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WeWork Transbay comes under an American based real estate company, WeWork, which is successfully providing coworking space to about 600,000 people in over 836 different locations. This coworking space in San Francisco was established in the year 2010 in Soho, New York. Since then, it has been gaining massive popularity in renting shared office spaces to different small-scale startups, freelancers, and big companies as well.  

This coworking space is located on the 14th floor of a 27 story building in San Francisco. The towering glass space has beautiful views of the bay, which makes it one of the most desired locations in the city. WeWork Transbay provides the members with unmatched amenities, including locker rooms and a meditation room as well. No wonder why the company has become a prominent name in the coworking industry!

Various businesses that have taken space in WeWork at its Transbay address belong to different niches such as healthcare, law, media, and banking. It has an easy commute due to the proximity of Montgomery Street Bart Station and Caltrain stop. You can fight your mid-work cravings from the different restaurants surrounding it. Furthermore, it is an excellent choice if you are looking for a flexible membership and a comfortable space to work with innovative and brilliant minds. 

Perks at WeWork Transbay

WeWork Transbay is a world full of opportunities for people who are innovative and have a zeal to go beyond their comfort zone. Not everybody can work in an environment full of people belonging to different work cultures and mindsets. So, if you are wondering what WeWork has to offer you, here are some of the points.

  • Bike Storage: Several people prefer commuting to work through a bike. Therefore, with the bike storage service, you can easily store your bike and keep it safe in the building itself. 
  • High-Speed Wifi: An internet connection is the supreme need of any company. You will find high-speed wifi and an ethernet connection at WeWork Transbay along with IT support to work without any hindrance. 
  • Professional and Social Events: To build a nurturing work environment for your team, you will find this coworking space flexible to hold various professional events. 
  • Common Areas and Chill Zones: Don’t get any ideas while sitting in a 4*4 cubicle? Get out of it immediately! Since this impressive coworking space has comfortable lounge areas that are accessed by other people as well, you will find yourself becoming more productive each day. After all, interacting with people belonging to different work cultures is bound to bring in a more creative approach in your work.
  • Office Supplies: The workspace is well equipped with all the office supplies, paper shredders, and high-class printers. From sticky-notes to staple pins, everything is taken care of.
  • Complimentary Refreshments: Need an extra dose of coffee before the big presentation? WeWork Transbay has you covered! You will also find refreshing fruit water and tea to start your day with a bang!
  • Wellness Room: This lockable little room is all you need if you are looking for a peaceful place to meditate. Nursing mothers can use this place to feed their little ones. You can also pray here without any disturbance.
  • Cleaning Service: A neat and tidy office space helps you become more productive. They provide you with the best cleaning services to make sure you never get distracted by the mess around you. 
  • Onsite Staff: For the best in class coworking experience, the onsite staff is always on your side to assist you so that you can work efficiently. 
  • Phone Booth: Need to make an urgent call? The private phone booths are here to help you connect with people without any interference.
  • Meeting Rooms: Whether your team needs encouragement or a good scolding, the meeting rooms are always available at your disposal. Also, you will find projectors and speakers so that everyone in the meeting is on the same page 
  • Accessible Transit: WeWork Transbay is located in one of the most accessible areas in San Francisco. You can commute easily via Montgomery Station. Besides, Highway 80 is also nearby. You will also find a ferry building at a fifteen-minute walk. 
  • Game Room: Take a little time off from your busy schedule and chill in the game room. In addition to this, you can also take some time off and read a book in the common area. 
  • Meeting Booth: Small meeting booths are an excellent option for a quick one to one session. Also, you can take interviews here without any distractions. 
  • Wellness-Wednesday: Want to get rid of the mid-week pressure? Let’s welcome Wellness-Wednesday! Not only you will feel relaxed but will also move towards the rest of the week with stability and calmness. From massage to mindfulness, you will find everything here.
  • Well-Stocked Kitchen: A well-stocked kitchen with yummy food is all that an employee craves for. Therefore, the kitchen at WeWork Transbay offers food and beverage so that you get rid of the hunger pangs. 

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Membership Plans

The membership plans at WeWork Transbay are very flexible. You can choose from a private office or an open desk and do your work with ease. Read along to know more about the membership plans. 

Private Offices

The private office membership is for those people who prefer silence and work well in an office-like atmosphere. At Transbay based WeWork, you can get several options while looking for a private office. You can accommodate a team of one person to a group of five hundred people in a private office with categories such as office suites and headquarters. The offices are provided to you according to your requirements. However, you will find different prices in each category. For instance, if you need a one-seater private office, you will have to pay $1280 a month. Therefore, the prices vary depending on the number of team members. For more details, contact the team members at the workspace.

Hot Desks

People who prefer to work in a more chilled out atmosphere are welcome here! Choose from several open spaces to sit and start with your daily tasks at just $600 a month! With the hot desk membership at WeWork Transbay, you can work with access to different amenities of that particular space. 

Location and Contact

Location is the primary concern of any person while looking for a comfortable place to work. You can find WeWork in Transbay at 535 Mission St, 14th Floor. It is conveniently located close to various restaurants, public transits and also features on-site parking. WeWork’s Transbay address is a great choice if you are looking for a place that has a beautiful view of the bay.

Website: https://www.wework.com/

Contact WeWork at [email protected].


WeWork Transbay is undoubtedly one of the most innovative coworking spaces you can find in San Francisco. With different membership plans, you can accommodate your whole team, which will surely feel like home while working here.  

If you are a freelancer and wish to work at your convenience, then this place is all you need. It is easy to commute to and from the workspace and also offers multiple amenities like the internet, game zone, and lounge area. If you are looking for an all in one workspace for your team or even yourself in the San Francisco Bay area, then WeWork Transbay should be on top of your priority list! Trust me, and you won’t be disappointed!

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