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Berkeley SkyDeck is not your normal coworking space. It is much more than that, it is a startup accelerator and an optimistic partner for your new venture. Powered by UC Berkeley, it supports and assists new startups to be successful. There are three forces behind SkyDeck, The Haas School of Business, The College of Engineering and the Office of Vice Chancellor for Research. This not-a-typical coworking space has global connections and your startup can benefit from its partnership programs.

Above all, at SkyDeck the startups are referred to as Sky teams. Each of the sky teams is exposed to an energetic work environment. It is here that they are forced to concentrate and work harder than ever. To further supplement their efforts, SkyDeck offers state of the art infrastructure, top-notch amenities and an infectious ecosystem. The Sky Advisors, Partners program, and an efficient network of investors streamline the startup process and help achieve progress.

For this discussion, we will not be focussing on the amenities and the membership plans. As Berkeley SkyDeck is a unique business partner we will know about its programs partners and how it can support your startup.

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What is the SkyDeck Program?


To start with there are two tracks running at Berkeley SkyDeck an Acceleration (Full-Cohort) track and an Incubator (Hot Desk) track. Out of the 100 startup teams which become a part of this program every year, 20 will receive the $100,000 investment fund.

To receive this funding the Cohort Teams have to acquire their first round of funding from the Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists. Once selected, the teams will get a dedicated workspace and will be able to leverage from the efficacious SkyDeck support team. They will be acquainted with the advisors, the partners and will participate in weekly events. Plus, all the teams can attend the BAM (Berkeley Acceleration Method) program.

Via its association with the top Silicon Valley companies, the Cohort teams will be able to learn about product strategy, team building and get customer intros. All of this is really essential and important for every startup to see the dawn after a certain period of time. Due to lack of efficient support majority of the startups are bound to fail in the first three years of inception. But with Berkeley SkyDeck at your behest, the chances to fail are next to zero.

Hot Desk Teams: These teams are those which are not part of the Cohort team program. They are either not ready to expand with such speed and to that level, but they are in the process as of yet. The hot desk teams can work in the open areas and can join the events and other programs on a self-serving basis. Propitious hot desk teams who have raised a significant amount of funding will earn an opportunity to present their ideas at the Demo Day.

Spaces at Berkeley SkyDeck :


First up there are different kinds of spaces available at this business center. The focus is not on providing ergonomic chairs and desks. Rather what they provide is an opportunity to sit at the big table and make your own decisions. The reason people call it a game changer is that Berkeley SkyDeck hosts a lot of other features over and above a normal accelerator. One of the tallest building in Berkeley is where you will find SkyDeck hosting its startup accelerator. The view from the top is amazing and adds aesthetic value to the already efficient business companion. Talking about the kinds of spaces, at Berkeley SkyDeck you will find designated workspaces for cohort teams. There are hot desks, event space, kitchen space, meeting rooms and an innovator’s paradise, a hardware room.

Berkeley SkyDeck Network:


For every startup and business, one thing that makes it stand out is the network. Networking provides propitious opportunities and supports a new business to scale towards a progressive level.

Among the Berkeley SkyDeck’s network, there are industry’s best lawyers and legal representatives. You will also find bespoke and accurate financial information from the advisors, and when it comes to technical support. Is there anyone else better than the University of California to help you with that?

The Faculty-in-residence are the members of UC Berkeley or the UCSF system. These members are not only science experts but are also patrons of successful startups.

Partners and Investors:

Berkeley SkyDeck has a vast network is proved by their partner network which is divided into four groups.

    • Industry Partners: These are the big corporate level teams which feed on innovation. With the help of UC Berkeley, you will get direct access to these industry partners and work with experienced mentors by your side. You will connect with these industry partners once you are a member of SkyDeck Berkeley.
    • Global Innovation Program: A limited number of regional partners can become a member of UC Berkeley with this program. A few teams will become part of it and can work alongside the SkeDeck cohort teams. This program aims to bridge the gap between the diverse industrial houses and the startup canvas of Berkeley. Plus, these regional partners can become a part of Silicon Valley and bring their market expertise into the already established industry.
    • Campus Partners: There are two different associations that are a part of the Berkeley SkyDeck’s Campus Partner initiative. One is Berkeley Science Fellow and the other is HAAS Startup Squad.
    • Global Strategic Partners: UC Berkeley via this program aims to connect the best talent across the globe with their Sky teams. A number of startup accelerators, universities and corporations are partnering with SkyDeck through this program.

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Yet another important link in every startup is the funding.

    • Cohort Team: At SkyDeck Berkeley, every accepted company application team will be eligible to obtain a $100,000 investment. This Investment is made from the Berkeley SkyDeck Fund. In exchange for this investment, all the startups have to assure a 5% equity.
    • Cohort and Hot Desking program: Under this program, the companies will receive up to $50,000 of the initial fund. Added to this, they will also get up to 10% of the money raised by them in the qualifying round.

Location and Contact of Berkeley SkyDeck:

Berkeley – Skydeck

There are two locations of SkyDeck in Berkeley and one more is n San Francisco.

SkyDeck Building Penthouse Floor: the penthouse floor means that you will be touching the sky while working at the top floor. This is also one of the highest building in the Downtown district. In the same building, SkyDeck has another workspace dedicated to their program on the third floor.

Address: 2150 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley California.


Email: [email protected]


Forwarding the startup culture and supporting them to scale is an essential part of every economy. Especially, if the startups are working their way to bring out a disruptive idea which will upend the normal way of life. It is important to help, support and understand every startup as you never know which one of them will be the next Facebook, Whatsapp, Uber or Mircosoft. I reckon that Berkeley SkyDeck is doing a wonderful job by supporting disruptive ideas and helping them build a better business. Moreover, any startup will not find this kind of exposure, low equity investment and dedicated workspace anywhere else outside. This is the best deal that you need and can get anywhere. So, let’s get started!

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