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Looking for a place where you can work in peace? The Worksuites Dallas can be the perfect coworking space to suit your needs. With a blend of a professional and friendly atmosphere being a part of its community is a unique experience. Here you can work with an experienced community of coworkers and create links with them as well. 

This shared work huv mainly focuses on catering to the needs of startups and small businesses. So, if you want a coworking office that can help your startup grow Worksuites Dallas is a perfect place to be. Also with their flexible membership policies, you can get a desk here without fretting over long term leasings. With amazing community and facilities coworking at Worksuites, Dallas can be perfect for you to thrive.

Perks at Worksuites Dallas

There are many perks of coworking at Worksuites as they not only provide you much more than a desk.  So take a close look at all the perks provided by this unique coworking company:

  • Free WiFi: Here you can have access to free high-speed wifi for easy sailing at work.
  • Free Office Equipments: At Worksuites Dallas you will have access to efficient printers and scanners as well to cater to all your needs. 
  • IT help desk: Here you will have dedicated IT support as well to equip you with all the on-spot IT solutions you need.
  • Coffee Lounge: This coworking space in Dallas also provides the coffee lounge as well where you can relax and chill other members.
  • Reception Services: You will also have access to friendly reception services as well who are always ready to help and assist your clients as well.
  • 24/7 access: If you work across various time zones then this can be the perfect shared work area for you. Here you can have access to your workspace 24 hours a day.
  • Parking lot: At Worksuites Dallas you’ll have access to free on spot parking lot as well where you can park your vehicle without any hassle.
  • Cloud Backup: They also provide free cloud backup your data where you can store all the pieces of information as well.

Worksuites Dallas

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Membership Plans at Worksuites Dallas

Worksuites Dallas offers amazing flexible membership plans for its members. Their membership prices are very flexible and are exclusive of long term leasing as well. So take a look at the membership prices and choose your best pick

Starter: In this membership plan you can pay $40 for accessing a desk for a day. In this membership plan, you can access the shared space for a day within the office hours. You will also have access to conference rooms worth $20 as well. So if you need a desk for a day to get your work done you can choose the starter plan for coworking at Worksuites in Dallas. 

Part Time: In part-time membership plans you can access a shared desk for five days a month and you can use the private office for two days a month as well. Also, you’ll have access to meeting rooms where you can conduct meetings and interviews. So, if you work from home but appreciate change every now and then you can get a part-time membership just $100 Worksuites in Dallas

Hot Desk: You can get unlimited access to the common floor here at just $100. With a Hot Desk membership of Worksuites, you’ll get unlimited access to the shared desk and conference rooms worth $100. So if you’re new in town and need a shared office space where you can create networks as well this is the perfect place to be. This membership is designed to perfectly address your needs.

Dedicated Desk: Hate the hassle of finding a desk each time you walk in? You can get a desk just for yourself in the shared work hub area at just $250 per month. With this membership, you’ll also get 24 hours access as well along with meeting room access worth $100.

Private Office: You can also rent a completely secured and customized private office cabins for you and your team. The Worksuites Dallas have arrangments to accommodate both small and large teams as well in their private offices. You can choose either an Inclusive or semi-inclusive private office here. In an inclusive coworking space, you’ll get extra special facilities such as cloud backup, call answering screening, free document printing, etc. 

  • Small Office: If you have a small team of 2-3 friends who would like to sit and work together in a private cabin, small offices can be perfect. The prices for a semi-inclusive small office ranges from $375-450. Further, if you want to rent an inclusive area you’ll have to pay around $540 to $690.
  • Medium Office: This coworking hub has around 1-3 desk so its ideal if you have a small team who love working in a peaceful and private environment. The semi-inclusive prices range from $395 to $1295. Further, if you need an inclusive medium-sized area for office the prices will range from $545 to $1445.
  • Large Office: The Large offices at Worksuites Dallas have nearly 1-6 desk and is ideal for larger companies. The rent of semi-inclusive offices range from $525 to $2815 and the price range for an inclusive one is from $675 to $2965.
  • Team Rooms: If you need an office that is perfect for a relatively larger team you can rent a Team room. These offices have approximately 20 plus desks and prices vary according to the desks you need.

Meeting rooms

Worksuites Dallas coworking will give you access to all the meeting rooms for conducting Training, conferences, and interviews as well. Moreover, these rooms are equipped with high-speed WiFi and A/V equipment as well. There are a number of rooms available here to choose from according to the people you are having on board.

  • Conference Room: To conduct a meeting or an interview you can get a conference room here at just $30 per hour. These rooms are well equipped with high-speed WiFi, whiteboards and A/V equipment as well for catering to your needs. 
  • Training Room: If you are looking for a place where you can conduct training then renting a training room here would be perfect. You can rent a training room here at just $300.
  • Video Conference Room: Need a room equipped with efficient equipment to conduct skype meetings or conferences? you can rent a video conference room here at just $175 per hour.
  • Office for a day: To conduct team meetings and employees get together or guest events you can rent a meeting room at just $75 per day. 

Virtual Office Membership

If you need a professional mailing address along with professional tele-calling services then you can get a virtual membership as well. Moreover, the starter coworking plan is also included in them. 

    • Business Address: You can get a professional business address at any of the Worksuites Dallas locations at just $49 per month.
    • Business Phone: You can get professional telephonic services at Work Suites at just $79 per month. Their friendly and professional receptionists can aid you in handling clients and customers as well. 
    • Business Adress+Phone: You can access to both the business address and telephonic services at just $119
    • Business Adress+Phone +Meeting Rooms: You can get meeting room access along with the business address and phone at just $179.

Locations and Contact of Worksuites Dallas

The Work Suites have a total of eight locations in Dallas. All of them are easy to access and provide flexible membership choices. These locations are mostly at close proximity to cafes restaurants and markets and are accessible through bus and metro as well.

  1. Galleria Tower Three: Now you can get a coworking desk at the prestigious Galleria tower three as well. You can reach this location at 13155 Noel Road, Suite 900 in Dallas. This coworking location has a professional feel to it along with the friendly atmosphere as well.
  2. Galleria Tower One: You can also opt for the recently renovated office space as well. This amenity-rich building can give you a perfect opportunity along with accessibility as well. You can reach this shared space at 13355 Noel Road, Suite 1100.
  3. McKinney Avenue: The Work Suites have a two-floored space for coworking at this Uptown location. You can reach this location at 3131 McKinney Ave, Suite 600. Further, this coworking office is just three blocks away from Katy Trail and is a mile away from downtown Dallas as well.
  4. Worksuites Lake Highlands: This is a three-floored coworking facility located at Meadow Park Office Tower. Further, this location is just two miles away from Northpark Mall and the Shops at Park Lane. The location of this shared office space is 10440 N Central Expressway, Suite 800.
  5. Greenville Avenue: The shared office of Work Suites at Greenville Avenue is located at One Energy Square which us one of the Dallas high in demand office complexes. This location is located at the south of Lovers Lane and is also at close proximity to major hubs of the city. You can reach Work Suite’s Greenville Avenue location at 4925 Greenville Avenue, Suite 200.
  6. West LBJ freeway: The coworking space at West LBJ location is located on the 12th floor of Element towers. You can reach this location at 3010 LBJ Freeway, Suite 1200.
  7. Worksuites Mockingbird station: The coworking office at Mockingbird Station location is on the fifth floor of the newly renovated office tower. You can reach this location at 6060 N Central Expressway, Suite 500.
  8. Cole Avenue: This location is the latest uptown location of WorkSuit Dallas. You can reach this amazing coworking space at 2626 Cole Avenue, Suite 300.

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At Worksuites Dallas you will get much more than just an office desk. With flexible prices and amazing community support, you’ll have access to an amazing workspace here. Moreover, with their amazing and professional staff support, you’ll always have a helping hand as well. Also, with their multiple locations, you’ll surely find a Worksite coworking space at a neighborhood location as well.

Therefore, whenever you walk into a Worksuites Dallas coworking space to you’ll have access to unlimited opportunity. Moreover, with their startup centered community structure, it is an amazing space for you to thrive and grow as well. So book a seat and start coworking with Work Suites, your startup will surely thrive with their community support and guidance.

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