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Big Oakland is one of the first coworking spaces in California which is exclusively designed for architecture, engineering and the construction industry. The idea behind this firm is to cater to the specific requirements of the AEC industry. That is to say, this workstation is customized to provide infrastructure to the budding professionals in this field. Interestingly, this work centre is looking after the well-being of small businesses in particular. Further, it has made available certain facilities that can help you establish and market your ideas. So, even if you have just started with your venture and are unsure about your next step, they will steer you in the right direction.

At Big Oakland, you have the opportunity to work alongside some of the best minds and form project teams. Not to mention the perks of working in a community of innovators who share your aspirations. At this place, you have multiple options to choose from when it comes to membership plans. For instance, you can access hot desks and dedicated desks situated in a professional space. Additionally, this work centre houses stylish meeting and conference rooms wherein you can conduct your meetings in a great environment. Also, you will have access to sophisticated industry software and a library stacked with great collections.

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Amenities offered by Big Oakland:

  • Internet: At Big Oakland, you can access secure Wi-Fi to accomplish your tasks online without any hindrance.
  • 24/7 access: If you are a dedicated member or have hired a private office, you can use your work spot at whatever hour you want. So, drop in whenever you feel like working.
  • Filtered water: At Big Oakland, you will get filtered water for free.
  • Kitchen: There is a well-equipped kitchen wherein you can prepare tasty snacks to chase away the hunger pangs.
  • Mailbox services: All your mail will be taken care of once you avail of this service. So, no more bothering about receiving your emails. The staff at Big Oakland will take care of that.
  • Meeting rooms: Well-furnished meeting rooms are available at your disposal. Further, they have facilities like video conferencing.
  • Storage facilities: You can also store your valuables in the lockers available in the workspace. So, this will be convenient for you as you don’t have to carry your work materials around.
  • Library: There is a library harbouring rich collections at the centre. So, whenever you need any reference, you can access this place.
  • Video conferencing: You can hold online meetings with your clients through video conferencing at Big Oakland.
  • TV: Feeling bored? Refresh your mind by watching television for a while.

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Big Oakland Coworking Membership Plans:

Big Oakland knows the value of your time and therefore has expertly charted out various membership plans. So, choose the one that suits your work schedule and work your way to success. Also, these plans come with some additional benefits at no extra cost. That means all your business requirements will be covered in a single package. Given below is the list of membership plans available at the centre.

Day-Tripper: This is a day pass for those who require space to work on certain occasions. Also, if you are on the road frequently, then there is no point in availing a full-time membership. Just pay for the day you spend at the work centre. Moreover, you can work at any desk of your choice at the collaborative tables and even access the library or kitchen area. However, you can only access your work spot on weekdays during business hours (9 a.m.- 5 p.m.). In addition to all this, you can gain entry to conference rooms at an additional cost of $20/hour small or $40/hour large. The cost of this plan is $30/day.

Part-Timer: This plan constitutes another option for part-time workers who need a workspace for a few days. Big Oakland provides you with the option of gaining access to the work centre for a period of ten days a month. Moreover, you can use all the facilities available at the centre. A small surprise for you, you get to use the conference room for one day a month for a duration of 2 hours. Other than that, you can get this facility for $20/hour small and $40/hour large. The membership price of this plan is $225/month.

Workaholic: Under this program, you can choose to work at any desk available in the coworking area for unlimited days. So, just drop in during business hours and get your work done as quickly as possible. You can also access the library and kitchen at the workstation. Not to mention, you get to conduct one free meeting for 2 hours in the spacious conference rooms of Big Oakland. You can avail of this plan at a cost of $325 per month. Apart from this, you can even book a conference room at an additional cost of $20/hour small or $40/hour large.

Dedicated Desk: For those who want to settle in the work centre for a long duration, Big Oakland has the option of dedicated desks. You will be assigned a specific desk in the workspace and only you can use it. A great thing about these desks is that you will have 24/7 access for unlimited days. So, sit back and establish the business that you have always dreamed about without worrying about anything else. With this plan comes a bundle of benefits. For example, you can use all the equipment at the centre and can refer to the library. You can even use the mail address services to make mail handling a less tedious task.

Another great thing, by availing of this program, you get a chance to conduct two meetings in the well-contained rooms of the centre. You can even book conference rooms at a price of $20/hour small, and $40/hour large. All these luxuries are available at a cost of $450 per month. If you have a team in the multiples of 2, then you get more discounts:

  • 2 people = $825
  • 4 people = $1,500
  • 6 people = $2,075

Private Office: Big Oakland houses five private offices ranging from 93 to 270 sq. ft. Further, they are well-contained and can accommodate around 3-6 people. You will have 24/7 access to your office for unlimited days and can use all the facilities of the centre. Also, they have lockable storage facilities where you can store your valuables without worrying about their safety. These offices contain large desks of the size 30″ x 60″ and have comfortable seating arrangements. All in all, you will be working in a great environment. The cost of this plan is $1500 per month.

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Other Spaces at Big Oakland:

Informal meeting: If you need a space for an informal chat with a colleague or you want to meet your client over a cup of coffee, these meeting rooms will do. Further, you do not need to pay anything extra besides your day pass fee. Well, isn’t this an effective way of spending your money? Big Oakland has figured it all out for you!

Formal meeting: If you are planning to host a big meeting and need a professional space for it, then these rooms are all you need. Moreover, they are available at a cost of $20/hour (for smaller rooms) and $40/hour (for bigger rooms). Not to mention, these meeting rooms come with facilities like video conferencing, whiteboards and adjustable chairs. So, impress your clients by conducting your meetings here.

Events: Big Oakland has large event spaces that are perfect for both standing as well as seated events. However, this space can only be used after 5 p.m. on weekdays and on weekends. The membership costs of this option are:

  • Weekday evening events- $525
  • Weekend daytime events- $1225
  • Weekend evening events- $725


Big Oakland Coworking

Address: 351 15th Street, Oakland, CA

Big Oakland is set up in the centre of downtown wherein a lot of industries have established their offices. Moreover, the work centre is easily accessible as it is centrally located to some of the major transport routes. You can get all the facilities you require within a small distance. In addition, the centre is in close proximity to BART. To know more, contact them at 510-277-3323 or visit their website

Email: [email protected]

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Become a part of an ecosystem of collaborators and witness your business flourish at Big Oakland. Further, the place is bustling with a crowd of builders who have a knack for exploring and developing new innovations. Apart from getting the basic facilities, this workstation offers a lot more than that. Also, there is a big library that has been staffed by a librarian for your reference. The environment of the place will lift your spirit and enhance productivity.

The workplace has a unique infrastructure which is necessary for the architecture and engineering industries. So, this is an ideal place to work if you belong to the AEC industry. Additionally, there is a dedicated staff at the work centre who can help you in case of a problem or query. Check out the place for yourself and experience the difference. There is no better place to cowork than Big Oakland!

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