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Sima Space is a coworking space in Berkely for medical practitioners looking for a peaceful space to provide healthcare services. If you are looking for space where you can comfortably offer physiotherapy or counseling, then your search might end here. Its calm and comfortable ambiance provides a perfect atmosphere for your client’s comfort and ease to collaborate and receive treatments.

Moreover, hourly rates and comfortable space in Sima Space make this an ideal place for practitioners. Further, with a lot of other members having a similar profession as yours, you can create links beneficial for your clients. Apart from that, the well-equipped massage and therapy rooms can be the perfect catalyst for your client services. Also check out the highest-rated coworking spaces in Berkely.

Perks at Sima Space

There are many useful perks of practicing in Sima Space Berkely. You will have access to much more than an office to meet your clients.

  • Free WiFi: They provide high-speed WiFi for easy communication and workflow for you and your clients.
  • Coffee: You’ll also have access to free coffee here to boost your energy and concentration.
  • Parking: The Berkley location of Sima Space also provides ample parking locations as well. So, you don’t have to worry about finding a parking slot for your car and vehicle.
  • Nearby Markets: There are many nearby convenience stores and cafes where you can get your daily essentials and dine out as well. Now you can get anything you need and spend time with friends as well on your way back from work.
  • Massage Rooms: The Sima Space also provide well-equipped massage rooms as well where you can provide therapy to your clients.
  • Flexible Timings: Here the timings are very flexible you pay for the hours you use the rooms. Moreover, if you need a few extra minutes you can extend the timings instantly as well. have
  • Secured Access codes: You’ll have secure access codes for yourself and your clients as well to keep random visitors at bay.
  • Workshop Specific Design:  There are a few rooms here where you can conduct workshops as well. The spacious rooms with efficient equipment will cater to all your needs.

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Membership Plans at Sima Space

Sima Space offers amazing and flexible membership plans at Berkely. These membership plans can cater to all your needs and aid you in providing efficient assistance to your clients. You can become a member by paying $75  monthly. To get a membership here you’ll have to fill an application form of $35 along with a $300 security deposit. Moreover, you pay for only the hours you use the office space and also if you need a few extra minutes you can increase the reservation time as well. The hourly rates for a room here is $20 and charges for extra time is applied on 5 minutes basis.

Location and Contact

Sima Space is located in a historic building built in 1905 at Bonita Avenue. This location is just a short walk away from many great restaurants like Trader Jones where you can enjoy local delicacies. Moreover, the Downtown and North Berkley stations are just a short walk away from this location as well. You can reach this location at 1918 Bonita Ave.

For further queries, you can ring them a bell at 415 295 4618 or drop a mail on [email protected]



Sima Space is the perfect place to be for providing therapy and treatments to your clients. Its comfortable atmosphere along with well-equipped rooms can aid your practice efficiently. Moreover, its hourly basis payment system makes it affordable and reasonable as well. Further, there are rooms in which you can conduct workshops as well. Therefore its place to be for medical practitioners and therapists.

So, call up or book a room online at Sima Space and start practicing. With the aid of friendly staff and well-equipped rooms, you’ll be able to provide unique services to your client. The Sima Space is the perfect place to be if you need a secure coworking space at a reasonable price. With the unique facilities and ever ready helping hands you’ll surely grow at Sima Space like never before

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