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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to work in an energetic environment? Well, that is what you will get at Spaces Santa Monica. A coworking space which resonates a vibrant ecosystem which exudes confidence among the members and steers them towards excellence. Their “success leads to success” theory will allow you to leverage the most out of a collaborative community environment. At the core of this workspace is an entrepreneurial spirit which defines their each and every move. The work areas here are diverse and precede your imagination regarding comfort and convenience.

Spaces Santa Monica is revered as one of the best coworking spaces. They have an excellent staff to assist you with all the backend tasks. This coworking space exhibits all the features of beautiful and pleasant office space. There is an ample amount of natural light penetrating into the work area. I was amazed and astonished at the same time after having a close look at the core philosophy with which Spaces works. According to this coworking organization, Spaces Santa Monica is where tomorrow begins and this is where you need to be.

Amenities @ Spaces Santa Monica

It goes without saying that a coworking operator such as Spaces Santa Monica will have some prudential and exciting amenities to offer. Well, let’s have a look at them:

  • There are custom-made designer desks which will seduce everybody to sit and start working.
  • For over the coffee conversations there is a distinct corner where you get to meet new people over coffee.
  • Spaces Santa Monica is available 24/7 for dedicated desk and office members.
  • Spaces is spread throughout the world and you can connect with any of their community locations from your desk.
  • The membership plans are flexible enough to cater to all your needs and requirements.
  • From official and corporate desks to more casual and cozy seating arrangement, you can conduct your business from anywhere you like.
  • Never compromise when it comes to docking that ship. Use the meeting rooms at Space Santa Monica and ensure that you play all the right cards.
  • When it is time to attend a private incognito call, step into the dedicated phone booths.
  • You can also use the Spaces Application to book meeting rooms and to look after other considerations.
  • There are regular events and speaker forums where personalities from a range of organizations participate.
  • There are locker and storage services available for permanent desk members.

Services that are unique to Spaces Santa Monica:

A large organization such as Spaces should have something of an edge over the others. And this is exactly what they have. At the Santa Monica workspace, you will find the following additional services that are unique to them.

  • You can also avail for a virtual address at this coworking space. A virtual address will allow you to pitch your business as operating from a premium corporate address. And this ranks as a big benefit for the owners to show their business strength and approach.
  • Here you can also avail for shoe repair, dry cleaning, and tailoring services.
  • With the help of Vitam (official caterer at Spaces Santa Monica) arrange your daily food and fruit basket perfectly. They will take special care of each and every member’s needs and will give you a tailored basket as per your requirement and health.

Spaces Santa Monica




Spaces Santa Monica Membership Plans:

Coming to membership plans, there are a few options to consider before taking a decision. Spaces Santa Monica has a business club membership, a dedicated desk membership, and a private office membership. All three of them have different sets of work methods and provide variable benefits. Wanna know how?

  • Dedicated Desk: A dedicated desk at Spaces Santa Monica means that you will get your own desk. Unlike a hot desk, nobody else can use it without your permission. Having a permanent desk means that you will be working from here full-time. Although the dedicated desk is yours only, it does not mean that you are away from the others. You will be among a collaborative community and will be able to connect with buzzing coworkers. At Spaces Santa Monica you can hire a dedicated desk at $500 per month. Having a dedicated desk means that you can leverage the best of two worlds. There is a vibrant community working with you and you also have your own personal space.
  • Office Membership: Expansion and scaling in business are imperative. But more important is that you need to have the tools in hand to quarantine that expansion and put it on the right trajectory. The private offices at Space Santa Monica will provide you with the perfect medium and direction to scale. Office space is also beneficial when you want to keep your planning hidden from the world. But don’t worry about missing out on all the action in the communal workspace. All the office members at Spaces will have access to the business lounge where they will get an ample amount of opportunities to connect and collaborate. The starting price of availing an office at Space Santa Monica is $820 per month. You can also choose the office area and number of seats as per your requirement.

Business Club:

Unlike other coworking organizations, Spaces facilitates a unique concept. The Business Club. This is not your regular lounge area where you can just sit have a casual chat with someone. This is the area where you will meet potential clients, customers, partners, and stakeholders and that too without leaving the building. There is a dedicated area in the Santa Monica Spaces precinct where there are other fellow members participating.

The business lounge is about mind mapping and collaborating with other coworkers. It is about having an important chat over coffee, it is about planning your next big step. In all a business club is about what goes into running a business and what comes after. In all, it is everything that you can do in your business and what you should do. The membership for this unique concept at Spaces Santa Monica starts at $500 per month. The business club is accessible from Monday to Friday in the business hours.  

Meeting Rooms:

With Spaces Santa Monica providing eloquent and proficient meeting rooms, you won’t have to worry again about the meeting decorum. Their meeting rooms set an example of how to greet and treat a client. These meeting rooms have everything that you desire and wish how a meeting should happen. There are excellent AV facilities, whiteboard, Wifi connectivity, and whatnot. There are in total of 3 meeting rooms at this Spaces location. Above all, you will not have to worry about hospitality, the marvelous staff will take care of the catering and other sundry assistance so that you can focus on landing this bird.

Location and Contact:

Spaces has made its mark in every continent and almost every country in the world. They are rapidly expanding so that they are able to reach out to the maximum number of people and build communities. In Santa Monica, Spaces is set up in a large 28800m2  area and have a big business club too. The Arizona Avenue on which you will find Spaces Santa Monica is decorated with high-end tech-based companies. This area also has the presence of blooming startups and has become somewhat of a launchpad.

The third street promenade which connects with Arizona Avenue is house to various lip-smacking and world-renowned eateries. You will also find a plethora of shopping venues and entertainment centers in this location. The nearest bus stop to your next coworking space goes by the moniker Lincoln NB and Santa Monica NS. Otherwise, you will find this coworking space close to the Santa Monica Blvd road.

Santa Monica – Spaces

Address: 730 Arizona Avenue, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California, 90401


Email: [email protected]

Reviews = 4.5 out of 5


Let me end this journey by saying that Spaces Santa Monica is one of the best spaces that I have written about. It is exciting, energetic, vibrant, has a beautiful camaraderie and most of all, is easily accessible. You will find yourself submerged into a community which instills confidence and will take you towards a prosperous path. The services and amenities offered by the organization add a cherry to the cake. It will let you focus on what’s important and what really matters for your work. Talk about anything that you would want from an office and they will have it. And did I tell you that Spaces Santa Monica is only 10 minutes away from the beach and that too when you go on a bike? So, what are you waiting for? Go see for yourself what an amazing co-working space is it. Happy Coworking!

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