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Union Cowork San Diego is a great coworking facility that offers some of the best work facilities. They offer state-of-the-art services that will enable you to work more productively. Further, you will be a part of a thriving community who just like you harbor big dreams. Working alongside a talented pool of people is always full of advantages. For instance, you have more opportunities to learn new things that can ultimately prove fruitful for your business. Apart from this, the workspace is open 24/7 which gives you the option to cowork whenever you want to. Isn’t that a great convenience?

The members at Union Cowork are eligible to avail all the services available at the center. And the best part is that you will not be charged with anything extra! That is to say, your membership will cover everything from the internet access to other basic utilities. Moreover, the staff at the workstation is extremely helpful. So, if you have a problem with something, you can ask for their assistance and they will be happy to help you. All these things are available at a single place and that too at a budget-friendly plan. If you want to know more about this place, keep reading further!

Union Cowork San Diego Locations:

North Park 30th

Union Cowork North Park 30th is a great workspace located in a bustling neighborhood. It is set-up right across Balboa Park and offers an ideal work environment. Further, this workspace is inside a two-story building right in the center of North Park. You can find almost all the facilities right around the corner. For instance restaurants, cafes, gyms, and other retail venues are just a block away.

Address: 3919 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104, USA

North Park University

Another location of Union Cowork is at North Park University. It is situated in a single-story concrete building. Moreover, this workspace offers great facilities such as semi-private and private spaces. At a small distance from here, you will be able to locate various restaurants and retail stores. So, it will be quite convenient to work here.

Address: 3060 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104, USA


Union Cowork Encinitas is a beautiful location to cowork at. One of the best thing about this place is that it is at a small distance from Moonlight Beach. Also, from your office window, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the ocean side. Working from here is quite flexible as it connects with various transportation routes. In the neighborhood, you can find various restaurants, cafes, surf shops and much more.

Address: 111 C St, Encinitas, CA 92024, USA

East Village:

Union Cowork has another location in East Village which is the fastest growing neighborhood in the city. Not to mention, the great entrepreneurial spirit of the city will always keep you motivated. Some of the major attractions include Padre’s Petco Park, San Diego Convention Center and more. Apart from this, this place is teeming with restaurant and modern-styled cafes.

Address: 704 J St, San Diego, CA 92101, USA

Website: https://unioncowork.com

Email: [email protected]

Union Cowork San Diego





Perks of working at Union Cowork:

  • Outdoor working facility: At Union Cowork Sad Diego, you have the option to work outdoors. That is, they have made available special seating arrangements in the open environment in case you want a change in your surrounding.
  • Bike Parking: The work center encourages its members to choose more environmentally friendly options. Therefore, they have plenty of bike parking spaces. Also, they provide village bikes to members if they got any errand to complete.
  • 24/7 access: You will have 24/7 access to Union Cowork San Diego once you become a member.
  • Beverages: Refresh yourself with a fresh cup of coffee or tea during work breaks. It will help you relax and concentrate more!
  • Conference rooms: The center has well-equipped conference rooms where you can conduct meetings in a professional environment.
  • Meeting sessions: You can embark on various connecting sessions with your team and know your peers better.
  • High-speed internet: The internet at this coworking space San Diego will help you stay connected and carry out your work without any disruption.
  • Neighborhood partnerships: You can get a discount at businesses located in the neighborhood if you become a member. That is to say, they have partnered with various companies so that you receive maximum benefits.
  • Parking facility: San Diego’s Union Cowork has plenty of parking options. So, no more do you need to worry about where you park your car when you are headed to work.
  • Local beer: The center offers local beer as well!
  • Personal lockers: You can store your work materials at the workspace as they offer personal locker facilities.
  • Pet-friendly: Another great thing about this space is that it is pet-friendly. That implies you can bring your pet along to work.

Membership Prices at Union Cowork:

Flexible desks: At Union Cowork San Diego, you can opt for a flexible desk space if you work solo. Moreover, this option will provide you with a desk in the shared office space. So, you will be working in a collaborative environment with other community members. Apart from this, you will have access to all the amenities offered by the workspace. This includes personal locker and access to a conference room for 4 hours a month. So, every time you come to work, you will have a desk waiting for you. All you need to do is bring your laptop along and get down to work. The membership price of this option starts at $400 per month.

Semi-private: Semi-private desk at Union Cowork San Diego gives you access to a permanent spot at the center. In other words, there will be a space exclusively designed for your use. Besides, you will be working in the communal space that gives you the benefit of working alongside like-minded individuals. You can even store your work materials at the center itself rather than taking everything home. Other than this, you have all the amenities available at your disposal. Additionally, you get to use a conference room for 8 hours a month. The price of this option is $600 per month.

Private/ Reserved: Are you looking for an efficient workspace for you and your team? Well, Union Cowork has exactly what you are looking for if you are planning to grow your business. They provide well-equipped enclosed spaces with lockable doors. You can access the office space whenever you feel like it. Furthermore, these offices are meant for teams of varying sizes. You can avail all the facilities of the center in addition to 12 hours usage of conference room per month. The cost of availing this option starts at $1250 per month.


Union Cowork San Diego offers great workplace solutions to those who are looking for modern office culture. They are working on the belief that working in a free and flexible environment can procure better results. So, if you are looking for a better alternative to strict corporate offices, this is the option to consider. Whether you are a freelancer or a well-established business professional, they have plans for all. Their personalized services are meant for satisfying various requirements of people from diverse backgrounds.

You will notice that Union Cowork including all its San Diego locations provides some of the top-notch facilities. They have various environmental friendly programs that work on better usage of resources. For example, they encourage their members to use bicycles more than their cars. Also, they provide village bikes in case a member has to run an errand or something. Another unique feature of this workspace is that it is pet-friendly. They allow you to bring your pet to the center. Isn’t that great? They have a lot more to offer. Sign up for a tour and discover for yourself. All the best!

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