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A renowned hackerspace for technical creative projects, Noise Bridge San Francisco can be said to be setting the pace and helping people in the hacker’s world. It is an educational non-profit institution. It is a physical, collaborative space open to people interested in programming, hardware, hacking, physics, chemistry, security, robotics, art, and technology. Besides, it organizes talks, workshops, and projects which creates room for collaboration, learning, sharing, teaching, mentoring and much more. Noisebridge San Francisco is a collaborative environment that is based on consensus rather than leadership. Also, members and visitors have to follow just one simple rule: “Be excellent to each other.”

Noise Bridge is located in the heart of San Francisco, and in case you miss the gist, this collaborative space is inspired by hackerspaces in Europe like Metalab of Vienna, CBase of Berlin and others. Not surprising it has won  “Best Hacker Playground” in 2011 of Best of San Francisco Weekly award Also, it has gained media attention and covered by various international media for bags of projects like the BBC, The New Yorker, and a host of them. This amazing hackerspace provides a space and infrastructures for experimentation and collaboration. Are you a techie, arty, or crafty? Come and meet people of like -mind. Teach a class, use the amenities, access the library, surf the net and get those projects done. 

Amenities at Noise Bridge San Francisco:

Noise Bridge San Francisco has a lot of amenities and tools available for members for free. Come along and work on your project and also help others with theirs.

Library: access to an onsite mini-library stacked with a variety of books on subjects ranging from learning a programming language to learning German.

Multiple rooms: there are different classrooms to host classes, workshops, display projects and much more. As a matter of fact, this is a perfect space for learning and innovation.

Meeting: Noise Bridge San Francisco hosts different meetings and events where members share their stories, hold workshops, panels and presentations, play games and party. Moreover, this is the best time to interact with hackers and collaborate.

Bike space: Access to Noise Bridge’s bike rack where you can park your bikes without any hassle. 

Classes and groups 

Noise bridge conducts different classes for its members in different fields like art, or any other things. For example, Gamebridge University which is open to anyone who wants to learn programming, arts, design, music, game development and much more. Other classes or groups are Cambridge, Circuit hacking Mondays, VR, Neuro hacking, 3D Printing, Haskell, Music, Gaming Archivists. This is a great way to start those projects and watch yourself do the unimaginable.

Tools: This Hackerspace has a lot of tools, infrastructures, and equipment which are fairly open to anyone. Feel free to visit the place and work on those projects of your dreams or assist others in achieving theirs. Furthermore, the tools include the Sewing Machine for fashion lovers. Other tools are SawStop Table Saw, Othermill, Roland MDX-40A, Maslow CNC, Welder, Kiln, Router Table, Button Maker, Lathe.etc.

Areas:  There are different departments in the space that are dedicated to each field of work . for instance, the sewing area. They host sewing events and have functional sewing machines and sewing tools for your convenience. Other areas include woodworking, Hackatorium, Turing, Sparkle Forge, Library, NAW – Noise Audio Workstation and more.

Noise Bridge San Francisco


How to become a member at Noise Bridge?

Wondering if you have to pay a huge amount to be a member of this space? No! Noise Bridge is open to everyone. In light of this, any member can come to teach, learn and share at this space.

However, if you spend a lot of time at this hackerspace and you are not donating, you will be required to contribute in some material way to and helping Noise Bridge San Francisco grow.


If you would like to contribute to this space, involvement in Noise Bridge San Francisco is in two ways. These are:

Philanthropy- This is an individual who wishes to contribute financially to Noise Bride. They have 24/7 access to this hackerspace. Also, they must pay a recurring monthly donation and be recognized as being outstanding. 

Membership- Membership entails much more than a philanthropist. It entails involvement in the official governance process. Specifically, it includes having the duties to learn, share, maintain, improve and govern Noise Bridge San Francisco. 

Location and Contact

Noise Bridge is located at  It is close to bus stations and it is also a few blocks away from the 22 Fillmore and 12 Folsom Minibusses. This makes for easy commuting to this hackerspace. At the best, you will get access to a beautiful (beautiful in the sense of the work that they do here and the community that is thriving in it) workspace. Besides it, the whole street is bustling with shops, restaurants, cafes, salons and much more. You will be working from a happening area of the city and this is yet another level of networking potential at your disposal. 

Address: 2169 Mission St. 3rd Floor

Email: [email protected]


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This one of the first hackerspaces in the U.S. did not only create a space where people can learn and share, but also help in the founding of different hackerspaces around the world. The good news, you don’t have to be a member to avail of this space but you can as well donate to help maintain and grow this awesome Hackerspace. All activities and workshops are free and are all open to individual or organizational use. NoiseBridge  San Francisco is one of its kinds as it also makes work convenient and comfortable for its users. It provides infrastructure and collaboration opportunities for anyone willing to grow.

Noise Bridge San Francisco’s aim is to provide a hackerspace for sharing, creation, collaboration, research and much more. It is definitely more than a physical space, it is a collaborative environment that helps people grow. Are you a programmer, excellent hacker, artist, fashion designer, musician?

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