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Biolabs San Diego is another new booming life science and biotech hub. A niche coworking space nicknamed “biotech beach”. Apart from working in a normal office coworking space, you also get to cowork by the shore or hold your board meetings on the sand. Not your regular coworking space! This unique space hosts a lot of academic institutions, scientists, researchers, pharma and bio companies. Also, It provides a networking environment, shared labs and office facilities.

Biolabs San Diego was founded by entrepreneurs and investors who experienced how difficult it is to start a life science company. Is it the millions it costs or how it takes forever to get started? However, the aim of this unique place is to help scientific entrepreneurs and startups. It provides the best infrastructures and helps in scientific achievement while maximizing capital efficiency. Without doubt, this is a space where you can mingle with world-class researchers, scientists, venture capitalists and more. Where else can you grow your business if not Biolabs San Diego?  Read further to see what they have to offer.

Perks of BioLabs San Diego:

Getting equipment and facilities as science entrepreneurs can be expensive. BioLabs San Diego provides top-notch facilities and equipment that you need to work. It is all wrapped up in our package. Here is a glimpse of what they have to offer:

  • Laboratories: laboratories with bench spaces are made available with world-class equipment like HPLC, freezers, fume hoods and much more. 
  • Chemical waste storage: BioLabs care about their members’ health and safety. It provides chemical-waste storage and removal of hazardous waste. With this in check, a safe environment is assured.
  • Access to Internet: availability of high-speed Internet to plug into and google those important pieces of information.
  • Private lab suites: access to private lab suites where you can keep personal chemicals or things without the interference of anyone.
  • Telephone booths: make those confidential calls in their private phone booths without any hassle.
  • Cafeteria: There is an on-site cafe for when the hunger cramps come knocking.
  • Office utilities: there are printing and copying facilities to get work done without delay.
  • Playroom: A creative environment with a room to play and relax after hectic those long hours. Also,BioLab San Diego has all goodies wrapped up in one.
  • Conference rooms: BioLab San Diego members have 24/7 access to conference rooms to hold those long hours meetings or conferences.
  • Onsite kitchen: access to an onsite fully-stocked kitchen with coffee and healthy snacks.
  • Events: workshops, seminars, events where you can stay up to date with the new trends in be it entrepreneurship or technology. Besides, an opportunity to network and socialize with the shakers of the world. BioLabs San Diego has it all.  
  • Gym and Swimming pool: need a break to relax? take advantage of the community spaces, which include a gym and a swimming pool. Work and have fun while at it!
  • Lockers: Access to personal lockers to stash your private stuff in. 
  • Onsite concierge service: there is onsite staff that provides scientific support to help make your work easy and hassle-free.

Bio Labs San Diego

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Membership Plans at Bio Labs San Diego:

Coworking space in San Diego, Biolabs is designed with even small users in mind. It has a flexible membership plan that varies from a plan for an individual to even corporates.

Per Person: are you a researcher who needs a space to get started on those scientific ideas? Or you are a student that needs to carry out your laboratory assignment, BioLab San Diego offers this awesome space for  $400 per month. You have access to conference rooms and all the non- lab amenities. In addition, you can avail of their event space and get to meet and network with people who are on the same mission as you.

Per Bench: if you are a group of people, team or, a small start-up with the need to maximize cost and also get work done,  avail of a bench for $2200 monthly. This comes with access to a fully equipped co-working lab. If you are a new startup with maximizing capital efficiency in view,  start with a bench in BioLab San Diego and expand as you grow.

Per Workstation: get the desired privacy in this well equipped, collaborative environment.this plan is packed with access to fully equipped coworking office workstations. Also, you get to use their best class amenities. Pay $200 per month to avail of this plan.

Per Private Office: fully furnished with tech- modern private offices are also available for you and your team. This is available for $1200 monthly. Above all, you don’t have to spend millions renting a private office when you can get started on those ideas in this inspiring environment.

Location and Contact

This space is a few minute’s drive from different restaurants and bars like The wine bar. This allows you to have various delicious food options to fill your tummy. Moreso, if you are a sport lover? BioLabs San Diego is also close to hop and salt. This is a sports pub that you can be entertained by your favorite sports. Do your work but enjoy while at it! It is located at 10210 Campus Point Dr, #150, San Diego. For more queries, call them on 1.858.257.0888



This one of a kind workspace made for science and life science gurus has a lot to offer. From its flexible, affordable membership plans to its world-class infrastructure. BioLabs San Diego provides a safe and creative atmosphere by having wastage removal.

An awesome space to rub shoulders with doers and achievers. Who knows, you can get to meet that investor that can get you started on your life long projects. Biolabs San Diego is not just a community, it is a place surrounded by the best and helping people to achieve the best. Why not be a part of this great community. 

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