9 Best Coworking Spaces in Nashville With Perks & Prices (2022)

There are a lot of good options for coworking space Nashville. This city has quite a few famous and huge brands that provide unique office spaces. Apart from this, there are a few new coworking brands too which are just as good. These shared offices have modern interiors and high technology infrastructure.

All the prerequisites for good shared office space are available at these shared offices. With coworking, the work moves smoothly and productivity increases. The work dynamics have changed considerably after the introduction of the coworking trend.

Various types of corporate spaces are available at these offices. These are suitable for freelancers, single entrepreneurs, startups and big businesses alike. All the high-quality amenities and perks are available here.

Even though there are many office space options in Nashville, we have curated the best ones on this list. Below are the complete details of the finest coworking spaces in Nashville along with locations.

Coworking Space Nashville

There are quite a few amazing shared office spaces in Nashville. These have all the important and necessary amenities and services. These offices are fully equipped and fully serviced. Below are the details of these coworking spaces.


Weld Nashville


Weld Nashville is a city-based coworking brand. This is a famous choice for coworking space Nashville. These spaces have all the necessary amenities and perks available here. These offices provide various coworking options here meeting different corporate requirements. It is located towards the south of the Downtown area and hence has perks of its own. This locale is a haven for photographers, filmmakers, and other creative professionals. They offer various discounts for renting out their office spaces. These are secure and have proper door lock feature.

24/7 access is available for Weld Nashville. This is the best space for creative individuals. The membership plans for their shared offices are flexible too. Furthermore, they serve the best Crema coffee here.

Address: 90 Oceanside Dr, Nashville, TN 37204

Membership Plans: This coworking space Nashville has event spaces, meeting rooms, private offices, and studio offices available. Their premiere spaces are best suitable for small teams. You can rent out this space for approx $2000 per month. Furthermore, they also have a dedicated desk and cube office options. To know more about their office spaces, visit their official website.


Industrious Nashville


This is another great option for coworking space Nashville. Industrious Nashville has the best of shared office spaces in town. They have three locations in Nashville, one of which will open shortly. They have all the topnotch amenities for their offices. High-quality coffee and pastries are served here throughout the day. Also, you can easily find a parking spot at Industrious Nashville. Various programming and other professional events are held at these spaces on a frequent basis. Also, member events and parties are also held here from time to time.

Super fast internet facility is also available here. Another unique feature of these offices is that these have wellness rooms. Also, the comfort of the individuals working here is a priority for Industrious. The interiors are modern and as per corporate norms.

Official Website: https://www.industriousoffice.com


  • Gulch: 1033 Demonbreun Street, Suite 300, Nashville, Tennessee, 37203
  • Downtown: 414 Union St. Suite 1900, Nashville, Tennessee, 37219
  • Cummins Station: 209 10th Ave South, Suite 560, Nashville, Tennessee 37203

Membership Plans: This coworking space Nashville has various membership plans available. These include community memberships and private offices – medium, large and small. The community memberships cost $428 per month. While the rental charges for small private offices are $680 per month. To know more about their price plans, visit their official website.


Center 615


Center 615 Nashville is a unique office space. It has both coworking spaces for corporates and for production houses. For the corporates, they have a wide range of amenities and different varieties of coworking spaces. They also have an outdoor space, kitchen access among various other high-quality amenities. While for the production houses, they have workspaces, event spaces and they also rent out equipment. Hence, they are one of a kind. The access to these spaces is for 24/7.

This coworking space Nashville has lockable and hence secure offices. Also, you can easily get a parking spot on their onsite parking lot which is free. Unlimited meeting room use is also available here. Furthermore, you can also avail of the nap and meditation room facilities here.

Official Website: https://c615.co/work/


  • Center 615: 615 Main Street, Nashville, TN 37206
  • Studio 615: 272 Broadmoor Drive, Nashville, TN 37207

Membership Plans: Among the coworking options here are a private office, designated desk, meeting rooms, and drifter desks. You can rent out a designated desk here for $400 per month. You can rent out event spaces at their coworking space for production houses. To know more about their price plans, visit their official website.


Regus Nashville


This coworking space Nashville has various office space locations in the city. It is undoubtedly the most famous coworking option across many cities all around the globe. Their services are top notch and facilities are of high quality. These spaces are suitable for part-time workers, freelancers, startups and small to large businesses alike. These offices are accessible for 24/7. Here various professional events are organized from time to time. Also, Regus has a huge global network and thus it is beneficial for a business to join them.

Their shared office spaces are at the prime locations of the city. Furthermore, there are a lot of high-quality restaurants, hotels, etc around this space. Commuting around here is also very easy.


  • 424 Church Street, Suite 2000, Nashville, Tennessee 37219
  • 222 Second Ave S, 17th Floor, Nashville, Tennessee 37201
  • 3200 Westend Avenue, Suite 500, Nashville, Tennessee 37203

Membership Plans: Regus Nashville has meeting rooms, private offices, business lounges, and other coworking options. You can rent out a business lounge here at $93 per month. To know more about their price plans reach them at their official website.


Deavor Nashville


Deavor Nashville is another local shared office brand. It is a great option for coworking space Nashville. They have different options for coworking here. These spaces are flexible. Ergonomic furniture is also available here. Modern and high-quality amenities and perks are provided at Deavor. This coworking space Nashville has various cafes, restaurants, and eateries around.

A lot of commute options are also available here. You can also find a parking spot easily and hence parking is also a hassle-free experience. Secure lockable cabinets and drawers are provided here.

Official Website: https://www.deavor.co/

Address: 305 Jefferson St #125, Nashville, TN 37208

Membership Plans: There are three coworking options available at this coworking space Nashville. These are flexible, shared and premium. The flexible office option is available for $200 per month in which you get 10 days working access. For more information about their spaces, visit their official website.


InDo Nashville


InDo is another city-based coworking option. This coworking space Nashville has a wide range of coworking options available. InDo is the short form for Inspiration Domain. The shared offices here are airy and flexible. These have a lot of room for daylight coming in these spaces. Also, you can get the day passes here. You can place both local and international calls at the private phone booths here. If you wish to have some fresh air, you can choose to work at the lounge spaces at InDo.

Furthermore, tea, coffee, and filtered water are also provided here throughout the day. Onsite staff is also readily available for your help. You can also rent out event spaces here. The access for these spaces is available for 24/7. Parking at InDo Nashville is also free of cost.

Official Website: https://www.indonashville.com/

Address: 632 Fogg Street Nashville, TN

Membership Plans: Various price plans for different coworking spaces are available at these office spaces. Un-cubicles, private offices, event spaces, and songwriting rooms are available here. You can get a day pass at these spaces for $20 per day.


WeWork at Nashville


This coworking space Nashville is without a doubt one of the most famous shared office spaces in the town. This coworking brand has a huge global outreach. They provide the best of amenities and services. WeWork has four locations in the city, two of which will be opening shortly. Fresh fruit water is served at these spaces daily. Also, various events are also organized here from time to time. Wellness rooms are also available at WeWork Nashville. You can also opt to work in the outdoor spaces here, just in case you need some fresh breeze.

Frequently many professional and social events are held here from time to time. A cleaning crew is on duty here 24/7, hence these spaces remain speckless at all times. Also, these offices are fully equipped and fully serviced. A lot of commute options are also available here easily.


  • 901 Woodland St Nashville TN 37206
  • 150 4th Ave N Nashville TN 37219

Membership Plans: At this coworking space Nashville, dedicated offices, hot desks, and private offices are available. You can rent out a hot desk here at $300 per month. These coworking spaces have a secure door lock feature.


Fort Houston


This is another local brand for coworking space Nashville. It is a maker-space for craftsmen. You can also learn from the various classes on the craftsmanship at these spaces. Also, a member can make use of the tools available at these spaces. These maker-spaces remain open for 24/7. Their facilities include private offices, coworking spaces, metal shop, photo studios, and full-scale wood shops.

Also, various knowledgable events are also held here which are immensely beneficial for learned and novice alike. To know more about their spaces, visit their official website.

Official Website: https://www.forthouston.com/

Address: Fort Houston, 2020 Lindell Ave, Nashville, TN, 37203

Membership Plans: The various coworking options here include a specific shop, al shops, and two types of dedicated workbenches. ½ dedicated bench membership costs $250 per month.


Nashville Entrepreneur Center



As the name itself is suggestive, this coworking space Nashville is a local coworking space provider. These office spaces have a wide variety of high quality and useful amenities. They have a treadmill and stand up desks options so that you can work comfortably. Also, weekly events are held from time to time here which is a great chance for learning and networking. The entry to these spaces is available through a key card. These coworking spaces are secure and have 24/7 access.

A range of seating options is also available at this coworking space Nashville. You can also enjoy a refreshment at the member break rooms here. Furthermore, you can also avail of a scholarship at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center.

Official Website: https://www.ec.co/

Address: Nashville Entrepreneur Center, 41 Peabody Street, Nashville, TN

Membership Plans: The three membership plan options available here are connect, cowork and incubate. Connect membership provides both virtual and in-person networking options. You can buy this membership plan for $15 per month. To know more about their office spaces, reach their official website.

Above mentioned are the best options for the coworking space Nashville. These meet the corporate needs of the freelancers, part-time workers, travelers, startups, small and large businesses. All the necessary prerequisites are also available here. Furthermore, various events are also held from time to time. Some of the other coworking options are Novel coworking Nashville, launch pad, Espaces, etc.

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