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Regus Irvine is an introduction in itself! Regus offers top-notch services including coworking, private and virtual office, business lounges, all spread across multiple cities in the world. And not just that, they are also very high on flexibility and facilities for the members. Whether you like a simple chair, a sofa or a seat in a private space, you will have many options. And the locations where they operate from are all premium corporate destinations in or around city downtowns.

Regus Irvine is spread across six building in the city. And all of them reside in premium business towers. Regus is a part of the International Workplace Group (IWG), which provides workspaces in a whopping 96 countries globally. And they have actually set on the journey to completely revolutionize the coworking culture. Naturally, Regus offices too have immensely gained from the experiences of thousands of IWG spaces. And also from the millions of people that throng its workspaces on daily basis. Keep reading to know more about the Regus Irvine.

Perks of Regus Irvine:

  • Reception Service: All Regus Irvine locations have reception desks with professional staff. So whether it’s you or a client, a professional welcome is ensured.
  • Meeting and Boardrooms: The meeting and boardrooms at Regus Irvine are available in multiple capacities. They have all the furniture and tech gear for meeting purposes. These include monitors, projectors, video conferencing etc, apart from the awesome furniture and interiors. Plus you may hire these for workshops, training, interviews, conferences, etc.
  • Fast Internet: The Regus Irvine spaces provides all its members with consistent access to enterprise-grade internet and wifi service.
  • Kitchen: The communal kitchen space is the lifeline of any Regus coworking space. The same is here. The kitchen has all the necessary equipment in place, from fridge to toasters and even dishes.
  • Endless Coffee: Each kitchen at Regus Irvine spaces has a very special appliance that goes by the name of the coffee machine. It ensures a consistent supply of coffee to all the members. They have great tea too!
  • Chill Out Areas: What do you do when you need to rest at home? At Regus, a bed might not be an option, but you will definitely get access to break out zones. Wherein you can enjoy the comfort of a couch, grab a coffee and chat with a fellow coworker.
  • A Global Network: Working from any of the Regus Irvine locations comes with the perk of access to the global network of Regus.
  • Business Phone Lines: Working from the coworking area desks or private office space, no problem. You can ask for a business phone line just for yourself at Regus Irvine.
  • Office Utilities: All Regus Irvine members get access to general office utilities. They have printing stations which have equipment including printers, scanner, etc for your access.
  • Disabled Friendly: Most of the Regus Irvine locations have the advantage of being wheelchair accessible.


Membership Plans:

Coworking from Regus spaces is possible in two ways, i.e. hot desking and reserved desks. Both have been explained below. Though the starting price of coworking at Regus is $333 per month with 24/7 access to their spaces. Plus members can also hire these spaces for five or ten days a month, the price for which is different. The starting price for five days per month access is $133 per month. And for 10 days per month access to Regus Irvine coworking, the price begins from $211 per month. Also, for long term memberships, Regus pricing gets even better, as these monthly prices get reduced.

Hot Desks | Regus Shared Office

The hot desks are an ideal membership to experience coworking at its best. These are temporary desks set in an open plan arrangement. And members are free to grab a vacant desk on a first come first serve basis. And any desk in the coworking area is hireable for hourly, weekly or monthly basis. This way you can get shared office access at Regus Irvine, in a very flexible and easy on pocket manner. Shared in the sense that many other companies and coworker will be working on adjacent seats. Thus, also opening the window to network with like-minded people.

Permanent Desks | Startup Office

A permanent desk is as dedicated as you are. Even in your absence. Meaning, this desk space will be fully reserved for you till your membership term. Individual or startup, these desks have many benefits for you. For instance, you may set up personal equipment permanently on these desks. Also, a startup has the maximum need for such flexibility. If you can’t yet afford private office space, no problem. There is no need to pay for a full-time private space. Get hot desks seats for your team, as per your get together needs. Just hire a bunch of dedicated desks for your team and work from Regus Irvine regularly. You can also have personal phone lines set up for yourself in this shared space.

Private Office Spaces

A private office space at Regus can open the doors to your business’s expansion. These private office spaces are easy to scale and ready to move in. Though if you need any customizations, it is very much possible. To give you an idea the starting price for a private office is around $600 per month.  And, by hiring the private office space, you will also get access to all the coworking spaces and benefits. Besides, endless use of the business lounge. You can use these offices for multiple purposes, like,

  • Day Offices: Need a fully furnished private office space for just a day or two? Yes, Regus makes it possible! This will be especially beneficial if you are on a visit to Irvine or need to meet a client or collaborators, etc. These are customizable too!
  • Project Offices: You may also hire an office space for a short term project. And you can customize it as per your need and nature of the project.
  • Fulltime Serviced Office: Or you may simply make Regus Irvine your permanent office space. And that will save a lot of your bucks, in comparison to the exorbitant private offices taken on lease.
  • Sattelite Offices: Suitable for firms, big and small who wish to build a team beyond their city, state or country. You simply have to hire a space, which comes along with desks and chairs. And your remote team can work from here at simple monthly bills for you, minus the overhead costs. It will also be beneficial for you to test the distant markets by working from a coworking space. Rather than putting in full investments into a private lease office with a higher risk.

Regus Business Lounge

The excellent business lounges of Regus Irvine and at all Regus locations worldwide are also available as workspaces. Stationed at one location or have traveling mode, use a lounge to stay connected with work. Access to a lounge is possible for a monthly price of $93 if you book for a years term. These lounge areas also have fast internet and wifi connectivity. With this membership, you can simply drop into any of the Regus lounges around the world.

Virtual Office Service

Looking for a virtual office in California or just Irvine, Regus is unbeatable. A virtual office plan can connect you to the world from the confines of your home office. The virtual office Irvine package also includes the use of the Regus’ business address, call answering and mail handling services. You can use the virtual business address anywhere form your business website to your marketing materials. The calls from your clients will be taken in your company’s name and in a very professional manner. Plus they can also be diverted to a number you provide. Also, a 24-hour voicemail service will also be inclusive. The posts that reach Regus Irvine, you can either collect them in person or have them forwarded to your address. This package also includes free use of business lounge access across the globe.

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Locations of Regus Irvine:

Regus has six office locations in the city of Irvine. These are,

The Quad

regus-irvine-the- quad

Regus Irvine at the Quad is in high demand among all Regus Orange County spaces. It has a beautiful outdoor seating area and onsite parking facility. And even bike racks. And if a shopaholic, the Irvine Spectrum Center is less than ten minutes drive. Wherein, you can also experience fine dining at its best. As to public transport, the Irvine Amtrak Station is only a couple miles from the Quad.

Address: 530 Technology Drive, Suite 100 & 200, Irvine, California

Irvine Spectrum

This Regus Irvine Spectrum Center location is set right in the middle of a growth led area. Right opposite to the  Irvine Spectrum Center, this 15 story building is a premium corporate tower. It also has multiple bars and restaurants in the vicinity. Furthermore, there are many fin-tech companies for Regus members to call neighbors. The Amtrak Irvine rail station is just five minutes away by car.

Address: 300 Spectrum Center Drive, Suite 400, Irvine, California

Oracle Tower

The Oracle Tower premises of Regus Irvine are most suitable if you are a frequent traveler. Or have clients coming in from outside the city. That’s because both the John Wayne and Orange County airports are at stone’s throw. And naturally, they are also close to the finest of dining places in this part of Orange County.

Address: Oracle Tower, 17901 Von Karman Avenue, Suite 600, Irvine, California

Intersect Irvine

Intersect Irvine, standing true to its name resides right in the middle of the Wyndham Irvine-Orange County Airport precincts. The Costa Mesa freeway is at a stone’s throw. While you can also find fitness and gym centers among its neighbors.

Address: Intersect Irvine, 17875 Von Karman Ave, Suite 150 & 250, Irvine, California

Irvine Business Center


The Regus Irvine Center Drive is set in a happening retail and entertainment precincts. The major corporates in the area are from the domains of sports manufacturers, game developers, electric, food, internet, etc. While the Amtrack Railway Station is a four minutes drive. Whereas to reach John Wayne Airport it takes a quarter hour by car.

Address: 7545 Irvine Center Dr, Irvine Business Center, Suite 200, Irvine, California

MacArthur Blvd

The impressive 19800 MacArthur Blvd is home to the Regus Irvine location. The building is located at the edge of the MacArthur and Jamboree road. The business tower also provides impressive views of the bay area from its upper floors. Moreover, there are many more startups, tech, and biomedical companies having campuses in and around this location. In addition to many bars, restaurants, hotels, and retail hubs.

Address: 19800 MacArthur Blvd., Suite 300, Irvine, California

Contact: To get in touch with a Regus Irvine executive, dial the number 1855 400 3575.


Regus Irvine is the answer if you are searching for ‘shared office space Irvine CA’. Irvine is also home to many fortune 500 companies thus consistently bringing in a fresh pool of talent. And not all are quite content with a 9 to 5 job. And coworking is also not a new concept as a lot of spaces have popped up in different parts of Irvine. But not all spaces are worth a visit, let away a regular membership. But Regus Irvine is the best bet in this Orange County city.

So if you are working from a home office it’s about time you bid adieu to it. And if you are looking for shared office space in Irvine for your startup find one that delivers the best of amenities under a single roof. Just like Regus Irvine. So when are you scheduling a visit?

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