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Resting in the neighborhood of the best city in the world, the Farm Soho offers you a nurturing habitat for your professional work. Ideal for both startups and businesses, the fresh environment of this awesome workplace helps you explore your mind and bring the best out of it. Crafted with unique creativity and intelligence, The Farm helps in eliminating the old and boring office culture. Moreover, the perfect blend of a great ambiance along with the natural lighting through the wall-sized glass generates motivation and freshness for you. It’s a fortress of both energy and encouragement.

On top of everything, the Farm Soho is equipped with all the necessary amenities that will serve you in the best way and make you feel like home. Along with this, the diversity of this place will offer a lot of networking opportunities with people while learning new things every day. All these incredible factors make this coworking space one of the best among all in NYC. Don’t lose the grip, go ahead, and read some more amazing facts about the place. You will love it!

Provisions at the Farm Soho

Equipped with world-class facilities, The Farm Soho offers takes care of everything you might need. 

  • Communication and Connectivity: The farm coworking space in Soho has state of the art amenities that will never put a delay in your work. The facility is equipped with high-speed internet along with intercom and telephones that maintain uninterrupted connectivity between you and your crew. 
  • Accessibility: This coworking place has 24 hours of secure access, which will be after activation. In addition to this, some of the membership plans of the facility also provide special access to the conference or meeting rooms that will be highlighted further.
  • Office Supplies: Fully stocked with all the necessary office supplies, they will never let you run out of ink. 
  • Audio-Visual Aids: Do you want to hold a video session? No need to worry, The Farm has got you covered with advanced devices like projectors, wall-mounted speakers, two microphones and television. You can use them to present your work more engagingly.
  • Pet-Friendly: The unique facility that The Farm offers you is the permission to bring pets.
  • Elevator: The infrastructure of the Farm Soho includes a back-of-house and front-of-house elevator for convenient access.
  • Electronic gadgets: The coworking place has the availability of printers and scanners on site.
  • Non-cooking kitchen: The place is equipped with two refrigerators with freezers along with a large sink and microwave. Moreover, to keep you fresh and focused on your work,  the facility of tea, coffee, and filtered water is also provided.
  • Furniture: The coworking space has excellent ergonomic furniture that is both attractive and comfortable. You will definitely gonna enjoy working here.
  • Event Venue: The Farm Soho also provides specific spaces for hosting social and corporate events. The lounge, bleachers, and rooftop spots of the space can be used for corporate parties, intimate gatherings, discussions, and casual meetings.
  • DJ and Phone booths: The event venues in the coworking space also features sound-canceling phone booths and lofted DJ booth.
  • Indoor plants: Indoor plants are the members of every spot in this coworking space. They help in reducing stress and increasing your productivity while working.
  • Lockers and Storage: The Soho coworking space offers lockers to dedicated members for storing your valuable items.
  • Mail and Packages: You also get the facility to receive your offline mails and packages at the Farm coworking space. Moreover, it will also add convenience to your working regime.

The Farm Soho

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Social and Corporate Events at The Farm Soho

The Farm Soho coworking space NYC stands out from other coworking spaces in a unique manner. It features spaces like Main Event Venue, The Lounge, Bleachers, and the Rooftop. These special spaces in the coworking facility are best for hosting your corporate event or personal events. Let me take you on a short tour of these places:

The Farm Rooftop: The spacious 2300 square feet area offers a distinctive view of the New York Skyline. Packed with facilities like Wifi, AV System, and much more rooftop venue is best for hosting corporate networking events, intimate social gatherings, photoshoot or filming sessions, etc. Great places have great prices; hence, you can get this capacious and awesome space at $500/hour for weekdays and $650hour for weekends.

Bleachers: Best fit for classroom discussions and casual meetings, this place has a capacity of 12 people. Beautifully crafted with lush greenery near the windows, the view of the space is remarkable. Additionally, the other perks that come with this space are Wifi, printer, and scanner, along with beverages like coffee and tea. Get all these awesome features at a rate of $150/hour

Main Event Venue: The state of the rustic art furniture, high ceiling, along with panoramic windows, offers an awesome space for family gathering or reception. Along with this, you also get access to the AV system for sharing short videos, Lofted DJ booth for music, and dimmable light for creating the event atmosphere. All these amazing features are available at an affordable price of $350/hour at the Farm Soho.

The Lounge: This is a small area of around 280 square feet that comes as an extension to the main event venue. The place is best for a bar, catering, or breakout sessions. It is available for use at $150/hour.

Membership Plans

Coming on to the membership at this stunning coworking space, the Farm offers you affordable membership plans that are curated to help you focus only on your work. The membership plans of this coworking space are classified into five categories. They vary in case of both price and accommodation. The Farm coworking space also offers occasional discounts on their plans. Let’s dig a bit deeper into the specifications of the membership plans.

Day Pass: This one day pass for using the Farm Soho coworking space is valid for only 24 hours after the activation. It is available at an affordable rate of $29/day. In addition to this, it offers you full access to space for the date you choose. You can opt for purchasing seven passes at 120 USD and make a saving of almost 90 dollars. Buying 30 passes at 350 USD will save you even more, isn’t that great? This facility of one day pass is available only at the Soho location. It is not a part of the Soho East and Nomad location membership plans.

Hot Desk: The second in the list of memberships is the Hot Desk Membership plan. This plan promises you a seat in the shared working area. The plan is available at a reasonable price of $199/month and requires a commitment of a minimum of 3 months. Along with the seat, you also get access to the conference room for 4 hours per month. The Hot Desk plan is only available at the Soho location.

Dedicated Desk: This membership plan is ideal for those who want to avoid the hassle of finding a seat every day. In this plan, you get a dedicated set at a certain spot in the Farm Soho coworking space along with lockers for storing your valuables. Along with this, the plan also includes access to the conference room for 4 hours in a month. All of these attractive offers come at a reasonable price of $349 per month. The Soho location includes this plan. In contrast to this, it is not a part of the Soho East and Nomad area branches.

Private Offices: The Private office membership plan is best for a team of 3-10 people. In this plan, you get a private space for yourself and your crew. The pricing of the plan varies based on the requirements and space allocated. This membership option provides you unlimited usage of the conference room along with access to the courtyard and rooftop. The prices of the private offices are $2750 per month for 3-4 people, $3750 per month for six people, and $4500 per month for 6-8 people. In addition to this, these prices are for the Soho East location. The pricing information varies for the Nomad location, which is $3000 for four people, $4000 for six people, and $6000 for 8-10 people.

Customized Full-Floor Office: The last in the list of the Farm Soho pricing is the customized full-floor office. This office space does not have any fixed price, as it will vary on your preferences and necessities. Moreover, this membership is only available at the East Soho and Nomad locations. You get an open space of 2000 square feet that can adjust up to 45 individuals.

Location and Contact

The Farm Soho is empowering young entrepreneurs by serving at three locations in the Soho area. Two of these locations lie on Broadway Street, and one is on Grand Street. 

Soho: This coworking space is at 447 Broadway, 2nd Floor. You will have full convenience as the place is within walking distance to restaurants, ATMs, bus terminals, and subway lines. In addition to this, there are many eating spots nearby like Ig Abot sa Gabie, Dunkin Donuts and others. The space is also nearby to different market places like The Market NYC, Materia Designs, etc where you can go and shop after work. If you use a car for traveling, there are many parking spaces nearby the Farm Soho.

East Soho: The Farm East Soho location of the coworking space is 188 Grand Street, 2nd & 3rd Floors. It is just a few blocks north of Canal Street. The location is easily accessible by a number of subway lines and is at a walking distance from B, D, F, M subway lines. Moreover, you can also avail free parking after 6 PM or on weekends on the street. Although, if that doesn’t suit you, you can park your vehicle at  Edison Park Fast located at 174 Centre Street.

Nomad: The Farm Nomad resides is at 1178 Broadway, 2nd & 3rd Floors. It is pretty close to various eating spots like The Breslin, Made Nice, NoMad, Ulivo, and many more. On the other hand, it is pretty easy to get there as most of the subway stations are in a 1.5-mile radius. If you are coming by car, the nearest parking spot is just 0.5 miles away at Icon Parking. 

Email: [email protected].



Well, after going through all of the information mentioned above about the Farm Soho, I bet you won’t be having a reason to say no. With time, the way of working is changing, and so has the infrastructure. Moreover, people have fresh thinking about the workplace and facilities that they want there. This is the primary motive of this coworking space while offering you a well-furnished place to sit and work.

Additionally, it also offers you the opportunity to connect with businessmen, industrialists, freelancers, etc. and clearly understand their vision. All these perks will help in the growth of both you and your professional career. Additionally, the unique and creative environment of the Farm Soho will always encourage you to work harder for your future.

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