxes on the wish list of a modern-day worker. For starters, you can bring your furry little friend to this pet-friendly space. To top it up, facilities like a wellness room, mother’s area, event space, and recreational games are also available. The standard working amenities include onsite staff service, meeting rooms, tech service, phone booths, common areas, a stocked kitchen, and business-class printers. 

Pricing: The hot desk day pass is priced at $29/day, and meeting rooms can be booked at $10/hour. Moreover, you can get a monthly coworking membership with a 50% discount for the first three months. To know the prices of private offices and dedicated desks, you may fill up the details on the official website. 

Location: 110 Corcoran St, Durham, NC 27701, United States.

Website: https://www.wework.com/buildings/

Phone: (919) 213-6386


2. Venture X Durham Coworking Space

Venture X Durham Coworking Space Durham

Venture X coworking space in Durham is the place for you if you love working in contemporary offices with clean lines and sleek interiors. This ultra-modern coworking environment offers its members shared spaces, flexible offices, and a network of like-minded business people. Entrepreneurs, well-established companies, start-ups, and small- to medium-sized companies often come here for quality work time. Moreover, you’ll feel right at home due to their hotel-style hospitality.

The contemporary building features a huge lounge area with cafés, high-tech meeting spaces, and high exposed ceilings with an industrial loft design. Additionally, the area has a fully equipped wellness room that is intended for working mothers or anybody who requires a private area to tend to personal health requirements. Some of the major amenities include free parking, monthly community events, proximity to nearby popular restaurants, and fiber internet. 

Pricing: The best of all, private offices are charged at $499/month. Then, you can opt for a dedicated desk by paying $299/month. The virtual office starts at $29/month, while community membership costs $99/month. Meeting rooms are available at $20/hour. 

Location: 600 Park Offices Dr., Suite 300, Durham, NC 27709, United States

Website: https://venturex.com/locations/durham-frontier-rtp/

Phone: (919) 529-5747


3. American Underground

American Underground

For people who wish to join a thriving community of professionals, American Underground is the place to work at. This coworking space in Durham has excellent reviews on Google and a rating of 4.7. You can easily explore premium options here, including flexible office spaces, dedicated desks, and shared working areas. Moreover, you easily get the chance to work with growth-oriented enterprises, supportive business partners, and potential investors. The area also offers weekly happy hours that allow you to enjoy events and programs here. 

The major amenities include open working areas, high-speed internet, conference rooms, a rooftop patio, a range of office layouts, custom membership plans, and lounge areas. Furthermore, the layout of offices can easily meet your demand for a growing business. You also get coffee and snacks, security monitoring, mailing address, and cleaning of workstations while you work here. 

Pricing: The limited coworking membership will charge you $149/month. The second best option is the All Access Working membership. It comes at $199/month. You can also opt for private offices starting at $399/month. 

Location: 201 W Main St, Durham, NC 27701, United States.

Website: https://americanunderground.com/

4. Provident 1898 Coworking Space Durham

Provident 1898 Coworking Space Durham

This venue is the reimagination of The Tower at Mutual Plaza, which is also Durham’s important historical building. This is where your ideas can truly come to life. The interiors are lush, and there are plenty of spaces to choose from for coworking. Some of the benefits include on-demand membership, day passes, and private suites. 

Additionally, there is no shortage of modern-tech workstation amenities at Provident 1898’s Durham coworking space. With high-speed internet, gorgeous outdoor views, complimentary snacks, and coffee, you can spend hours working here. Interestingly, the place also serves as a hotspot for getting in touch with the African-American working community. This is something that no other place provides on our list. 

Pricing: Get a day pass at just $20/day or look for monthly on-demand membership by paying $99/month. You can also get an All Access membership at $249/month. Private suites and team options are also available for serious workers with custom pricing. 

Location: 411 W Chapel Hill St c2, Durham, NC 27701, United States.

Website: https://provident1898.com/

Phone: (919) 925-3340 

5. Durham Bottling Co

Durham Bottling Co

If you fancy a café with a good vibe, tasty food, and great amenities, you can set foot in Durham Bottling. This Durham coworking space offers an inclusive environment. The company’s vision is to help build a membership base and an environment that is welcoming, impact-focused and expanding. 

Beyond technology, the space is dedicated to providing a helpful and secure base of operations for organizations, independent contractors, artists, business owners, start-ups, and teams that are developing into significant roles. They will undoubtedly play in the community and beyond. The main amenities include high-speed wifi, a printing & copying facility, presentation space, classrooms, large event spaces, etc. 

Pricing: The part-time workers can opt for a basic membership plan at $125/month. The all-access membership costs $225/month, while the dedicated desk is available at $ 350/month. 

Location: 506 Ramseur St, Durham, NC 27701, United States.

Website: https://www.durhambottling.com/


6. The Chill Place

The Chill Place

For a coworking space in Durham with a cozy setting and a friendly ambiance, head to The Chill Place. The Chill Place succeeds in offering a small office vibe, plus the added amenities. This coworking space in Durham is created keeping small businessmen and individual workers in mind. 

The amenities include high-speed internet, mail, and package delivery accessibility, first come, first serve basis access to private rooms, free coffee & water, printer access, and is pet-friendly. The plans and pricing of this place are quite straightforward. The Chill is the answer if you want to get a clutter-free coworking space at an affordable price. 

Pricing: Get the one-day pass by paying just $20. Get access to the basic facilities with the Basic DRH plan starting from $199/month. The top-most membership plan of All Access DRH is priced at $499/month. 

Location: 102 E Main St, Durham, NC 27701, United States.

Website: https://www.thechillplace.com/

Phone: (919) 908-8000


7. ReCity- Coworking Space Durham

ReCity- Coworking Space Durham

Tucked into lush surroundings, the ReCity Durham coworking space is where you can experience an all-inclusive community vibe. The space focuses more on engagement rather than individual cabins. The main focus is to provide an atmosphere that encourages everyone to work more and succeed and the vision is to build thriving communities of dedicated professionals. 

There is no shortage of amenities at this purpose-driven coworking space in Durham. Some of these include wifi, full IT support, dedicated meeting space, a printing facility, different types of coworking areas, and coffee. The event spaces are well-equipped with modern gear such as Hi-Fi speaker systems and projectors. The interiors are vibrant, and the seating is basic yet quite comfortable. 

Pricing: You can become a ReCity member by paying $100 for a non-profit organization and $150 for standard enterprises. Same way, nonprofits can lease coworking space at ReCity at $150/month, while standard members have to pay $200/month. For dedicated desks, the Anchor membership plan comes at $250 for nonprofits and $350 for standard members. 

Location: 112 Broadway St, Durham, NC 27701, United States.

Website: https://www.recitynetwork.org/

Phone: (919) 439-4826

Here are some of the most innovative coworking spaces in Wilmington, NC. 

8. Towerview PageCreek 

Coworking Space Durham,

If you wish to lease a fully-furnished and affordable office rental, you can get plenty of options at the Towerview. You’ll get peace of mind while working at this venue with stunning outdoor views and green surroundings. The spaces are open, and you will appreciate the roomy feeling with high ceilings and large couches. The carpet areas go well with beige-shaded walls. The lamps and floor-to-ceiling windows add a touch of luxury to this coworking facility in Durham. 

The amenities provided here can give complexity to any modern-day coworking company. You get proximity to coffee shops, restaurants, and a gym at this venue. The fresh and modern spaces come with tech facilities such as wifi, personal storage space, dedicated desks, a kitchen, access to conference rooms, and much more. Courteous service and quicker onboarding add to the immaculate offerings Towerview provides.  

Pricing: Towerview offers varying fees for different plans and spaces. You can get in touch with the company to ask for exact quotes as per your requirement. 

Location: 4804 Page Creek Ln, Research Triangle, NC 27703, United States.

Website: https://www.towerviewoffice.com/buildings/

Phone: (919) 877-6232

9. TDS Space Durham

TDS Space Coworking Space Durham

If you are looking to rent a large open space for meetings, events, or even parties, TDS can be a suitable option. Unlike other coworking spaces, this venue offers undivided flooring plans where large gatherings can be accommodated easily. The wooden floors jell along with white ceilings and vibrantly shaded walls. All sorts of events can take place here, including but not limited to art shows, seminars, rehearsals, trade shows, dance, auditions, photo shoots, yoga, etc. 

The amenities at the TDS include free wireless internet, tables and chairs available for gatherings, vicinity to nearby malls and airports, a projector, a hi-fi speaker system, and so on. Extra furniture, such as portable chairs or tables, can also be made available on a custom-rent basis. 

Pricing: Rent the back studio with 75 seats at $50/hour or go big with an Up/Down option featuring up to 75 seats at $30/hour. Well-facilitated Studio 5 can be rented at $35/hour, while Studio4 comes at $25/hour. 

Location: 2603 S Miami Blvd, Durham, NC 27703, United States.

Website: http://tdsspace.com/

Phone: (919) 614-9029



We hope you enjoyed reading about some of the best coworking spaces in Durham, NC. Though the area is a bit new in terms of shared space culture, there is a lot of scope for this industry in the future. If you trust in the power of coworking and start spending more time in these spaces, you will see more options in the coming years and surely find your perfect coworking space in Durham. 

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