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Hey! Are you tired of searching for a good workspace in Los Angeles? Just take a deep breath and type Breather. Breather Los Angeles is the place that you have been searching for months. They have a modern workspace that all belongs to you. You can rent it for hours, days and months. They are best in their terms as they have distraction-free spaces. You can work privately as well, far from the noisy and disturbing environment, as a peaceful mind gives beautiful ideas. You can also change up the space to suit any meeting, presentation, or workspace needs. The local Breather team will take care of setting things up. Isn’t that amazing?

Breather is working for you and your needs. That is why they do not have any hidden fees or long term commitments. You just have to pay only for the space that you need. Nothing more, nothing less. You do not have to worry about anything, you have your local Breather Los Angeles team that is always there to help you. Security matters a lot, hence each Breather space is secured with a keypad, accessible with a unique access code available only to you and your guests.

Resources at Breather In Los Angeles 

  • Hands-on help: Never hesitate to ask anything from us, we are available round the clock for your help. 
  • Internet and wifi: It is the most essential part. Los Angeles’s Breather has pretty good internet and wifi facility in all their spaces.
  • Transparent pricing: There is nothing like long term commitments or hidden fees. Pay for the space you need, not more not less. 
  • Whiteboard: Breather in Los Angeles has huge walls turned into whiteboards. So go on writing endlessly. You will be difficult to run out of space
  • Flexible floor plans: Change up the space to suit any meeting, presentation, or workspace needs. The Breather team will take care of everything.
  • Car parking and Bike Racks: You will get plenty of bike storage spaces too. There are many street parking spaces available to you.
  • Ensuite kitchenette: You also has a little kitchen space, where you can cook anything you want.
  • Ensuite bathroom: You do not need to go anywhere else, you have your private bathroom here.
  • Mini fridge: Got your food items with you, do not worry. You have your mini-fridge in Breather. 

Breather provides you such flexibility, no matter if it is for an hour or for a few days, or several months at a time. They have the place that is bright, airy, and full of natural light. They have also included individual workstations, phone booths and meeting rooms, storage space, wet pantries, and lounge areas.

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Breather In Los Angeles Membership Plans 

Everyone wants their private office to work silently without any distractions. Is it possible to own an office at a time when you are building your business? The solution for the same is Breather’s membership plans. You can have your own spaces without any kind of distractions. It’s the modern workspace, all to yourself, for hours, days or months. 

Hourly Membership 

If you are paying for a full day and you just have to work for some hours, then you are at the wrong working space. At Los Angeles’s Breather, you have the option to pay hourly. List for the hourly price is the following:

  • Figueroa Street: $165/hour
  • Fifth Street, Room 1: $67/hour      
  • Fifth Street, Room 2: $101/hour
  • Eighth Street, $151/hour

Day Pass 

Breather Los Angeles membership plans do not end with the hourly rate only, they also have the option of bookings for a day long. Isn’t it amazing? The office is all yours for a full day, you can plan meetings or presentations there. List for per day price is following. 

  • Figueroa Street: $1,320/day
  • 5th Street, Room 1: $536/day
  • 5th  Street, Room 2: $808/day
  • Downtown LA 8th St.: $1,208/day

Breather Los Angeles Locations in LA

Everyone wants to live or work in a location that gives peace and relaxation. That is why Breather is giving you the option to choose the best appropriate location according to your needs. Apart from Los Angeles, We have listed 4 Breather locations, choose the best one for your workspace.

Figueroa Street: This place covers the area of 1450 sq. ft. which is the largest among the four locations. You can also enjoy the view of the Ernst & Young Plaza which is a 534-foot (163 m) tall skyscraper in this area. The maximum number of seats here is 49. 

Fifth Street Room 1: There is no charge until you reserve your space. Explore today 601 West, sixth floor to book your space. The outside view from the building is amazing.             

Fifth Street, Room 2: This place has an area of 505 sq. ft. This place will surely impress the clients as it has a breathtaking lobby and polished interior. The skyline view outside totally complete with the architectural view inside. Explore 601 West, 6th floor to book your space.  

Eighth Street: This space is extra large in size with an area of 1050 sq. ft. it is specially designed for events and large group presentations. You can ask for the extra chairs also if needed. Furniture is very modular here so that it can be easily wheeled. For bookings visit Eighth Street, 3rd floor.

Email them at [email protected].


The Breather Los Angeles Experience

Every inch of Breather’s workspace is created by the Breather’s team of real estate, design, and operations experts. They ensure that you arrive at a space that is fully-equipped and primed for productivity. They have a mix of both, work tables and lounge seating which will surely make you will good while working. Breather also provides you with a spacious layout interior for your comfort and productivity.

End Your search for conference halls with Breather

Apart from the space for the work, Breather also provides you with a clean, modern space to host the events. They have a number of places across the city, choose the best one according to your requirements. Not only that, but you can also reserve coachings in any space. Every private space includes table seating, comfortable lounge furniture and plenty of natural light. The best thing is that you can also cancel your booking two hours before the event and you will have to pay Zero for that. Extremely amazing!


In a nutshell, there are a number of options that we have for the workspaces but at Breather Los Angeles you will find the space that is totally distraction-free, sunlit and fully air-conditioned. You’ll have your own private space, do whatever you want to. There are different locations and according to that, the prices vary for each location. Choose the most appropriate option for you and book your own workspace today, no matter if you are booking it for a day, a month or just for a few hours. Breather Los Angeles has all the solution regarding the same.

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