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WeWork Seattle provides exclusive services to both budding startups and well-established companies. This Seattle coworking space has a unique design that inspires creativity and motivates creative thinkers to make the best use of their skills. Further, this space encourages young entrepreneurs to think out of the box and supports them in establishing their venture. Come to think of it for a while. If you are finding a place to work, rather than going for the option of a boring corporate office, you can choose a much exciting alternative. Yes! I am referring to this amazing shared workspace that will provide you a lot more than just a place to work. You will have numerous opportunities to develop and polish your skills. This ultimately accelerates the growth of your business.

Given the popularity of this workspace, a lot of big names are preferring to work here. And WeWork Seattle is no exception. This means you will be working alongside ambitious people who have big plans. Isn’t that great? This is all the exposure that your venture requires to skyrocket its development. Apart from that, this place has one of the best infrastructures and offers high-grade business facilities. Not to mention, there are a lot of benefits to working from here. You will find the solution to all your problems with the help of their well-defined work structure. Interested to find out more? Keep reading to discover all the great things about WeWork @ Seattle!

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WeWork Seattle Amenities

WeWork Seattle offers some of the best amenities that will surely make your work a lot easier. Furthermore, these additional benefits are free of cost and will be covered in your membership fee. So, you do not have to worry about paying bills unnecessarily as they will take care of everything. Given below is the list of amenities that this workspace has:

  • Superfast internet: The high-speed internet at WeWork Seattle will help you complete all your work on time. So, you do not have to worry about a bad network or any other thing as they will take care of everything. 
  • Onsite staff: If you need help with anything or got a query in mind, feel free to approach the dedicated staff at the center. They will make sure all your needs are fulfilled.
  • Coffee: Feeling tired after working for long hours? Well, take a coffee break and refresh your mind before resuming work. Not to mention, small breaks every once in a while helps in increasing productivity. 
  • Conference rooms: The conference rooms that have all the facilities important for conducting a professional meeting. So, give the best presentations and impress your clients with your skills. 
  • Printing facilities: The center also offers printing facilities within the workspace itself. Meaning, you do not have to tire yourself by going out to complete meager tasks. They have simplified everything for your convenience!
  • Community events: Connect with the like-minded individuals at the workspace and expand your network. Moreover, these events are quite informative and you will learn a lot during these sessions. 
  • Cleaning services: The workspace is always neat and clean so that you work in a healthy environment.  
  • Private phone booths: Got an important phone call to make? Well, this Seattle based coworking space harbors sound-proof phone booths where you can take care of all your private calls. They respect your privacy!
  • Relaxing area: The workspace has relaxing zones such as lounges where you can relax whenever you feel tired. So, take a break and rest for a while to recharge yourself.
  • Fruit Water: There is plenty of refreshing fruit water available at WeWork Seattle. Feeling exhausted? Gulp down a glass of fruit water and chill!

WeWork Seattle


Membership Plans at WeWork Seattle

The flexible pricing structure at WeWork Seattle has been intricately designed keeping in mind your work requirements. Moreover, each plan tends to the work requirements of individuals having a diverse background. 

Hot Desks: If you are a freelancer who works only for a few days a week, then hot desks are the right match for you. Why you may ask? Well, firstly you do not have to pay for the whole month as you will be charged only for the days you visit the center. Furthermore, you have the liberty to choose any desk of your liking every time you drop in for work. It also lets you work in different surroundings and find your favorite spot. WeWork Seattle has plenty of hot desk options available for you. The price of these desks varies based on the location of the workspace. Therefore, contact them directly to get all the information you need. 

Dedicated Desks: Dedicated desks at WeWork Seattle provide you a permanent work spot. That is to say, you will be allotted a specific desk where you can work on all your projects. Further, a great feature of this option is that you can store your work materials in the center itself. So, no need to carry the extra load when you can store it in a safe place. You can also customize your desk in whichever way you want just to add a homely touch. This plan is more suited for full-time professionals who work on a daily basis. Instead of renting a new desk every day, you can rent a permanent one for the whole month. It will be very convenient for you! The cost of availing this option is different for every location so please connect with them for more details regarding this. 

Private Offices: If you have a full-fledged team and need a private space exclusively then you should opt for a private office at WeWork Seattle. These offices are fully furnished and are equipped with all the basic facilities. Also, they offer offices of various sizes so that there is no problem with accommodation. Not to mention, these offices are totally secure and you do not have to worry about the safety of your work stuff. You will have a 24/7 access and can drop in whenever you feel like working. Again, the costs are different for every location and you can contact them directly to gather all the information regarding it. 

Locations and Contact

WeWork Seattle has a total of fifteen locations. Some of the important ones have been mentioned below while you can know about the others through their website. 

1201 3rd Ave

This location of WeWork Seattle is located in the Central Business District and is ideal for establishing your venture. Further, this address can win you many clients as you will be working alongside some of the biggest companies. The area has a lot of cafeterias and restaurants in addition to numerous entertainment venues. This means working from this place is going to be very exciting and fun. Also, you will be connected with the entire city as this place is linked with all the major transport routes. 

Address: 1201 3rd Avenue, Seattle, WA 98161

Westlake Tower

Westlake Tower is in the center of downtown Seattle and gives a direct view from Elliott Bay to the Cascade Mountains. The location could not be any more perfect as it connects with many transport routes. Moreover, this workspace is located on two floors of a 25 story building and has abundant facilities. You can park your car in the building itself as there is ample space available for parking. At a small distance from the center, you can locate the best food trucks in the entire city! This is a great location to work on your dreams.

Address: 1601 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101


This place in Seattle is situated amidst green areas, big markets, and beautiful restaurants. In short, you will get everything in a single place. From the window of your office, you can enjoy beautiful views while working. This WeWork Seattle has a strategic location which is extremely beneficial for your business. In addition to this, you can easily travel to and from the center as there are plenty of transport options at your disposal.

Address: 2401 Elliott Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121

Hawk Tower

In this location, WeWork Seattle is situated in a newly constructed building that has breathtaking views of the city. This is a very good business address as all the important action happens here. Further, the neighborhood is filled with creative startups and industries. You will derive many benefits if you plan to work here. Check out for yourself.

Address: 255 S King St Ste 800, Seattle, WA 98104

Website: https://www.wework.com/l/seattle–WA?capacity=1


WeWork Seattle facilitates some of the best facilities that will make you fall in love with the idea of work. Also, the city of Seattle has a promising future in the field of e-commerce, architecture, and biotechnology. By working here, you will surely succeed in your endeavors. Moreover, you can collaborate with fellow coworkers in case you are working on a group project. All in all, this coworking space in Seattle can help you achieve the impossible.

It is evident by now that WeWork Seattle forwards a long list of services that too at an affordable price range. They have a flexible leasing plan and makes it easy for a company to settle down. So, starting out right from the beginning is not scary anymore as you have their full support. Schedule a visit to the workspace and explore for yourself. You will have the best time of your life while working in this place. Happy coworking!

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