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The awesome WeWork Long Beach runs on the stern and impressive mission of the organization. WeWork aims to help people work to make a life and not just a living. Well, in my opinion, this is what work has to be about above everything else. And this policy also resonates in their name and the mindset with they operate their workspaces. WeWork has truly become an essential part of the coworking culture around the globe. We can say that from the inception of this culture, WeWork has really upended the game and has a lot of potential to endorse this culture.

This time WeWork has chosen Long Beach, California to support entrepreneurs, businesses, individuals, freelancers, and workers in forwarding their mission. WeWork Long Beach is a beautiful coworking space which attracts a lot of potential and startups. The reason is that this space’s ecosystem is infectious and it gets you working right away. At every WeWork space which has now become ‘The We Company,’ the focus is on building together as “WE” rather than individually. Coming back to Long Beach, this amazing destination in California is growing up to the idea of shared workspaces. And here I am telling you everything you need to know about WeWork Long Beach. So, let’s begin

Amenities at WeWork Long Beach:

WeWork takes good care of all its members and they facilitate some awesome amenities. Here is a list of a few of them:

  • Needless to say, the internet is blazingly fast and hyperactive.
  • A nice looking workplace allows you to focus and concentrate better, that is why WeWork Long Beach provides daily cleaning services for your desk and work floor.
  • You will have 24*7 access to your workstations, ergo, it is never too late to come to work and never too early to leave.
  • Most importantly, you must know that WeWork is a global organization so, imagine the kind of exposure that you will get after associating with them.
  • You can have chilled beer from craft on draft anytime.
  • For the friends of nature, there is ample bike parking space available at WeWork Long Beach.
  • The mesmerizing string art beautification has the power to lift up your work mood and will get you cracking. Who wouldn’t want to work in such an amazing space, by the way, have you looked at the pictures?
  • Long Beach is already a relaxation paradise, add to it WeWork has an outdoor patio from where you can work and enjoy the view.
  • Caffeine is yet another reason why I love this coworking space,  one sip of WeWork Long Beach’s micro-roasted coffee will jostle your brain and body.
  • When it comes to business, you can attend events and programs organized by the management which aims to help you build up your business.
  • Last but not least, the common areas at this location will surely give you couch lock. They are made specifically to let you chill and calm for in between work breaks.






WeWork Long Beach Membership Plans:

Aha! The most important aspect of this article, it all comes down to the costs. Right? Well, it is good that WeWork Long Beach has all the three essential membership plans to offer. There are hot desks, the permanent workstations and private and out of this world offices. Out of these three, you are free to choose any of the membership that you like and need.

Hot Desks: What I like about hot desks is that you have the freedom to sit anywhere you want. Every day you can work from a new workstation as long as you exhaust all your options at this Long Beach’s WeWork coworking space. The hot desking membership will cost you $350 per month. Within this price, you will get a coworking desk and 2 credits each month. These credits are usable for the utilization of the conference rooms. Also, when it comes to getting to know people, the hot desk option is the best thing there is. Add to this if you want to avail the mailing services through WeWork Long Beach, there is an extra price of $50 per month.

If you ask me these hot desks are best for those who are still finding their way around the business because you can be a freelancer trying to land more and more clients or a business traveler who frequently visits here for work. Plus, the 24*7 access availability will give you a tremendous amount of flexibility to set your work routine.

Dedicated Desk: These are the permanent workstations, where you can choose to keep anything you like. You can bring in your monitors, plants, files, and whatnot. The whole workstation is yours and you will also get a cabinet and your own trashcan. How good it that, no need to practice trashcan archery now. A dedicated desk means that you are pretty serious about your work and have already set a routine for your work. The permanent desk members at WeWork Long Beach, get an opportunity to interact with other like-minded members. Also, a dedicated desk member can call as many numbers of guests and clients as they can and the cost of availing this desk is $450 per month and the mail handling package comes within this cost.

Private office: There is nothing like having an office within an office. Well, you won’t know unless you have been in one moving on private offices at WeWork will be like your own fortress with a lock and a key. The private offices at WeWork exhibit all the qualities that a private office should have and will let you work in privacy. These are ready to move offices with everything already set for you. Within these office spaces, WeWork can help you build your custom office of any size that you want. It can be a whole floor or a whole building. The choice is yours. The important thing is that you will be always under the radar of innovation and cohesiveness within the WeWork Long Beach’s impressive environment.

The membership rates for private offices are set as per the number of members. For a single member office, the price is $700 per month. For more than one member the prices will increase and for a 9 member office, the price is $4500 per month. Beyond this, WeWork Long Beach has not told us what to tell you, so it’s better to contact them directly.

Location and Contact

WeWork Long Beach

The 100 W Broadway is a happening area in the city which leads straight to the Los Angeles River. This address is surrounded by various restaurants and entertainment centers which will never let you find any good spot to have a snack. There is a parking space nearby to the location and the downtown Long Beach Station (on Metro Blue Line) is only a block away. With regards to bus stops you can hop off at the Broadway and Pacific SW bus stop which is nearest to the WeWork Long Beach.

Reviews = 4.5 out of 5

Address: 100 W Broadway, Long Beach California, 90802.


WeWork Long Beach is an efficient and pro-active coworking space which has the tendency to instill confidence in the members. This waterfront city is the best tourist destination on the West Coast. Slowly, Long Beach is also growing to the idea of inviting business houses and commercial properties into the city. With this expanding professional scenario, WeWork Long Beach is quick to adapt to this culture. At present, there is only one location of WeWork here. But there are a lot more spaces in the nearby cities like WeWork Irvine, WeWork Cerritos which are also blooming. So, when are you hopping into the infectious world of WeWork? Happy Coworking!

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