Top 5 Coworking Spaces in Santa Barbara with Perks & Prices (2023)

There are a lot of good options for coworking space Santa Barbara. These spaces provide all the required high-quality amenities and services. Among these spaces are popular options like Synergy, The Sandbox, Regus, Impact Hub and more. The shared office space culture is catching on very rapidly courtesy of its growing demand. And its for all the right reasons. Coworking has a number of benefits which the traditional office workplaces cannot provide. Moreover, the virtual office facility is exclusively available in a coworking culture. Also, all the essential amenities are also made available as per corporate requirements.

It is not just a place where businesses work together under one roof, but much more. Coworking is a way of modern working that enables startups to flourish and old businesses to explore new options. The details of best options for coworking space Santa Barbara are listed below. Check them out and choose as per your work requirements.

Coworking Space Santa Barbara

There are many coworking spaces in Santa Barbara. Below are the details of the top spaces among these. Have a look.




Workzones is one of the best options for coworking space Santa Barbara. It is a local coworking space provider. They offer various membership plans for their coworking spaces. Also, they provide lightning fast and secure wifi services. Their office spaces are fully furnished and fully serviced. At Workzones Santa Barbara you can enjoy unlimited premium quality tea and coffee. Also, their coworking spaces are very flexible. You can have as many seats as you require for your business at this space. Furthermore, high-quality printing and scanning options are also available here. Mail packaging and mail handling services are also included in their membership plans.

Location: Downtown Santa Barbara, 351 Paseo Nuevo, Second Floor, Santa Barbara, CA

Membership Plans: At this coworking space Santa Barbara, day passes, private office spaces, meeting rooms and special event spaces are available. You can choose from their various membership plans. Coworking day passes are also available at this office space. There are three kinds of meeting room services provided here. You can rent them out at prices beginning from $30 on an hourly basis. Also, you can buy an all-inclusive membership at Workzones at rental prices of $200 per month. It includes 50 percent discounts on meeting rooms and day passes. Furthermore, you also get free wifi, guest priveledges, coffee, outlets and printing, scanning and fax services. Among the add ons, parking pass and private lockers are included.

Official Website:


The Sandbox Santa Barbara


The Sandbox is another preferred coworking space Santa Barbara. They provide various types of meeting rooms here. These are longboard, whiteboard, airstream, and fish tank meeting rooms. You can rent out these spaces on an hourly basis. A number of amenities are provided at The Sandbox Santa Barbara. Projector and a TV monitor is available here. You can enjoy the beautiful California beach window view from these spaces. The interiors are modern and as per the corporate requirements. The meeting rooms here are fully serviced and fully furnished. Secure door lock facilities are also available at this space. Print, scan, and photocopying services are also available here. A wide range of events is also held at this coworking space frequently.

Location – 414 Olive St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, USA

Membership Plan – The meeting rooms rental charges at The Sandbox Santa Barbara are $80 approximately. The prices may vary depending upon the type of meeting room and the amenities. Do visit their official website for more information about their spaces and the membership plans.

Official Website –


Impact Hub Santa Barbara


While looking for coworking space Santa Barbara, do check out Impact Hub. At Impact Hub Santa Barbara, a wide range of topnotch services and amenities are available for the businesses operating here. Small to large business houses can find a space here. You also get access to the outdoor patio and lounges here. Also, many professional and social events are also available quite frequently. Such events are a great way to enhance networks and learn new things. The ergonomics are also taken care of, and the comfort of the individuals is given due importance.

Locations –

The first location of Impact Hub is in the state street area of the city. This space offers all the necessary amenities to the individuals working here. Commuting is a breeze around here and also hassle-free. You can also grab quick snacks from the nearby eateries and restaurants.

Location – 1117 State Street, Santa Barbara CA 93101

The second coworking space Santa Barbara by Impact Hub is located in the Yanonali street area of the city. It is easily accessible and getting a parking spot is also easy here. This coworking space is nestled by many eateries, restaurants, shopping centers and more. So this office space is located in an easily accessible area of the city.

Location – 10 E Yanonali Street, Santa Barbara CA 93101

Membership Plans – Meeting rooms, event spaces, dedicated desks, coworking spaces are available at this coworking space Santa Barbara. You can opt for their flexible and part-time membership plan at rental prices of $125 and $225 per month respectively. While the dedicated desk and private office memberships cost $495 and $1100 respectively. Impact Hub Santa Barbara also offers a best value membership plan at $350 per month. All of these membership plans include the necessary amenities. Some amenities may vary from plan to plan. To get complete details of the price plans for their spaces. Visit their official website.

Official Website –


Synergy Business and Tech Center


Synergy Business and Tech Center Santa Barbara is located in the Funk zone area of the city. This coworking space is best suitable for large to small businesses and startups. Chase Palm Park is also at a close distance from here. It is in the prime location of the city, hence easily accessible too. A wide range of facilities and services are available at this coworking space Santa Barbara. There are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and shopping centers near this office space. Furthermore, Synergy Santa Barbara also provides a platform for building connections with potential investors.

Location – 1 N Calle Cesar Chavez, Suite 102, Santa Barbara, California 93103

Membership Plans – At Synergy Santa Barbara, you can rent out a hotdesk, semi-private office, and a private office. The rental prices for these are $300, $750 and $500 per month. These spaces are fully equipped with modern technology and fully serviced too.

Official Website –


Regus Santa Barbara


Coworking space Santa Barbara options also include a huge space brand name. And it is, Regus, the largest coworking space provider in the world. They have locations across numerous cities globally. Likewise, they also have a strong global presence and hence huge network base. They have years of expertise in the same field and have much more to offer than just corporate amenities. The businesses operating here add volumes of value to their brand name through Regus. Regus Also, Santa Barbara is located at the heart of the downtown business community of the city. Courthouses and the famous Museum of Natural History are at a walking distance from this location. Also, a lot of highly rated restaurants and cafes are closely placed from here. Furthermore, highway 101 is just one mile away from Regus Santa Barbara. So commuting around here is also very easy.

Location – 7 W Figueroa Street, Suites 200 and 300, Santa Barbara, California, 93101

Membership Plans – At Regus Santa Barbara, you can rent out virtual offices, private office, conference rooms, and business lounges. Furthermore, both fixed and flexible membership plans are available at this coworking space. For more details visit their official website and reach them on their email address.

There are a lot of fine options for coworking space Santa Barbara. The above mentioned is the curated list of the top coworking spaces in the city. These office spaces provide all kinds of coworking options for startups, freelancers, and businesses too. A wide variety of office spaces are available in the city for all kinds of work requirements.

Do check out the above list of best options for coworking space Santa Barbara. Choose as per your specific corporate needs. Do visit the official website of the spaces for more information about their membership plans and amenities.

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