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Pacific Workplaces San Mateo is one of the finest coworking spaces in the city. They have a huge global presence. Pacific workplaces are not only a coworking space provider but a lot more than that. Their coworking spaces meet the needs of various kinds of businesses, be it large or small. They have many coworking spaces in different cities across many nations. It has years of professional expertise in the relative field. And this positively shows in the productivity and growth of the businesses working here

The services available at their office spaces are top notch and of high quality. These spaces are not confined to providing basic amenities. But also strive to make the work dynamics better with every passing day. Ever since the coming of coworking culture, the work has gotten better and the productivity has also improved. These office spaces provide a warm and welcoming environment for the businesses working here.

Pacific Workplaces San Mateo Amenities and Perks Details

There are many high-quality amenities and perks available at this coworking space. Pacific Workplaces San Mateo is one of the finest options when it comes to facilities and services. The detailed list of all the amenities and perks available at this coworking space is listed below.

  • Professional mail handling and mail packaging services are available at this coworking space.
  • Finding a parking spot around here is very easy and its also free. So parking at this office space is pretty hassle-free.
  • Multiple offices of varying sizes and with different amenities are available here.
  • The terms for the membership plans of these coworking spaces are variably flexible.
  • High-speed wifi is also available at all of these office spaces. This ensures the smooth and delay-free flow of work.
  • Furthermore, a charging station for electric vehicles is also available.
  • A personalized and professional telephone answering service is also available at Pacific Workplaces San Mateo.
  • The IT support crew at this coworking space is always available. You can avail of their expert help whenever you need it.
  • Receptionist and secretarial services are also available here. This adds a professional touch to your business.
  • The access to these office spaces is available for 24/7. You can drop by when you have work and get down to business right away.
  • Security cameras are also installed at this coworking space. Therefore, your security is also given due importance here.
  • At Pacific Workplaces San Mateo, business class printing, scanning and photocopying facility is also available.
  • The onsite high-quality deli is also available. So hunger is definitely not something making you drift away from work at this office space.
  • You can also find some food trucks here on a weekly basis for some more munching. Therefore, you do not have to travel a long distance if you wish to have some good snacking.
  • The interiors are modern here. High-quality technology is available at this coworking space. These spaces are fully equipped and fully serviced.
  • At Pacific Workplaces San Mateo, the comfort of the employees is a priority for them. Ergonomic chairs and tables are available here to ensure the comfort of the individuals working here.
  • Office supplies always remain stocked up at this space so that your work keeps on moving smoothly.
  • High-quality coffee is provided here throughout the day. It keeps you going actively through the day.
  • You can also find meeting and conference rooms at this coworking space.
  • A cleaning crew stays on duty throughout the day at this coworking space. Therefore, these spaces remain clean at all times throughout the day.

Pacific Workplaces San Mateo




Membership Plans at Pacific Workplaces San Mateo

There are various types of coworking spaces available at Pacific Workplaces San Mateo. The price plans for these office spaces are largely flexible. The details of the different membership plans available at this coworking space are mentioned below.

Private Offices: Private offices are available at this coworking space in the short term as well as long term leases. Their private offices are airy and spacious. There’s room for ample daylight in these spaces. In this membership plan, the professional receptionist and administrative support services are also available. Furthermore, professional phone answering, video conferencing, etc are also available in this price plan. Moreover, you can also access the conference and meeting rooms under this price plan. Private offices are the most suitable for entrepreneurs, startups and large businesses. You can also have great focus at work at these office spaces.

Virtual Offices: Virtual offices are the best option when you require a professional business address but not a dedicated space. Pacific Workplaces San Mateo provides virtual office facility with various amenities. In this price plan, you also get access to the daily offices and conference rooms. Also, professional mail handling and packaging and live telephone answering facilities are included under it. There are various price plans available for virtual offices at this office space. You can buy the mail plan and on-the-go virtual office price plans at $69 and $149 per month. Also, you can buy V-office and V-office plus price plans at $219 and $299 per month. While all of these price plans include all the essential amenities, a few more are included in V-office plus. For these, you get 24/7 access and color scanning/printing/photocopying services.

Meeting Rooms: Modern and fully equipped meeting rooms are available at Pacific Workplaces San Mateo. These office spaces are modern and have all the high technology amenities for the corporates. Some of the features of these meeting rooms are an electronic whiteboard, AppleTV, flat screen display, and conference phones. Furthermore, meeting rooms of different sizes are available at this coworking space.

Shared Workspaces: At Pacific Workplaces San Mateo, various other coworking spaces are also available. These include dedicated desks, hot desks and day pass. You can inquire further about them through their official website.

To know more about the membership plans of these coworking spaces, reach their official website.


Pacific Workplaces San Mateo

Pacific Workplaces San Mateo is located at the prime location of the city. There are many big business brands like Facebook, GoPro, and Sony located around this coworking space. Highways 101 and 92 are also easily accessible from here. There are a lot of eateries, cafes, and restaurants around this coworking space. Furthermore, the San Francisco airport is also eight miles away from Pacific Workplaces San Mateo. With major transport options available at a close distance, commuting is also a breeze here. During your time out, you can refresh your mind playing ping pong in their atrium courtyard. You can also work in this area as high-speed wifi is also available there.

Address: 1900 S Norfolk, Suite 350 San Mateo, CA 94403
Official Website:
Email: [email protected]
Contact: (650) 577-2300


Pacific Workplaces San Mateo is one of the best options for coworking space in the city. These coworking spaces are spacious and flexible. Various kinds of coworking spaces are available at this workspace. Their membership plans are also not rigid and variably customizable. Also, many professional and social events are held here from time to time. There’s a lot to learn from these events. Moreover, the large global network of Pacific Workplaces San Mateo is definitely a plus point. Hence there are better opportunities for growth and diversification here.

To know more about their office spaces and their membership plans mail them on their email address. Or you can also visit their official website.

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