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With the passing years, the trends of working have also changed considerably. The new age coworking trends have successfully taken over the age-old cubicle office structure. The former is much more comfortable and flexible than the latter. WeWork Costa Mesa is one of the best coworking options in the city. It is one of the most renowned brand names in the area of coworking. Here the ergonomics are given due importance and hence the office layouts are supportive of it. WeWork spaces are located across 34 countries in 102 cities. Their coworking spaces are carefully designed to foster innovation, diversification, and productivity.

The vibrant interiors here give a soulful vibe to this space, unlike the grim glass cages. WeWork provides all the required amenities for your business to function smoothly and more. Furthermore, they have an array of opportunities for you to grow as an individual and as a business professional. Some of the world’s largest companies are also using WeWork spaces; like Facebook, Adidas, Citi bank and more. With a coworking space like WeWork Costa Mesa, you will add volumes of value to your brand name. Check out their coworking spaces and the amenities listed out below.

WeWork Costa Mesa – Amenities

WeWork provides a lot of useful amenities and perks for the businesses operating here. Check these out below.

  • WeWork Costa Mesa arranges a lot of informational events and summits for the WeWork community.
  • Their on-site staff is readily available for your help for 24 hours throughout the day. You can get personalized support or any front-desk service from them when you need it.
  • Cleaning services are also provided at this coworking space. WeWork cleaning crew keeps the space spick and span at all times.
  • Here private phone booths are also available. These phone booths are soundproof and apt for placing both a normal and a video chat.
  • Also, you can get fruit water here to keep yourself fresh and hydrated throughout the day.
  • The conference rooms here are fully equipped with high technology amenities. These spaces are best suitable for dedicated meetings. Moreover, they have features like custom wallpaper and marble tables also.
  • The WeWork offices have business class printers, paper shredders and other important office supplies stocked at all times.
  • WeWork Costa Mesa office spaces provide the best and the fastest internet facilities. Here you can get secure wifi and hard wired ethernet. IT support facilities are also provided with the guest log in facilities.
  • Unlimited good quality coffee is also provided at this coworking space for you to stay fresh and energized throughout the day.
  • A wide variety of events are also held at WeWork Costa Mesa from time to time. These events include both professional and social programs. These provide you an opportunity to grow socially, build networks and learn new things.
  • Common room areas at this coworking space can be best described as lively and creatives spaces. These spaces allow you to unleash your inner creative streak and sort out your business ideas.


WeWork Costa Mesa






WeWork Membership Plans – Costa Mesa

There are different membership plans provided by WeWork Costa Mesa catering to peculiar business needs. These plans are considerably flexible. Check out these membership plans listed out below.

Private Offices

WeWork provides dedicated private offices for your convenience. These are completely secure spaces made for small to large businesses. These office spaces are fully furnished and mail and package handling services are also provided here. This space facility included 12 credits to book a conference room. You can get a private office at WeWork for any number of individuals. This membership plan is absolutely flexible.

  • 3200 Park Center – $800 and above per month
  • Park Tower – $820 and above per month

Dedicated Desks

You can also get a dedicated desk at WeWork Costa Mesa. In this space, you get a chair and trash. Mail packaging and handling facilities are also available here. Under this membership plan, you get 5 credits to book a conference room. As of now, the dedicated desk facility is available only at the 3200 Park Center location. The price of this coworking space is $625 per month.

Hot Desks

At WeWork Costa Mesa, hot desk facility is also readily available. Just pick a spot of your liking and begin working, it’s that simple. In this membership plan, you get 2 credits to book conference rooms. The hot desk facility is the best for freelancers and part-time workers. If you wish to add a mail handling and packaging service, you can pay $50 extra and avail of this facility. Do reach them on the provided contact details to know more about their hot desk prices and availability.

  • 3200 Park Center – $370 per month
  • Park Tower – $407 per month

WeWork Locations in Costa Mesa

This coworking space is located in the best part of the city. So commuting is not at all an issue here. WeWork Costa Mesa parking facility is also available for you making things more convenient and easier. There are plenty of eateries of all kinds surrounding this coworking space for your added convenience.

WeWork 3200 Park Center Drive Costa Mesa, CA 92626.

This WeWork space is located at Pacific Arts Plaza. Here, one can find coworking spaces for small to large businesses. The famous sculpture garden, “California Scenario” is at a very short walking distance from here. Thus allowing you to refresh your mind whenever you feel like. Also, this building is very near to many famous eateries like Boudin, Uroko cafe, Maggino’s and Morton’s. Therefore, you have the option of plenty of good eats here. It is also easily accessible from 405, 73 and 55 commutes. San Diego freeway is two minutes away from here. Furthermore, one can easily find trams around here.

(Opening Soon) 695 Town Center Drive, Park Tower, Costa Mesa, CA 92626.

This coworking space is situated at South Coast Metro. This office space is at a close distance from San Diego and Los Angeles. An onsite parking facility is also available here. This space by WeWork Costa Mesa is also very near to the performing arts center and various shops. Also, the ocean is very nearby. Freeway 405 is half a mile from this coworking space. This coworking space will open shortly. Reach out to WeWork on the provided contact details for more details about their Park Tower office spaces.


WeWork Costa Mesa is a huge platform bringing together the business talents of different kinds from all across the world. They hold various events from time to time for the businesses operating here. These events are fun yet knowledgeable. Some of these events are listed below.

  • Lunch and Learns – In these events the WeWork members share their knowledge and expertise over a session of catered lunch. Such events are the best to learn new things and build networks. These events provide your business with endless growth prospects.
  • Networking events – Networking events are also held at WeWork Costa Mesa where you can explore new business trends and add to your business sense. Networking is the key to growth and diversification for any company and for that matter individual as well.
  • Office Hours – In this event at WeWork, a one-on-one session is held with the investors and the leaders of huge brand names. Growth opportunities are discussed and further investment prospects are explored.

Reviews = 5.0 out of 5

Wellness Programs

The wellness events are organized at this coworking space keeping in mind the individual needs of the people working here. The individuals are given a chance to freshen up themselves by doing either some yoga and meditation or trying out kickboxing.

WeWork Costa Mesa is the best option for you if you are looking for an environment where your business and grow and learn. This coworking space can be best described as a workplace that is in absolute sync with the present business needs. The ergonomics are well catered to, as WeWork believes that its the comfort of employees that make up a good business.

You can download the WeWork app to avail of the services offered by them. You can stay informed about the events and WeWork careers. Also, through the WeWork Costa Mesa app, its easier to book a conference room and check membership plans. There are many more WeWork locations around Costa Mesa including Irvine Jamboree, Spectrum Centre and more. You are in for all kinds of business benefits when you join in a WeWork space. Do check out their membership plans and choose as per your business requirements.

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