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The Village Workspace Santa Monica is a coworking facility that looks after the requirements of both large and small-scale businesses. So, whether you need an office space, a conference room or just a desk, all your needs will be fulfilled here. Furthermore, the flexible options at the center are meant to tune with your preferences. In addition to providing you with an increased number of opportunities to thrive, they help you to derive more positive results. That means you can work according to your own rules. To rent offices on lease nowadays is a Herculean task. Besides, they charge you exorbitant prices for a few services and let’s be honest, the results are not even that good. This coworking space is a great alternative to such offices as it has a lot to offer. Working was never this fun before!

Village Workspaces also offers event spaces in case you are looking for a place to organize one. Not only this, but they also house well-contained conference rooms that are ideally designed for holding meetings. It is your chance to impress your clients and gain some extra points. Did I mention the list of amenities this workstation has to offer? Well, you will discover how fun work actually can be once you use the facilities available at your disposal. The energetic community of the center will always encourage you to give your best. Also, this gives you an opportunity to widen your circle of network and eventually grow your venture. Read further to take a closer look at this amazing workspace.

Amenities at Village Workspaces Santa Monica:

  • Internet facilities: The workspace provides a connection to high-speed internet so that you are always connected to your clients and peers. Further, you will rarely come across any disruption while you are surfing.
  • Mail handling services: To make things less tedious for you, the Village Workspaces provides a dedicated mail service. That is to say, they will take care of all your emails in your absence.
  • 24/7 access: You have the liberty to access your work spot any time during the day. So, you can work at any hour without facing any restrictions!
  • Weekly breakfasts: Savour good food at Village Workspaces as they provide weekly breakfasts. Bon Appetit!
  • Refreshments: Receive complimentary refreshments while booking a conference room at the center.
  • Meeting rooms: The workstation also has fully-equipped meeting rooms that can be customized in accordance with your requirements.
  • Event spaces: Village Workspaces Santa Monica houses flexible event spaces that can be used for various occasions.
  • Studio: The podcasting studio at the center will help you record and produce your pieces. Also, the studio provides the latest editing software and equipment!


Village Workspaces Santa Monica





Membership Plans at Santa Monica Village Workspaces:

The membership plans of Village Workspaces are designed to coincide with your working schedule. In addition to providing flexibility, they will help you achieve your goals in a much easier way. With every membership plan, you get a long list of amenities.

Private offices: Hire your own office at Village Workspaces Santa Monica and enjoy the comforts that come with owning a space of your own. Further, these offices can accommodate a team comprising of 1-8 individuals. As an additional benefit, you can use the conference rooms for free! The rooms are well-furnished and have beautiful surroundings. You need not worry about the safety of your valuables as it has lockable glass doors. Also, if you are planning to expand your venture, they offer leased office space as well. What else would your business requirements be in order to flourish in all capacity? Another surprise for you, you will get one hour of tech support on a monthly basis. The membership cost of hiring an office space depends on its size:

  • 1 Member: $500
  • 2 Members: $1250
  • 4 Members: $2200
  • 6 Members: $2800

Coworking: Coworking in Village Workspaces Santa Monica opens a window of networking opportunities for you as you work alongside like-minded individuals. Also, they can help you in establishing your business by providing guidance. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity of expanding your professional circle. Apart from this, you will have 24/7 access to your desk. You can avail of different facilities such as workspace rentals, refreshments, and happy hours. Additionally, you will get hefty discounts while booking a conference room. So, what are you waiting for? Book a desk at a cost starting from $400.  

Virtual office: Virtual Office Plans at Village Workspaces Santa Monica gives you all the benefits of a regular member which you can avail from the comfort of your home. Sounds magical, right? Well, you can use the prestigious business address of this workspace and impress your clients. Other than that, they also offer mail-handling services to lessen your workload. You are also eligible to access the conference room at a discounted rate. The membership cost of availing this option is $99/month.


Village Workspaces – Santa Monica

Address: 212 Marine Street, Suite 100, Santa Monica, CA 90405


Email: [email protected]

This workspace of Village Workspaces in Santa Monica is situated in a beautiful location. It is just a block away from the ocean. So, you can enjoy mesmerizing views from your office window. Further, the place has numerous eateries and retail spaces wherein you can get all the services you need. Traveling from this place is quite easy as it falls on some of the famous transportation routes. For more inquiries, call them up on 424 625 9300.

Review = 4.5 out of 5


Other spaces at Village Workspaces Santa Monica:

Apart from workplace solutions, Village Workspaces Santa Monica offers other spaces for events and training sessions. Equipped with the latest technology, you will be awe inspired by the number of facilities at your disposal.

Conference rooms: Village Workspaces houses stylish conference rooms that are ideal for organizing meetings. Not only this, but you can also customize the space according to the nature of the occasion. The rooms can accommodate teams of varying sizes. It has a flat-screen monitor, projector, whiteboard, and audio system. Additionally, you will get refreshments as well! The cost of hiring a conference room depends upon the size of the space. Please get in touch with their team to procure details regarding this matter.

Event space: Planning to organize an event?  The well-contained conference rooms at Village Workspaces can be used for holding events as well. From fundraising to private sessions, you can use the space for any occasion you want to celebrate. Further, the room can accommodate up to 40 people. So, organize memorable events at this amazing place and mesmerize your audience!

Podcast studio: Are you a podcast enthusiast? If yes, then I have great news for you. Village Workplaces Santa Monica houses podcast studios with state-of-the-art equipment. You can record and produce your projects with the help of an efficient team of audio mixers, sound engineers, and producers. Besides recording facilities, they also provide an online space where you can edit your pieces before publishing them on a platform. To learn about the podcasting packages, please contact the respective team.

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Village Workspaces Santa Monica fosters the growth of professionals from diverse backgrounds. The coworking area, office space, studio, and conference rooms make up the facilities of this center. Beautifully designed, the coworking facility is a perfect combination of work and fun. Further, the efficient amenities available for your convenience reflect upon the versatility of this space. You will find it amazingly easy to accomplish your goals. The place is suitable for both individual and collaborative work.

You will have many opportunities to increase your network circle. In other words, the networking in this space is top-notch. Not to mention, the vibrant community of supportive members is always ready to help you make progress. What is the need for renting a corporate office when you have amazing options like this? Additionally, you can save a lot of money by opting for these cost-effective workspace solutions. Take a tour of this place and see for yourself! All the best!

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