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BlankSpaces Santa Monica perfectly couples beach fun and work dedication. With few steps from the ocean floor, and great retail and dining precincts, the downtown Santa Monica location is unbeatable. In fact, this west side of Silicon Beach is a hub for many tech giants and startups. Therefore, working from and among the great community at a space like will be a gift to your brand. Besides, this modern chic space offers multiple workspaces, office spaces, and rooms for meeting clients or partners. And that too at memberships that are flexible and easy on the pocket.

BlankSpaces Santa Monica has an industrial ceiling, exposed walls in a single story structure. Though the interior is all set in the high tones of contemporary fittings and furniture. The wide windows let you be in touch with the beach weather outside, apart from the bright sunshine. The people they have are also worth appreciating for their courtesy and helpfulness. So working from here is wrapped with many benefits. And you must make the most of it. Keep reading to know all about this space.

BlankSpaces Santa Monica – Coworking Perks:

Being a part of the Santa Monica’a BlankSpaces  community comes along with multiple perks.

  • Reception: On every arrival to this coworking space you will be greeted by a professional receptionist. And so will all your clients, when they visit you.
  • Lockers: No need to carry stuff back home every day. Valuable or not, you can leave them behind in the lockable storage spaces and rest assured of their safety.
  • Fast Internet: The BlankSpaces Santa Monica provides all its members with super fast internet facility. So at this location, you will stay connected all the while, at no additional price.
  • Pet-friendly: They are a pet-friendly space. So next time you might not have to leave them behind at home or in pet daycare. Just bring your whoof or meow along.
  • Kitchen: They have an amazing kitchen space. Which, has all the appliances you can see in a kitchen from a fridge, microwave, to dishes and coffeemakers.
  • Free and Endless Coffee: Constant supply of gourmet coffee, that too for free is a reality at BlankSpaces Santa Monica.
  • Office Equipment: They also have a printing station, where you can also scan, photocopy, fax etc, apart from the printers. All are accessible for free.
  • Phone Booths: BlankSpaces has two acoustic phone booths that will keep your conversations to you. Also, be it personal or business calls, you can talk with ease and without disturbance.
  • Conference Rooms: They have three beautiful conference and meeting rooms. These have all the tech gear including monitors, projectors, whiteboards, etc. apart from the ergonomic furniture.
  • VOIP Phone: You can also avail VOIP service, though at additional costs at BlankSpaces Santa Monica.
  • Parking: There are enough parking spaces right across the street from here. There is limited parking space on the street itself.
  • Disabled Friendly: Since they are on the ground floor all of their spaces are accessible by a wheelchair.
  • Event Space: Need a space for a product lunch, a workshop or a speaker event? You can hire one at this coworking location, but in the after-hours during business days. On weekends, they will be available all day.

BlankSpaces Santa Monica





Membership Plans and Prices:

The BlankSpaces Santa Monica offers elegant work cafe, dedicated desks, meeting, and conference rooms, besides virtual office services. Though there are multiple options to access these. You can hire their spaces for an hour, or five or ten hours, apart from weekly and monthly memberships. Though if you agree for longer commitments, you will get discounted monthly fares.

WorkCafe | Hot Desks

If you are a freedom lover, then you might enjoy hot-desking at BlankSpaces Santa Monica. The hot desks are set in an open plan coworking area. Wherein members have to look for a vacant desk every day. With this membership, a vacant desk is assured, but the location of it will vary on a daily basis. These communal areas are full of professionals from diverse domains. And thus present excellent networking opportunities for the work cafe members. The price for accessing the work cafe desks depend on usage time. Plus, if you go for longer agreement periods, you shall enjoy discounted monthly prices. The prices for hot desking are,

  • Five Hours: If you need a hot desk for just a few hours, say five, all you will have to pay is $15 or $20.
  • Ten Hours: For ten-hours of hot desking, your bill amount will start from $20.
  • One Month: While for a full months access the price is around $275 per month. Moreover, you will also get access to the Pasadena coworking space along with the DTLA work bar with monthly memberships.

WorkStation | Dedicated Desks

For those with a flair for personal space and privacy, a permanent desk shall be your favorite. At BlankSpaces Santa Monica, you can have that too. The permanent desks are also in an open coworking area, but each member gets a desk assigned to just them. So your desk will be only yours, irrespective of your presence or absence. Moreover, if you use more than one monitors, a printer etc, you can set them up permanently at your desk. Moreover, these desks are wider than hot desks. And you also get to the office equipment BlanSpaces Santa Monica have at their location. The different plans to get a dedicated desk are,

  • Five Hours: The minimum price to access a dedicated desk starts from $25 for five hours use.
  • Ten Hours: For ten hours of use, the price begins from $50 at BlankSpaces Santa Monica.
  • One Month: A month’s unlimited access, is however available for $650 per month. For longer agreements, you may get additional discounts on monthly rent. Besides you also get free access to the BlankSpaces meeting rooms, at all locations, for an hour per week. In addition to unlimited access to the work bars at all of its locations.

Private Office

BlankSpaces Santa Monica has a number of private office spaces ranging from one to four people’s capacity. The private office spaces are a boon for teams to work in a serene setting, as they can work more dedicatedly. PLus they also save on the exorbitant lease office rents. Further, all of these private offices are lockable and secure. You will also get free access to the Meeting Rooms, though limited to a few hours per week. And the time limit is different for different office spaces but access will be available at all locations.

  • Small Offices: The prices for the small office spaces begin from $1,100 per month for a single occupancy small office. These offices at Santa Monica’s BlankSpaces have room for one person only.
  • Medium Offices: For a medium-size office, with capacity for one or two, the price is around $1,675 and $1,875 per month, respectively.
  • Team Offices: The team offices with seats for three or four members have hiring rent of $2,075 and $2,275 per month, respectively. Moreover, if you opt for team office, use of mailing address will come as inclusive.
  • Hourly Rates: You can also hire a private office on an hourly basis. For five hour access, you will have to pay around $40. While for ten-hour use, the bill will be close to $65.

Location and Contact:


At 1450 Second Street, BlankSpaces Santa Monica is a single story structure. And is nestled between a hub of cafes, bars, and lounges. And just at a few minutes stroll from the world’s largest ocean. So a little dip in the salt water will be an option on most days after or during the work hours. While Nordstrom shopping center and Wells Fargo are at a stone’s throw at the intersection of 2nd street and Broadway. Further, it’s only a block away from the iconic Santa Monica Pier and the upscale precincts of 3rd Street Promenade. The Pacific Coast Highway is also, only half a mile away. In fact, it is the perfect location if wish to work under the beach weather, but without getting any sand into your laptop. For parking, there is street parking in front, besides a parking structure right in front of BlankSpaces location.

To contact BlankSpaces Santa Monica, give a call at 310 526 2255. Alternatively, you may also leave your message at [email protected].

Address: 1450, 2nd St, Santa Monica, CA 90401



Have doubts as to why cowork at BlankSpaces Santa Monica? Well, working from home sounds like saving bucks, but it might also devoid you of your true potential. Plus you are also unable to make connections to expand your business. And if you are an aspiring entrepreneur with a great idea, the same goes for you. This coworking Santa Monica space has great amenities, spaces, and prices, along with a good amount of flexibility. Moreover, you will have the service of professional staff, ready to attend to all your comforts at their location. And the community, of course, can be instrumental in the success of your endeavor.

So what are you waiting for? You are only a membership away from all these great possibilities. Visit Santa Monica’s BlankSpaces,  and grab one soon!

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