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Looking for an office space but wish to skip the leasing costs? The Smart Space San Diego will be a perfect solution to your office space needs at a very pocket-friendly budget. Further, it has a unique art gallery environment adorned with breathtaking paintings giving the space a beautiful tint of art. Moreover, the friendly staff along with the artistic kick and many more excellent services make this place an amazing coworking space.

The Smart Space San Diego is also a pet-friendly coworking space. Therefore, you can bring your furry companion along so that they don’t feel left behind at home. Additionally, the breathtaking window views will give you a sense of peace and tranquility in the midst of all the work stress. Also, this place also arranges open house reception for artists and non-profit groups where you can meet new people and create links. This place with its lovely ambiance and efficient facility can prove to be more than just an office space for your business.

Perks of Smart Space San Diego:

A space without any perks and amenities, won’t have the potential to cater its tenant’s needs and hence hamper the workflow. On the contrary, the Smart Space San Diego offers all the amenities that a team could ask for.

  • Free WiFi: This space provides high-speed WiFi in office hours to its members for easy sailing at work. Moreover, there are no additional charges for as it’s covered under the membership costs.
  • 24/7 Access: This place is a safe haven for night owls and people having clients from different time zones. As you can access it round the clock.
  • Highly Efficient Office Equipment: The Smart Space San Diego is Equipped with highly functional Scanner and printers which you can use for free.
  • Furnished Lounge: Sometimes workload can be intense making a little chit-chat a necessity and this space understand it. So enjoy in the furnished lounge adorned with an amazing collection of art to give your breaks an artistic kick.
  • Hosted Art and Networking Events: They also host art events which make for an amazing networking opportunity for meeting potential clients.
  • Well Maintained Zen garden: The Smart Space also has a uniquely designed zen garden. So, whenever you need to align your thoughts and ideas you can take a stroll here and refreshen your spirits.
  • Showers: Tired of working or did you cycled to work? Refresh and recharge your energy levels under the onsite showers.
  • Art Gallery: The art gallery, featuring works of new emerging artists, within the office space adds a unique touch. Since a place filled with art inspires creativity, it’s a perfect spot to get. the most out of your skills.
  • Friendly Staff: With the help of an amazing team at hand you can easily bid farewell to assistance issues. Since, they can help you to take calls, receive clients and much more for you to work and grow effortlessly.

Smart Space San Diego Membership Plans:

The Smart Space San Diego provides a large variety of plans. So that it caters to the needs of a large variety of consumers looking for a coworking space. Just have a look at the plans below to find your best fit.

Part Time Office: Tired of working from home office? Or the cafe tables are too noisy to concentrate? A part-time office at the Smart Space will be the answer to all your woes. In fact, you can have 15 hours of office access at any time of day with this membership. Plus, you will get your own business address, personalized mailbox and telephone answering services along with access to conference rooms. Your price will range from $20 per hour to $300 per month at the Smart Space San Diego.

Full-Time Office: Does your client belongs to a different timezone or your team needs to have on-demand work hours? For such a requirement you can rent a private office space with 24/7 access at just $700 per month. Further, access to conference rooms, mailing and telephone service are available within the plan.

Virtual Office: If you need San Diego address along with mail/telephone handling service then virtual office. The prices start from as low as $30 per month up to $90 per month. Further,  with the additional cost of office and conference room access depending on the plan.

Conference Room: The Smart Space San Diego provides a solution to your meeting and interview arrangements by providing highly efficient conference rooms. You can rent a room depending on the number of people you are having on board. Charges begin from $45 per hour for 6 people to $ 200 for 14 people, for a half day.

Event Space: You will also have access to an event space, where you can host a product launch, get together or any kind of event. Or just be a part of the amazing events they host. For pricing info, contact them.

Smart Space San Diego

Location and Contact:

Smart Space SD

The Location of this amazing and creativity boosting co-working space is 4455 Murphy Canyon Road, Suite 100. This location is surrounded by greenery and is a short drive away from the cafe and restaurants. You can walk into the Smart Space San Diego any time during office hours to have a look at the art gallery and book yourself a seat.

For any inquiries, you can give them a call at 619 453 0880 Or send them an email to [email protected]. Their staff will be happy to help you with anything you need.


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The Smart Space San Diego has the office environment like none other co-working office space provider. With a pet-friendly environment, unique ambiance and a very genuine staff team, your business will get a perfect space to bloom. Further, this space provides flexible plans hence, you’ll definitely find the plan you need without stressing your pockets. Additionally, the blend of the art gallery with office decor makes this a perfect place for coworking for creative individuals.

So, walk into this amazing coworking space and start connecting and growing with others while enjoying art and beauty. Along with amazing services and amenities, The Smart Space San Diego is an ideal choice for anyone to start co-working. Hence, without any delay give them a call and book yourself a seat to start co-working.

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