3 Astounding Coworking Spaces in Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee is well known for its rolling red hills, diverse economy, and moderate cost of living. The Florida capital city is also home to Florida State University and many booming technology and healthcare businesses. Thus, it is no surprise that Tallahassee has become a hub for startups and innovators. But to tap into this scaling business community, joining one of the coworking spaces in Tallahassee could be a great option.

These spaces provide every comfort you would want and the community only adds to them. The people here are future entrepreneurs, businessmen, or top-league players in their respective fields. You can use the expertise of the community members and can also work in collaboration with them. So, here are some of the top Tallahassee coworking spaces that could positively impact your future prospects. 

Tallahassee, FL Coworking Spaces

Let’s see all the benefits of coworking spaces in Tallahassee, along with their amenities, prices, and locations.

1. Regus Tallahassee

Regus Tallahassee

As you search for the perfect location for your business, imagine being surrounded by top-notch neighbors in the heart of downtown. Regus coworking space in Tallahassee can make that a reality for you. The distinguished Alliance Center building places you in the middle of a bustling corporate community, providing endless growth opportunities. The beautifully designed lobby on the first floor will leave a lasting impression on your visitors. Meanwhile, the convenient on-site coffee bar will energize you throughout the day. Furthermore, you may feast on a delicious meal from the many available food options for lunch or dinner.

The Regus Tallahassee venue has 41 private offices, three coworking desks, and two meeting rooms. The meeting rooms have ergonomic chairs, whiteboards, and smart screens to ensure successful presentations. When you feel hungry while working, walk into the on-site lunch restaurant and grab a bite. Additionally, there’s an on-site sandwich and coffee bar for all the mid-work hunger pangs. Use the outside seating areas or the terrace to feel the fresh breeze on your face and re-energize yourself when needed. Lastly, Regus’ Tallahassee coworking space also considers security and provides secure underground parking.

Pricing: The office and coworking spaces are $365 and $309 per person monthly. Virtual offices are available for $79 per month, and you can rent the meeting rooms for $29/hr.

Location: 113 South Monroe Street Alliance Center, 1st Floor, Tallahassee, FL 32301, United States

Website: https://www.regus.com/en-us/united-states/florida/tallahassee

Phone: (850) 201-7100


2. Domi Station Coworking Space Tallahassee, FL

Domi Station Coworking Space Tallahassee, FL

The Domi Station in Tallahassee is the ultimate hub for aspiring entrepreneurs and startups in the city. Domi Station firmly believes in the future of coworking and is committed to helping members unlock their full potential. Their one-of-a-kind programs, resources, and events are carefully curated to help you start and scale your sustainable business easily. 

This Tallahassee coworking space offers several amenities like printing & shredding services, access to member events, and parking space. A fully-equipped kitchen has a dining area where you can eat and converse with your colleagues. Furthermore, the unlimited coffee will keep you going on tough days. Other facilities are mailbox storage, 24/7 access, and helpful staff. But that’s not all! Their extensive regional network allows them to connect you with seasoned mentors, investors, and industry advisors. If you’re all set to take the plunge and turn your dreams into reality, Domi Station is your best spot. 

Pricing: There’s a long list of offerings here, starting with a digital membership that begins at $30 per month. The dedicated desk coworking membership costs $150 per month. At the same time, they also have small, medium, and large offices, as well as Day Passes. There are also 10+ day and 25+ day punch cards for $15 and $10, respectively.

Location: 914 Railroad Ave, Tallahassee, FL 32310, United States

Website: http://www.domistation.org/ 

Phone: (850) 391-8758


3. The Hub Tallahassee Coworking Space

The Hub Tallahassee Coworking Space

The Hub coworking space in Tallahassee is the ideal location to release your entrepreneurial energy or your creativity. As you walk into this modern, elegant office, you will be met with unrivaled convenience, comfort, and culture. However, the best part is that you’ll be only a few minutes from downtown. Moreover, the Hub provides plenty of opportunities for friendly collaboration and networking with other experts. 

The facilities and amenities at the Hub Tallahassee coworking space are very useful. It has designated break rooms & lounges for the members to relax and have some leisure time. They offer 24/7 access using a key fob, and the entire space is under CCTV surveillance. You can enjoy freshly brewed coffee whenever you need some caffeine to boost your work. You also get an individual P.O. box, parking space, and discounts on the premises.

Pricing: The private suites start from $695 per month, coworking membership costs $325 per month, and private office membership costs $300 per week.

Location: 1309 Thomasville Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32303, United States

Website: https://thetallyhub.com/ 

Phone: (850) 566-3782



Here you have it – the list of the best coworking options available in Tallahassee. You may pick a coworking space in Tallahassee, FL, based on its amenities, customer services, and community. Whichever option you think matches your business requirement, lock that option and be ready to take off for higher success.

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