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Spaces San Mateo is a topnotch coworking space in the city. It has a warm and welcoming vibe, unlike the traditional office spaces. These office spaces are vibrant and spacious. Spaces is one of the most famous coworking space providers. It has many famous coworking spaces in various cities across the globe. Spaces is much more than just a coworking space for the individuals. It provides a big platform to the businesses here for collaboration and networking. Spaces provide coworking spaces for small to big business firms. These office spaces have flexible membership plans suiting various corporate needs. Also, coworking is an effective corporate trend that brings together businesses of the like. Such an office setting improves the productivity of the individuals and hence the growth of the business.

It has gained momentum rapidly in the past few years. These office spaces are preferred over the traditional glass cubicles. Spaces San Mateo provides a wide range of amenities for its coworking spaces. Find these office space amenities and facilities as listed below.

Spaces San Mateo Amenities and Perks Details

Spaces San Mateo provides top-notch amenities and services to the individuals working here. All the essentials are taken care of. These amenities and services are listed out below.

  • The coworking spaces here are fully furnished and fully serviced. These office spaces are flexible and considerably spacious.
  • Business-class scanning, printing and photocopying facilities are also available at this coworking space.
  • Many essential office supplies also remain fully stocked at this workspace, just in case.
  • High-quality coffee and tea are also available at Spaces San Mateo throughout the day. It keeps you going through your hectic and busy work schedule.
  • Also, finding a parking spot is also easy at Spaces. So, parking around here is a hassle-free experience.
  • Professional mail handling and mail packaging facilities are also available at this coworking space.
  • You can place local and international calls here at the private phone booths.
  • Onsite professional crew is readily available for your help at this coworking space. So you can seek guidance when you feel stuck.
  • A dedicated cleaning crew is also available at Spaces San Mateo. Therefore, these office spaces remain spick and span at all times.
  • The access to these office spaces is available for 24/7. You can drop by whenever you have work and get to business straight away.
  • Ergonomic furniture is also available at this coworking space. Hence the comfort of the employees is given due priority here.
  • Professionally equipped meeting cum conference rooms are also available at this workspace. All the high technology amenities are available here.
  • High-Speed Internet service is also available at Spaces San Mateo. This ensures a smooth and continuous workflow.
  • Spaces is a big coworking brand and hence enjoys a large global network. This is also beneficial for the businesses operating here.
  • The terms of operation at this coworking space are variably flexible. And you can also get the office spaces customized here as per your peculiar business needs.

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Membership Plans

Various membership plans are available at Spaces San Mateo for different kinds of coworking spaces. These price plans are mostly flexible and not rigid. The details of these price plans are given below.

Private Office: Small office spaces are the best option for startups and small businesses. However, large private offices are also available at this coworking space for big businesses. There is 24/7 access for these office spaces. A secure door lock feature is also available for the private offices here. Private offices of varying sizes are available at Spaces San Mateo. These office spaces are tailor-made and can be customized as per your business needs. Furthermore, you can also negotiate the terms of the contract as per your requirements. The rental prices for the private offices at these coworking spaces start from $1579. These price plans may vary depending upon the size of the office in question. Also, all the basic prerequisites are available under this membership plan.

Business Club: Business clubs are informal yet professional coworking spaces. At Spaces San Mateo, you can get access to these office spaces for 24/7. The membership price plan for these office spaces is $380 per month. Here all the essential amenities are available, be it high-speed internet or snacks and beverages. These business clubs are just perfect for having an informal meeting, brainstorming sessions or an interview.

Dedicated Desk: The dedicated desks are the private desks in a common area. You can customize this space as per your convenience. At Spaces San Mateo, you can rent out a dedicated desk on a monthly rental of $600. In this price plan, you get a lockable cabinet, a desk, and an ergonomic chair. Furthermore, high speed and secure internet facility are also available under this plan. These dedicated desk spaces are the best suitable for part-time workers and freelancers.

Meeting cum Conference Rooms: At Spaces San Mateo, you can book a meeting room even if you are a nonmember. Whiteboards and audiovisual equipment are also available at this workspace. Moreover, these office spaces have ergonomic furniture and all the high technology modern amenities. The rental prices for the meeting rooms depending upon the size of the room in question.

All-in-one Plan: Under this membership plan you get access to the shared office space. This office space is modern and stylish. All the necessary amenities are available here including high-speed internet, beverages, and snacks. The rental price for this membership plan starts from $350 per month. The prices will vary depending upon the amenities included.


Spaces San Mateo has two coworking spaces in the city. Both of these are located at the prime locations of San Mateo. These office spaces are flexible and vibrant. There are plenty of high-quality restaurants, cafes, and eateries around these office spaces. Also, there are many shopping centers around too for a quick getaway. Commuting around these spaces is a breeze with many nearby transport options available.

Menlo Park: This coworking space is located in the Silicon Valley right before the waterfront. There are many big business brands in and around this locality. Bedwell Bayfront Park is just a few steps away from here. You can enjoy a bike ride there in between hectic work hours for quick refreshments.

  • Address: 101 Jefferson Drive, 1st and 2nd floor, Silicon Valley, California 94025, United States of America
  • Contact: (650) 665-6100
  • Email: [email protected]

Clocktower: Spaces San Mateo has another location in the Downtown area of the city. There are many entertainment and retail industries around this coworking space. There are many eateries and recreation spots around here. Also, many transport options are easily available and thus commuting is also easy around here.

  • Address: 3 East Third Ave, San Mateo, California 94401, United States of America
  • Contact: (650) 781-1800
  • Email: [email protected]

Official Website:


Spaces San Mateo is a great option for coworking space in the city. It is one of the best coworking spaces in the area. It provides all the essential amenities for individuals and businesses operating here. The ergonomics are given due importance here and the interiors are as per the corporate standard. Spaces stands at par with the other coworking space competitors like Regus, WeWork, etc.

The coworking spaces here are top notch and have all the modern equipment and facilities. To get more information about the membership plans, visit their official website. Also, confirm the availability of these coworking spaces beforehand.

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