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The Office Berkeley is a great coworking facility that has endless opportunities in store for you. Whether you are a freelancer struggling to settle in or a well-established startup company, you will find here all that you need. Being set up in a great location, the work center provides an ideal work environment. Not only this but also the vibrant community of talented people are ready to help you as you achieve your goals. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? This presents you with the chance to form new connections and grow your network. Moreover, you will not get these benefits at your home or a local cafeteria. Think about it!

Let’s take a look at the awesome facilities you will have access to at the workspace. First and foremost, the long list of amenities available at your disposal will act as a major convenience. You will not have to worry about menial things like printing your documents anymore! In case you do not like to work in a shared space, you can opt for other options. For instance, the well-contained offices are a great alternative. Additionally, the communal events at the center will aid your personal growth. All that you are looking for in a workspace is available at the Office Berkeley.

Amenities offered by The Office Berkeley

  • Super Speed Wifi: Stay connected always with your peers and clients by using high-speed internet at the Office Berkeley. This implies you do not have to worry about getting your own internet connection. Superb!
  • Conference Rooms: Need a professional space to conduct an important meeting? Well, this center provides fully equipped conference rooms just for you!
  • Printing Services: Why to go out for tasks as small as getting your documents printed! The Office Berkeley provides you with efficient printers and scanners.
  • Free Coffee: Stay fresh always with a warm cup of coffee whenever the urge strikes.
  • 24/7 access: You can access the workspace whenever you feel like it and work however you want to. But it only applies to full-time members.
  • Bike Storage: The Office Berkeley also offers bike storage facilities for your convenience.
  • Reception services: A professional team is always available at the reception to help you in case you need anything
  • Phone booths: Want to make an important call? Well, you can make your calls at the private phone booths of the center without facing any intrusion.
  • Healthy snacks: To keep the hunger pangs at bay, you can help yourself with healthy snacks. Good food is important for better deliverance at work!


The Office Berkeley






The Office Berkeley Membership Plans

Berkeley Local: If you are a freelancer who does not require a full-time workspace then have a look at this option. Under this program, you will be given access to the work center for 5 days a month. So, you can visit the workstation anytime between 9 am to 5 pm and get to work. And there’s more! You can enjoy free coffee and internet which is definitely a major convenience at the Office Berkeley. The cost of availing this option is $99/month.

Hot Desk Cafe: Are you looking for a fun and comfy cafe-like space that allows you to work in a flexible manner? Then the coworking space with cafe seating at the Office Berkeley will surely win your heart. They have round desks, with colorful chairs of bright pastel shades and some designer couches. All in all this space will not bore you. Plus the wide street front windows bring in plenty of fresh light. And while this membership ensures you a desk space but not any particular seat. Thus on each visit to this coworking cafe, you will have to find yourself a vacant desk. Plus, you will get many opportunities to meet and connect with new people from the same or different fields. You can get 24/7 access to the Office Berkeley’s coworking cafe for the price of $250 per month.

Dedicated Desk: How would you like the idea of having a desk exclusively for yourself at the Office Berkeley? Well, you can hire a permanent spot and save yourself from the tedious routine of carrying your things around. In other words, you can customize your space according to your taste and leave behind your work materials. Also, with the advantage of 24/7 access, you can work whenever you feel like it. How much will it cost you? Well, it will be all covered in just $275/month.

Upgraded Desk: For those who want the best of both worlds, the Office Berkeley provides the option of upgraded desks. Further, this plan allows you to enjoy the bustling atmosphere of the coworking environment. But at the time of crazy deadlines, you can opt to work in seclusion so that you are able to achieve your goal. The membership price of this plan is $375/month.

Private Office: For a team of two to five, the Office Berkeley has come up with a great workspace option. This includes spacious offices surrounded by glass doors so that you always feel a part of the community. They have a total of sixteen offices in the center which are tailored to meet your professional requirements. Moreover, the modern interiors of the office space will help you stay motivated and procure more productive results. The cost of this option is $1300/month.

Virtual Office: The benefits of a coworking space are not confined to those physically present at this location. That is because by availing a virtual office package, you can have the perk of a great office address. Yes, you can use the Office Berkeley’s Addison Street address as your address. That too everywhere from your business website, cards, marketing material, etc. You can also drop in for a day in case you need anything. All this is available at a price of $50/month.

Other options: Apart from the options mentioned above, there are other workplace solutions for you at the Office Berkeley. This includes a day pass for a price of $25/day. Or you can work on an hourly basis at a price of $7/hour. Additionally, you can avail the conference rooms at a minimal cost of $50/hour.

The Office Berkeley Location and Contact

Berkeley – The Office

Address: 1935 Addison St Suite A, Berkeley, CA 94704, USA


Email: [email protected]

The workspace is located within the bustling Art district of Berkeley spread over an area of 6000 sq ft. Not to mention, the building of the Office Berkeley was designed by an award-winning architect. You will find spacious communal areas within the center. Also, in case you are a team, there is an availability of private offices as well. Apart from this, you can easily access the place as it is at a small distance from Downtown Berkeley Bart and  UC Berkeley. There is good news for all the foodies out there! You can find abundant restaurants in the nearby area. Other famous attractions include The Berkeley Repertory Theater, the Jazz Café, and the Freight & Salvage Playhouse. All these amazing facilities are available right at your doorstep!


One thing is pretty clear from all the inferences we have drawn about the Office Berkeley so far. It is a perfect workspace for budding as well as settled professionals. From exclusive workstations to great in-house amenities, you have plenty of options to choose from. Also, did I mention, that all the additional perks are complimentary? Yes, it is true! They will be covered in your membership plan. So, if you are a freelancer in need of a productive workspace, this is the place to be.

The Office Berkeley will provide you with endless opportunities to help you execute your ideas. Furthermore, if you need help to set up your venture, they can help you. How, you might ask? From funding to connecting with the big corporate giants, they have it all figured out for you. One thing is pretty clear which is you will have the time of your life at this wondrous coworking space. So, what are you waiting for? Take a tour and get yourself a spot!

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