16 Awesome Coworking Spaces in Seattle with Perks & Prices (2021)

Seattle Coworking Spaces, with great amenities, locations, and memberships, is not as easy to discover as it may sound. Because Seattle, one of the fastest-growing cities in the US is a fertile ground for entrepreneurs and hence coworking. And the major reason behind this trend is the strong industrial foundation of this city. And for those who are unaware, many Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Amazon, and Starbucks have their bases in Seattle. So naturally, it’s a land of abundance for entrepreneurs to kick start their ventures. For which, they turn to coworking to meet their workspace requirements.

But how do you find the best coworking space in Seattle? Is it the price, location, or amenities that matter the most to you? Well, we don’t expect the same answers from all, as different people will have different preferences. Though it’s true that you must go through all the features of Seattle coworking spaces before moving in. So what we have compiled here is not just a list but a detailed one, including perks, prices, locations, etc.

Along with the spaces run by big brands, in addition to certain niches like tech, women-focused, maker spaces, etc. So without wasting much time, just have a thorough read. And by the end of it, you’ll have narrowed down to one or two spaces that you must visit yourself. Here you go!

Seattle’s Favorite Coworking Space

The Cloud Room


Conveniently housed inside the iconic Chophouse Row, the Cloud Room tops our list of Seattle coworking spaces. The exceptional architecture and furnishings of this place will treat you nothing less than a majestic entrepreneur. Plus, this women-owned space possesses a pleasant and collaborative coworking culture, that sparks enthusiasm even in the dullest of souls. Especially the vibe at the in-house bar has an infectious socializing factor. The Cloud Room Seattle will surely take you to cloud nine of your entrepreneurial dreams.

Perks: Pamper yourself with the many perks that the Cloud Room offers. Be comfortable on a standard desk, bar tables or the elegant lounges, you will have many options to choose from. And their large outdoor Patio is totally irresistible. You have been warned!

Prices: $35 day pass is all it needs for floaters to have a great productive day at the Cloud Room Seattle. While unlimited access to hot desks comes at the membership of $330 per month. Though the highest coworking package at this coworking paradise amounts to $600 each month. And there is plenty more for you to choose from.

Location: The Cloud Room is located on the 1424 11th Ave STE 400.

Contact: You may contact this coworking space Seattle at 206 739 9004. While their email id is [email protected], so you can also drop them a line anytime.

Website: https://www.cloudroomseattle.com

The Global Chain Seattle Coworking Spaces

WeWork Seattle


WeWork, rechristened as the We Company, is a global giant with locations spanning in all of Seattle. And all of them having eye-popping interiors that will make you come back to work each day. In fact, everything from the ceilings to the floor, walls to furniture are of premium quality and high on comfort. Especially the decor at its Bellevue coworking will steal our heart. And the same can said for their services. Don’t believe? Just visit any WeWork Seattle Corporate Office and see it for yourself.

Perks: WeWork Seattle coworking space has some great round the clock perks for members. These include super fast internet, mail handling, support staff. Not to the mention the locally crafted beverages which are the perfect concoctions to impress your clients or treat yourself.

Prices: WeWork pricing varies across different locations. Though the prices start from a minimum of $300 for hot desks and $500 for permanent ones per month. While WeWork Seattle offices have memberships for private offices too.

Locations: The city of Seattle is endowed with 15 WeWork locations. Of which 6 are either opening soon or just announced. The other WeWork Seattle HQs are at,

  • Hawk Tower, 255 S King St Ste 800
  • 925 and 1411 on the 4th Avenue
  • WeWork Westlake Tower, 1610 5th Avenue
  • 501 East Lake Ave E
  • Holyoke Building, 107 Spring Street
  • 500 Yale Avenue North
  • Bellevue Place, 800 Bellevue Way NE
  • Lincoln Square, 10400 NE 4th Street Bellevue

To view all WeWork locations, visit their website.

Contact: To contact a WeWork Seattle exec, give a call at +1 855-593-9675 and get answers to all your queries.

Website: https://www.wework.com/l/seattle–WA

Regus Seattle


Regus is a top workspace provider serving thousands of coworkers around the globe. And the Regus Seattle offices serve the coworking needs of hundreds of American dreamers. Plus, a major feature of all Regus Seattle coworking space locations is that they are in premium corporate towers. Additionally, you will love interacting with the vibrant community of professionals who work from here.

Perks: Apart from the premium locations, the happening Regus lounges are a place to be at. Other perks include access to high-end technology, a powerful global network, apart from the great workspaces to carry out work.

Prices: You can cowork limitlessly at Regus Seattle from over $299 per month. While $99 monthly fare for accessing Regus Seattle lounges is a reasonable coworking option in comparison to hot desking. They also have private office spaces on offer at most of their prized locations.

Locations: Regus Seattle has around ten office spaces in the city. Of which the three most popular ones are,

  • Regus Columbia Center at 701 Fifth Avenue, 42nd Floor, the tallest building in Seattle
  • 1455 NW Leary Way, Suite 400 also known as Regus Ballard office
  • Regus Smith Tower at 506 Second Avenue, Suite 400

Contact: Dial the number +1 855-400-3575 for any queries or to schedule a visit to Regus Seattle coworking spaces.

Website: https://www.regus.com

Seattle Coworking Spaces by National Chains

Galvanize Seattle


Galvanize Seattle is a one-stop location for all things entrepreneur. Be it coworking space, incubation, training or a boot camp, mentorship, workshops and a lot more. From beginners with an idea to small startup and even corporates, you can find all kinds of tech tribes here. And the multiple networking events make sure that each coworker here makes the most of the amazing community here.

Perks: All the membership at Galvanize Seattle coworking space are full of perks. They have fabulous recreational spaces, besides common productivity rooms for members to strike the right balance in life. Additionally, the spectacular views of the Elliot Bay from its five-story building are a treat in itself.

Prices: The hot desks prices at Galvanize Seattle commence from the monthly fare of $349. While for permanent work stations, the amount is $499 per month. And if you are looking for a private office suite, take $2750 as the minimum monthly charge.

Location: Galvanize Seattle resides at 111 S Jackson Street in the city’s historic downtown area.

Contact: You can contact Galvanize Seattle at [email protected] Or ring the number 206 886 0556 to talk with someone from the Galvanize team.

Website: https://www.galvanize.com/campuses/seattle

Industrious Seattle


Industrious is another national chain that dominates the market in this domain. Their downtown Seattle location facing the iconic Amazon Spheres is a premium business address. And the interiors are sunlit, expansive, and comfortable. This Seattle coworking space is high on energy, collaborations, and productivity.

Perks: Working at Industrious Seattle will tag along great perks, including but not limited to appetizing pastries, beverages, and fresh fruits. Plus they host community events that are beneficial for many entrepreneurs and freelancers to make worthy connections.

Prices: To be a part of the Industrious Seattle community, your month’s expenditure will be $495. While for private offices, the starting price is $842 for small office space.

Location: Industrious Seattle is housed in the Sixth & Lenora Building at 2033 Sixth Ave, Suite 600.

Contact: Send your queries to [email protected] and you’ll get back a quick response to your emails. Or perhaps call at 503 389 1700.

Website: https://www.industriousoffice.com/seattle

Top Women Focused Seattle Coworking Space

The Riveter Seattle


The Riveter Seattle is both a women-centric and game-changer coworking space. Designed on lines of what women entrepreneurs want and need, this place is home to multiple women on a mission. And to meet the gender equality goal, they are open to providing employment and memberships to men as well. Moreover, they have a fast-expanding chain with several upcoming locations, speaking out loud for the success of the Riveter.

Perks: The Riveter Seattle has some very exciting perks for members. Apart from the 24/7 accessible coworking spaces, they have brilliant expert programming that can guide your career to the zenith. The mother’s room, on the other hand, is a notable amenity here.

Prices: Apart from the comfortable seating, environment, and community, you’ll be treated with free day passes. The memberships though range from a monthly $99 for 10 hours a day to full-time access at $375 per month. While they have dedicated desks and private offices on offer as well.

Locations: The Riveter Seattle spaces are spread across three locations in the city. These are at,

  • Capitol Hill – 1517 12th Ave Suite 101, Seattle, WA 98122
  • Fremont – 1300 N Northlake Way, Suite 200, Seattle
  • Bellevue – 1203 114th Avenue SE, Bellevue

Contact: To get in touch with the Riveter Seattle coworking spaces send your message to [email protected]

Website: https://www.theriveter.co

The Best Seattle Maker space

Seattle Makers


Enjoy creating cool stuff? We have found you an equally cool creative den named Seattle Makers. They have got a range of tools from general hand tools to even power and specialty tools. Besides, Laser Cutters, 3D Printers, Metal and Wood CNC Mills, Electronics and Sewing Machines, etc are also available. And a beginner or pro, Seattle makers can choose from a variety of workshop courses to hone your skills.

Perks: There are a lot many perks in addition to the many tools and machines you can get your hands on. As at this maker space Seattle, you can be a part of some very interesting team building exercises. And even kids from 11 to 16 are allowed, though under adult supervision, at this top Seattle coworking spaces.

Prices: You can access everything that’s in here at this makerspace Seattle, for $87 pass for five days. While to gain monthly unlimited access, at $97 per month. Moreover, students with valid id’s and those in the 11-17 age group can enjoy discounted admission at this Seattle makerspace.

Location: 500 Aurora Ave N, Suite #201 is where you’ll find the Seattle Makers. They are right on the corner of Mercer and Dexter in the old School of Visual Concepts building.

Contact: You may contact Seattle makers by calling om their number, 833-2-MAKE-IT. Alternatively, you can also shoot them a mail at [email protected]

Website: https://seattlemakers.org

Seattle Coworking Space with Magnificent Views

Thinkspace Seattle


How awesome will it be to have a west Seattle office space with the lovely Union Lake in the backdrop? Just think! Or be a part of Thinkspace Seattle and enjoy the extraordinary views at work all day, every day. And that’s not the only reason that Thinkspace got a place on this little list. This award-winning coworking space also offers excellent coworking amenities, besides, high flexibility, and an amazingly collaborative startup community.

Perks: Startup? Entrepreneur? Or a freelancing coworker? Brace yourself to be spoilt with tech acceleration programs, mentoring, free beer and awesome tech resources at Thinkspace Seattle.

Prices: Open plan coworking at Thinkspace Seattle begins from a single day pass worth $30. While for monthly memberships, $300 and $400 are the prices for hot desks and dedicated desks, respectively. They offer private and virtual office services too.

Location: To visit Thinkspace Seattle office space, 1700 Westlake Ave N, Suite 200, is your destination address.

Contact: Dial 206 299 2320 and a Thinkspace exec will pick the call. Though you may also choose to email them at [email protected]

Website: https://thinkspace.com

Coworking Space Seattle for modern professionals

Atlas Workbase


This space means business! And for this, Atlas Workbase provides members with quiet, productive, and flexible workspaces. Everything from the lighting, furnishings, and amenities are purposely designed to nourish competence, creativity and community culture. Irrespective of your business size, at Atlas Workbase you will get the right solutions for your enterprise.

Perks: Apart from the fancy furniture and classic interiors, they also possess exceptionally hospitable support staff. Plus, you will also be pampered with gourmet coffee, showers, spa and a lot more. This space is impressive or sure!

Prices: Minimum charge to use coworking facilities is a $19 day pass, which will get you access to Atlas Workbase Lounge. While the monthly fare is around $350 for full-time access to its coworking space. They also offer remarkable virtual office services, starting from only $39 per month.

Location: Atlas Workbase is right above the QFC Market on 500 Mercer Street.

Contact: Ring at 206 203 6728 or send a word at [email protected] to contact this Seattle coworking space

Website: https://www.atlasworkbase.com

Spaces for North Seattle Entrepreneurs

Works Progress Seattle


Works Progress Seattle is an award-winning coworking space in Seattle with a mid-century decor. And this space is beyond the usual coworking spaces, as it also houses AV recording studios, VR labs, meeting spaces, etc. Plus, you can also make the most of their corporate office address via virtual office packages. And wait there’s more! You can also use the services of registered business agents, discussion boards, letter scanning, et al.

Perks: This dog-friendly Greenwood Seattle coworking space has all that a business or a startup need to bloom. Apart from a coworking space, they are also a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency, besides being WA State Registered agents. So you must know, you’ll work with the experts.

Prices: Coworking prices start from only $6 per hour at this Seattle coworking space. Though for unlimited access to Works Progress, $325 is the value you’ll have to pay each month. Further, they have great meeting rooms and event spaces at reasonable rates.

Location: Works Progress is at 115 N 85th Street, Suite 202, with loads of eateries in the Greenwood Phinney Ridge neighborhood.

Contact: Leave your message at [email protected] or you may also call at 206 466 1624 for any queries.

Website: http://www.worksprogressseattle.com

Coworking Space for Social Change Makers

Hillman City Collaboratory


The Hillman City Collaboratory is a coworking space that nurtures the talents of social entrepreneurs running on a non-profit basis. While they strive to be the breeding ground where collaborations and social movements germinate. You can also smoothen your cooking skills in the learning kitchen, or just enjoy free hot meals. Plus they also house an urban farm to keep members in touch with nature and community.

Perks: Hillman City Collaboratory as the name suggests, is a neighborhood lead coworking space in Seattle. And what can better set the tones of socializing than the pool table it houses in the middle. They have also turned a 4000 square feet vacant plot into a buzzing park that the coworking-community and neighbors enjoy. With picnic tables, BBQs, greenhouse, studio and much more, you will love this open space.

Prices: They have large Seattle coworking spaces, with The Mixing Chamber having exposed brick walls. And this could be your working spot for $50 for nonprofits and $75 for others, per hour. While they also have other spaces including conference rooms, on which, long term users are honored with discounted prices.

Location: 5623 Rainier Avenue South is the building where the Hillman City Collaboratory community dwells.

Contact: To get in touch with their staff, leave your message at [email protected] or at [email protected]

Website: https://hillmancitycollaboratory.org

Locally Owned Seattle Coworking Space

The Pioneer Collective


The Pioneer Collective Seattle coworking space is simply brilliant. Set in the heart of Pioneer Square neighborhood, you will find loads of sunlight and happy people under its roof. The elegant interiors the next big thing that will invite you in. Furthermore, be it $30 daily pass, virtual or private office packages, you will get plenty of alternatives to choose from.

Perks: Unlike other Seattle coworking spaces, you can also take wine and beer breaks while at work here. Plus, showers, phone-booths, kitchen, and gym access are some other great amenities they are going to spoil you with. Free member events are another plus!

Prices: Super floaters can access Pioneer Collective hot desks for five days a month at $95 per month. But, for 24/7 access you will have to shell out $225 and $475 for hot and dedicated desks, respectively. You can also avail a week’s trial only for $50, which shall be included in your membership fee, in case you choose to be. And that’s what is meant to be, I predict!

Location: You’ll find the Pioneer Collective at 100 South King Street, Suite 100 in Seattle.

Contact: Dial 206 207 1050 to schedule a visit. While [email protected] is the second contact choice for you.

Website: https://www.thepioneercollective.com

Where Work meets Luxury!

Coterie Worklounge


Coterie Worklounge as the name suggests is an exclusive work lounge for Seattle’s businessmen and women. And if you love what you do, indulge yourself in some luxury coworking as a token of self-appreciation. The spot on interior decor is as rich as some five-star dining from a James Bond movie. To sum it up, it’s both a visual and a business treat!

Perks: This premium coworking space Seattle, has exquisite workspaces, event spaces, and outstanding staff. And did I mention dining? For their in-house kitchen and bar will serve you with eminent delicacies and beverages all through the day! While it also houses the most premium and comfortable Seattle meeting spaces under its roof.

Prices: You can be a prized guest here anytime for a $30 day pass. And if you wish to be a frequenter here, $220 Executive membership will grant you unlimited access. Besides, many additional perks within the package.

Location: Work from the brilliant ambiance of the Coterie Worklounge at 1414 Fourth Avenue in Seattle.

Contact: You may book a visit by calling them at 206 693 4570. You may also contact through their website.

Website: https://www.coterieworklounge.com

Coworking Space Where Collaborations Run High!

Hing Hay Coworks


Hing Hay Coworks is a non-profit coworking space in Seattle. High on collaborations, and spirit of collective growth, motivation runs in the air at this location. Moreover, they offer multiple flexible membership options which are tailored to suit the needs of most coworkers. And their large meeting rooms and event spaces are enviously aesthetic.

Perks: This Seattle coworking space is a paradise for local entrepreneurs and startup community. And is also home to Seattle’s most diverse community of professionals. Bonus? When short on efficiency, their Focus Booths will come in handy!

Prices: Coworking is accessible here via a single day pass for $30. However, for unlimited hot-desking, your monthly bill will amount to $300, with just $50 more for dedicated desks.

Location: Hing Hay Coworks is at 409B Maynard Avenue South, which is in the heart of the Chinatown International District.

Contact:  Hing Hay Coworks Seattle can be contacted through their number, 206 962 4032. Or you can drop a line at [email protected] and one of their executives will get back to you.

Website: https://hhcoworks.org

Coworking Space Seattle for Tech Startups

Surf Incubator


If you are a Seattle based tech-startup, Surf Incubator is where you can be a part of an outstanding community. The major reason is that apart from being collaborative, members are respectful of each other’s stuff, time and preferences. Another plus point is the location, thanks to which you can enjoy great picturesque views.

Perks: In addition to coworking spaces you will also get your hands on mentoring sessions, educational events, and many other resources. Wait that’s not it! Its dynamic culture will motivate you to reach for the skies.

Prices: $400 are the charges for a dedicated desk at Surf Incubator. While Private offices spaces come at the minimum monthly price of $1500. Plus, their ten imposing meeting and conference rooms are easily hireable for $20 hourly rates.

Location: The address of Surf Incubator Seattle is 999 3rd Avenue, Suite 700.

Contact: Their contact details are, 206 777 1177 and [email protected]

Website: https://www.surfincubator.com

Seattle Coworking with Childcare

The Inc Coworking


The Inc Coworking space in Seattle is another nonprofit space, but along with playschool facility to facilitate young parents. Therefore, coworking, community, and childcare are the three pillars this space stands on. So, working parents who are juggling between their parental and professional responsibilities can have a sigh of relief. For this is a safe haven for you!

Perks: Best perk is that you can work alongside like-minded community (read as parents), while your toddlers are taken care of. Besides, you will get all the opportunities to learn, work and grow personally and professionally. In short, it’s where you can get your stuff done!

Prices: The Inc Coworking Seattle membership is plain and simple, $50 per quarter. While the playrooms for kids 1 to 5 are available for hourly rates of $15 per hour. Or get punchcards which will give you some fixed number of hours access to the childcare, with two-month validity.

Location: The Onc Coworking operates from the St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 111 NE 80th Street in Seattle.

Contact: They can be contacted on their phone number 206 659 5978, or through an email to [email protected]

Website: https://www.theinccoworking.org

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To Conclude!

Washington states largest city, Seattle is encircled by water, picturesque mountains and pristine forests. Thus, working from such refreshing precincts is a blessing in disguise. So entrepreneurs, artists, startups or freelancers, we all love Seattle. For the coworking brigade, there are plenty of diverse professionals to connect and collaborate with while coworking. The only catch though is to find the best one. And if your favorite coworking space in Seattle is not on this list, leave a comment below. Happy Coworking!

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