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TheMindspace San Francisco is a coworking facility that offers great workplace solutions. If you are looking for a workspace that inspires you to strive harder, then this is it. You are at the right place. Further, with their efficient services, they will help you take your business to the next level. All you have to do is work on your ideas and they will take care of the rest. Not to mention, they cater to the needs of teams of all sizes. As opposed to a corporate office, you will get a chance to work in a flexible environment. Here, you have the power to decide how the business shall be executed.

Mindspace San Francisco harbors a talented pool of people. These members belong to diverse professions and believe in working in a team. So, you will be working alongside vibrant people who, like you, aspire to achieve greatness. Apart from this, the workplace has modern interiors that encourage creativity. If you are a well-established business or have just started with your venture, you will find everything here. Besides, their fully equipped meeting rooms and event spaces are definitely a cherry on the cake. This space has a lot more to offer. So, to procure more information about this stunning place, keep reading further!

Amenities offered by Mindspace Coworking

This Coworking space in San Francisco offers great amenities to help its tenants achieve their desired goals. Further, the list of amenities that they offer does not charge you anything additional. That is because they are associated with the membership plan you opt for.

  • 24/7 access: You can access your work spot at Mindspace Coworking anytime you feel like working. Further, this is applicable to all its centers including Mindspace San Francisco.
  • Printing facilities: No need to go out for small tasks like printing your documents! This facility is available at the center itself.
  • Global network: Mindspace Coworking has a global network with some of the greatest companies. So, it will definitely be a plus point if you work here.
  • Professional events: Mindspace San Francisco conducts regular events that are informative as well as fun. Furthermore, you get a chance to communicate with like-minded individuals.
  • Fully furnished: The workspace is fully-furnished with comfortable seating arrangements. So, make yourself comfortable and get done with your work.
  • Mail services: Mindspace Coworking will also take care of your mails. Once you get a new mail, the team will notify you about it and deliver the message. It is as simple as it sounds.
  • Internet facility: No need to worry about carrying your own internet connection to the work center. That is, you will get access to the super-fast Wi-Fi connection at Mindspace San Francisco.
  • Coffee/Soda bar: A coffee break is important when you are working on something. So, help yourself with a cup of coffee or soda and feel refreshed.
  • Bike storage: Mindspace San Francisco also has a bike parking facility for its members.
  • Cleaning services: You will be working in a clean surrounding as the workstation is regularly tidied up for your use.

MindSpace San Francisco


Membership Plans at Mindspace San Francisco

The membership plans at Mindspace Coworking are specifically designed to suit your professional requirements. Further, these monthly plans will help you discover new ways of honing your skills. Not to mention, to make your experience worthwhile, these plans include great benefits. Given below are the membership options available at the work center.

Private offices: Are you looking for a private space for your team to grow? Well, no need to look any further. Mindspace San Francisco provides spacious office spaces for teams of all sizes. They offer single, double, triple and even larger offices. Moreover, these offices are fully furnished with items such as personal desks, ergonomic chairs and a lot more. Besides, the super fast internet, fully stocked kitchen and other perks are also a part of this program. Isn’t it amazing to get all that you require at a single place? The membership costs of this option are:

  • 2-3 seats: Starting at $1,705 per month
  • 4-6 seats: Starting at $8,170 per month
  • 8 seats: Starting at $8,170 per month
  • 10 seats: Contact them

Open space: The open space at Mindspace Coworking is meant for those who prefer working in a collaborative environment. Further, you will be working with people from diverse backgrounds. So, this increases your chances of developing new connections. This option gives you a personalized desk with meeting room hours. In addition to this, you get 24/7 access, internet access and a lot more. This option is most suitable for freelancers, entrepreneurs or those who work solo. The cost of availing this option starts at $600 per seat per month.

Meeting rooms and Event space: Mindspace San Francisco rents out great event spaces and meeting rooms. So, conduct your meetings in a professional environment and get everything you need. Similarly, you can host your next big event here. Besides a beautiful setting, you will get additional services as well. To know more about these options and their prices, get in touch with their team.

Mindspace Location in San Francisco

Mindspace San Francisco is situated inside the famous Market Center Building at Market street. The place is brimming with business activities that explain why it is known as a business district. The workspace is spread across three floors and has stunning views of the city. Furthermore, the location is easily accessible. That is because it connects with some of the major transport routes. For instance, at a small distance from the workspace falls Montgomery Station. The major attractions of the place include Crocker Galleria, Union Square, and Westfield Mall. All in all, it is an ideal location to give your business the platform it deserves.

Address: 575 Market St

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.mindspace.me


Mindspace Coworking understands how difficult it can get to make your voice heard sometimes. For instance, when you are working to bring a change with your innovation and the circumstances are unfavorable. But here, they will help you overcome all your difficulties and help you establish your venture. Also, they provide an amazing coworking environment so that you are all set to explore your options. If are a newbie in the world of coworking and are unsure about your option. Well, don’t be. Mindspace Coworking San Franciso has got everything covered up for you. They make sure that all your needs are catered to. All in all, your work journey will be full of amazing surprises!

Mindspace San Francisco deems working collaboratively as a very important step for success. Therefore, they will encourage you to step out of your comfort box and introduce new people in your life. And who knows? These people might be your future partner or investors! You will be working at the core of the startup community. Meaning, you will have scores of opportunities to gain first hands experience to learn how to execute ideas. Not to mention, the community managers at Mindspace Coworking will ensure that you have everything to make you feel comfortable. What are you waiting for? Take a tour today and see for yourself. It’s worth everything. 

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