6 Amazing Coworking & Shared Office Spaces in McKinney

McKinney is a city full of surprises. The historic town north of Dallas has a ton to offer to its residents and visitors; from charming downtown streets and restaurants to coworking spaces, McKinney is like no other.

If you’re a business traveler and need a space to host a meeting or a remote worker who’s fed up with working from home, McKinney has got you covered. These spaces are built to support a collaborative and creative environment that helps you do your work. Moreover, they will provide you with ample opportunity to meet and collaborate with new people.

So, if you’re searching for a growth-oriented shared office space in McKinney, check out the options provided in this article.

Coworking Spaces in McKinney

Following are some of the best coworking options you’ll get in this beautiful city.

1. Premier Workspaces – Coworking & Office Space

Premier coworking space in McKinney

McKinney is one of the fastest-growing communities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and it’s a fantastic location to start a business. If you want to be a part of this growth, you need to be in the right coworking space. And that’s where Premier Workspaces comes in. Located in Robinson Park, this center offers a variety of workspace solutions, from private offices and meeting rooms to coworking spaces and virtual office plans. Moreover, the building and ambiance are modern and sleek, with plenty of natural light and views of the surrounding cityscape. 

In terms of amenities, you’ll have access to a business lounge, kitchen facilities, and administrative support staff. Plus, there are plenty of nearby restaurants and shops for your convenience. Further, you can also opt for their professional address and mail collection services. There’s a modern kitchenette with a refrigerator and a coffee machine. You can also use the business lounge to take a break from work or collaborate with coworkers. Additionally, you get support from their administrative staff, who are always willing to help you with your queries.

Pricing: This coworking space in McKinney offers a variety of memberships to its customers. They offer Private offices, Virtual offices, Meeting rooms, and Day offices. They also offer a membership that provides access to all Premier Workspaces locations around the U.S. Also, you can contact them via their website or phone to get exact pricing details.

Location: 5900 S Lake Forest Dr Suite 300, McKinney, TX 75070

Phone: (469) 342-8700

2. Common Desk Coworking Space McKinney

If you are exhausted from working from home and want to experience a more social environment, Common Desk is the right space for you. Common Desk’s mission is to provide innovative coworking and office environments that include customizable membership options for all sorts of professionals. They believe that working in an open environment can help remove the feeling of loneliness from the remote working culture. Moreover, it also offers the opportunity to network and grow as a professional.

Amenities-wise, you have access to freaky-fast WiFi, kitchen facilities, business-grade printers, and more. You can also make use of their community manager, who can help connect you with the right people. Further, you can take a break or collaborate with other professionals in plenty of common areas. Common Desk also hosts regular events, so you can socialize and network with like-minded individuals. A key feature of Common Desk coworking space McKinney is that they have their own coffee brand by the name Fiction Coffee. So, you can energize yourself with a cup of joe while working.

Pricing: Common Desk offers various membership plans depending on your needs. You can opt for a Shared Desk membership, which starts at $299 per month. There’s also a Shared Plus membership that provides access to the office and costs $399 per month. If you need a dedicated desk, prices start at $450 per month. Further, Virtual Mailbox, Student Discount, Team Pass, and Common Pass cost $50, $75, $350, and $150 per month. Other options are Private Offices and Office Suites, whose prices vary according to the locations.

Location: 300 Davis St, McKinney, TX 75069

Phone: (214) 216-6913


3. Caddo Office Reimagined – McKinney Coworking Space

Caddo coworking space in McKinney

Coworking spaces are gradually becoming the future of hybrid work environments, and Caddo understands this changing need. Caddo has a very different take on shared spaces and their environment. They believe in the idea of “Office Reimagined,” which is based on the concept of offering private offices, meeting rooms, and open working areas that everyone can access. The space is designed to promote collaboration and creativity.

The space offers high-speed internet, free surface-level parking, kitchen facilities, and more. You also get access to their business support services, which can help you with your queries. Additionally, there are plenty of open common areas where you can take a break or collaborate with other professionals. The coworking space in MacKinney is also equipped with Keurig coffee machines and water filters. There are high-security cameras installed throughout the space for your safety.

Pricing: At Caddo coworking space in McKinney, you can opt for a day pass that costs $60, $50, and $55 for single-day, 8-day, and 5-day packages, respectively. There’s a coworking membership that’ll cost you $225 per month. Lastly, they have private offices that start at $599 per month.

Location: 6401 Eldorado Pkwy, McKinney, TX 75070

Phone: (214) 620-2020


4. Serendipity Labs Flexible Office Space & Coworking

Serendipity Labs is a North Texas coworking space that gives you the freedom to work how and when you want in a professional environment. Its McKinney Craig Ranch location is conveniently located in HUB 121 at SH 121 and Alma Drive. They offer short and long-term memberships for options like drop-in coworking and virtual office spaces. This space provides ergonomic furniture that helps increase productivity. Additionally, it’s an open design space with lots of natural light. There is also artificial lighting in case you want to avoid glare.

The amenities of this coworking space in McKinney include access to business-grade printers, training rooms, a wellness lounge, conference rooms, and more. The space is equipped with high-speed internet and kitchen facilities and has ample parking for your convenience. Additionally, this space offers secure printing capabilities, guest reception & concierge services, experienced full-service hospitality staff, and complimentary access to all hosted networking and virtual LINC events.

Pricing: They offer Dedicate Workspaces under which you have a Dedicated Desk for $499 per person per month. Next are Private Offices and Team Rooms, which cost $599 and $550 per desk per month, respectively. If you’re interested in drop-in plans, pick from a 1-day Coworking Pass at $49 per person, 1-day Private office at $69 per person, and Monthly Access at $299 per person. Furthermore, they have a Virtual Office plan for $88 per month.

Location: 7540 TX-121 Suite 200, McKinney, TX 75070

Phone: (972) 992-1358


5. Collab 360 McKinney

coworking space in McKinney image

There are a lot of drawbacks to working from home, and to solve that, Collab 360 offers a professional shared space in McKinney, among a very supportive community. You can work, learn, and grow with other like-minded individuals here. Additionally, the modern touch with high-class facilities and services helps you stay productive throughout the day. At this space, you get flexible work hours and affordable membership plans.

The space offers comprehensive amenities like business-grade internet, ergonomic furniture, print & copy services, conference rooms, a kitchen area, and more. You also get access to their community portal, which allows you to connect with other professionals in the area. Further, you can benefit from the growth-oriented workshops and webinars they offer on various business topics.

Pricing: The plans offered by Collab 360 coworking McKinney are very flexible and are designed to meet your specific needs. You can opt for Private Offices, Shared desks or office spaces, Conference rooms, and Event spaces. However, the pricing details are available on request so that you can contact them directly. Finally, there’s also an option for monthly membership where you can choose a Dedicated desk and Private office at $375 and $999 per month.

Location: 8751 Collin McKinney Pkwy STE 1102, McKinney, TX 75070

Phone: (469) 631-0244


6. Lucid Private Offices McKinney

Coworking Space McKinney-Lucid Private Offices

If you are exhausted from working from home and want an inspiring and lively environment to fulfil your business pursuits, Lucid Private Office is a suitable space for you. Their exceptional workspace is designed with ample natural light and comfortable furniture, resulting in a well-lit and pleasant environment that promotes productivity. From tables and walls to the lights and artwork, you will experience modern and stylish interior design at every corner of Lucid Private Office in McKinney.

This workspace offers all the necessary amenities to facilitate your work effectively. Their in-house amenities include high-speed internet, unlimited access to coffee, a refreshing common area, well-furnished conference rooms, on-site IT support, and many more. Moreover, the front desk staff provides attentive assistance and is readily available to address any inquiries or concerns you may have. What’s great about being a member here is its prime location, which offers convenient proximity to a variety of eating outlets, fitness centers, airport, and roadways connectivity.

Pricing: Lucid Private Offices offers three levels of membership plans to cater to your specific needs and preferences. Level One, priced at $275/month, includes unlimited hot desk use, one day/week of private office use, and one hour/week of conference room time. Level Two will cost you $350/month, which includes two additional days per week of private office use and all the facilities provided in Level One. You can avail of Level Three, priced at $425/month, which provides three days/week of private office use.

Location: 7300 TX-121 Ste 300, McKinney, TX 75070, United States

Phone: (888) 445-9675



If you choose a coworking space in McKinney from the above-given list, you won’t be disappointed. All the spaces are equipped with modern facilities and services that help you stay productive throughout the day. Make sure to pick a space that best suits your needs and budget. Also, don’t forget to check the membership plans before making a final decision.

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