Top 7 Coworking Spaces In New Orleans with Perks & Prices

Are you on a coworking space New Orleans hunt? Then you must be aware that coworking is not a new or an unfamiliar concept anymore. It’s been around for a while and is making high strides towards its imminent surge.

In 1999, Bernard DeKoven coined the term ‘Coworking,’ and by the time the concept was already out there in books. In the last couple of decades, this term has taken up a modern route and evolved into what it is today, but the fundamentals being “working together and being productive” remain the same. 

San Francisco witnessed the opening of the first official coworking space on Aug 9, 2005. And now, there are hundreds of them providing opportunities and support to startups, freelancers, and small businesses. Following the footsteps, the coworking spaces in New Orleans are an instrument of convenience for entrepreneurs, small businessmen, and freelancers.

Providing them with a professional and encouraging environment to work in without being tied to it. To them, these New Orleans coworking spaces offer more than just a place and a seat.

List of Coworking Spaces New Orleans

Coming to the coworking space New Orleans locations, you’ll find several well-established spaces as well as some newer ones presenting exciting offers. New Orleans has registered an inundation of entrepreneurs, remote workers, freelancers, and startups in recent years. As a result, the coworking spaces have nearly doubled. The following are the top locations. 




Founded in 2009, Propeller sits at the edge of Broadmoor. It is among the best and most popular coworking space New Orleans options. Mainly because of their accelerator program that encourages and supports the growth of new local startups; they offer customized plans for different people.

You can rent the 10,000 square foot coworking building for seminars, workshops, and other events. Propeller provides the standard amenities and is the best for young entrepreneurs looking for opportunities to excel.  

Address: 4035 Washington Ave, New Orleans, Louisiana 70125, United States


Membership Fee: Propeller offers their day pass at $20 and a 10-day pass for $150. Coworking membership is available for $175 per month. Rent a hot desk for $259 per month and a personal desk for $250 per month. A student coworking membership at $100 per month is also available. Weekly office rental prices are $200. The price for acquiring a private office ranges between $725 to $750 per month.


The Shop at the CAC 

Opened in 2017, The Shop is relatively a new coworking space but is quite popular because of the unique and affordable amenities it provides. It is a 40000 square feet fully furnished coworking space with artistic decoration situated on the top two floors of the Contemporary Art Center. 

The amenities at The Shop leave no box unchecked. You get mail/package delivery, high-speed internet, IT support, happy hours, educational & cultural programs, fully-equipped conference rooms, and much more. The semi-cubical coworking spaces are a very convenient option. 

Address: 900 Camp Street, 3rd Floor, New Orleans LA 70130, United States


Membership Fee:  You can get a daily pass for $35 and a 10-day pass for $300. Commons subscriptions start at $325 per month, while the cost of dedicated desks begins at $500 per month. Get a private office at the starting price of $650 per month. Meeting & event space are available at custom prices. You can also look into flex passes for the shared coworking days with your teammates.


The Warehouse


Located in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans, this 9000 square feet coworking space offers flexible communal tables, permanent desks, private offices, and various other amenities with different membership plans. Founded in 2016, The Warehouse features three conference rooms available for rent by the members and the external parties. 

Some of the top amenities by The Warehouse include three conference rooms, storage and locking facilities, indoor bike parking, private phone booths, communal coworking tables, a full kitchen, printing and copying services, and several other amenities. The ace coworking space brings together professionals from different industries who share a common desire to work together and make a difference. 

Address: 3014 Dauphine Street, New Orleans, LA 70117, United Nations States


Membership Fee: Prices of private offices vary according to the size, and they range between $575 to $1250 per month. A day pass at The Warehouse costs $20, and the coworking membership is available at $175 per month. A permanent desk at The Warehouse will cost you $325 per month. They also offer a semi-private cube for $400 per month.


The Blue House

Founded in 2014 and covering an area of 1600 square feet, The Blue House is one of the coolest Coworking spaces in New Orleans locations with so much to offer. You get affordable day passes and great membership options. The Blue House also features two downstairs studios, which are perfect for presentations and large table meetings. 

They also have a library accessible to all the members. The genre of books ranges from poetry to economics. It’s something you don’t find at most coworking spaces. Apart from providing 24/7 access, the membership also makes you eligible for discounted rates on meeting rooms and studios. 

Address: 1700 South Rampart Street, New Orleans, LA, United States


Membership Fee: $20 is the cost for a Day Pass and $50 per month for Community Membership, an excellent plan for testing the place. The Working and Space Membership cost $150 and $300 per month, respectively. Meeting rooms and Studios are rentable at an hourly rate. Meeting roomit’s $10/hr (for members), it’s $40/hr (for non-members), Downstairs Studioit’s $20/hr (for members), and it’s $80/hr (for non-members).


LaunchPad (Coworking Space New Orleans)


Established in 2009, LaunchPad is among the oldest Coworking Spaces New Orleans spots. In 2017, they moved to the current facility, almost doubling their capacity. The 22,000 square feet coworking space in Downtown NOLA offers desks, conference rooms, private and closed-door offices. 

They have made efforts to create a closely-knit community of creative professionals, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, and those efforts have yielded adequate results. LaunchPad hosts tech-related events almost every night, and you also get free yoga classes on Monday. These distinctive features and amenities offered by Launchpad attract people and bind them. 

Address: 625 Broad St, Suite 240, Newark, NJ 07102, United States


Membership Fee: LaunchPad offers their Permanent desks at $450 per month. You can sign-up for the Coworking Membership for $250 per month. The price for acquiring a private office with LaunchPad starts at $600/per month and can go up according to the size.


Landing Zone – Coworking Space New Orleans

Spanning over 20000 square feet, Landing Zone is a refurbished warehouse offering coworking spaces, private decks, large offices, and conference rooms. They also have an additional area for events and serve both military and non-military tenants. It is a coworking space, event space, and incubator supporting young entrepreneurs in starting and nurturing their businesses. 

The amenities offered at Landing Zone include office supplies, high-speed internet connectivity, a kitchen, lounge area, and parking spaces. Landing Zone also incorporates a program, VetLaunch, which supports veterans in setting up their startups. Try and see if you can get any veteran discounts. 

Address: 625 Celeste St, New Orleans, LA 70130, United States


Membership Fee: Landing Zone offers an affordable Day Pass at $25 and a Coworking Membership for $200 per month. Acquiring a Permanent Desk will cost you $300 per month. On the other hand, the prices of office spaces vary as per the size—the prices on Landing Zone range from $600 to $1,600 per month.


BayouWorks coworking-spaces-new-orleans

Situated in Bibleway Missionary Baptist, BayouWorks is sitting at a very convenient location. It offers sitting/standing desks, an inspiring community, a virtual office, and standard amenities. BayouWorks emphasizes creating a lively and productive environment and ensuring that they conduct a full interview and screening of their tenants. 

BayouWorks does not take its services lightly, and the members get all the standard amenities. They also provide you with Virtual Office services that include a business address, mailbox, and package receiving. They rent out the conference room for meetings and events for $40/hr. 

Address: 3205 Orleans Ave, New Orleans, LA 70119, United States


Membership Fee: Acquire a Day Pass for $25 and a 10-day Punch Card for $200. Sign-up for the Monthly Membership for $175 per month, upgradable to a 24/7 access package with a fee of $225 per month. A Permanent Desk at $325 per month. BayouWorks also offers Virtual Office services for $65 a month.


In the article above, we mentioned some of the best coworking spaces in New Orleans. All of them possess unique strengths and attractive features, and we have discussed them in detail for you. So, if you wish to turn toward an alternative Co-working space New Orleans location, you now know where to look. 

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