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Regus Sacramento provides the best office spaces in the city with plenty of different options for coworking. Being a famous coworking space provider brand, Regus offers top notch services. All the necessary and essential high-quality amenities are also available at these spaces which allow the workflow to be smooth. This coworking brand has a huge outreach with a large global network. The businesses operating here can definitely benefit from this and further grow and innovate. Regus office spaces are best suitable for freelancers, startups, small to large businesses and travelers alike. Different types of coworking spaces are available here befitting different corporate requirements. Access to these spaces is available for 24/7. Not to mention, a wide range of high-quality amenities and services are available at this office space.

All that you require to attain your work goals is available at Regus Sacramento. In addition to this, the creative atmosphere of the workspace will keep you motivated. The talented members of this center will help you with your projects in case you have any confusion. Also, there will be numerous opportunities to grow your skill-set and become the person you aspire to be. So, if you are looking for a place that lets you discover your potential and simultaneously accomplish your tasks, this center should be on the top of your priority list. Interested to know more about this exciting workspace? Well, tag along and see what is it like to work in a place that appreciates your independent style of working.

Amenities and Perks at Regus Sacramento: 

There are several amenities and perks available at Regus Sacramento for the individuals working here. These are the top-notch facilities which are highly beneficial for the businesses. Not only do these help in the smooth workflow but also increase the work productivity in the long run. The amenities available at Regus Sacramento are listed below. Check them out.

  • Parking is considerably easy and hassle-free at Regus Sacramento as you can find a parking spot here without any fuss.
  • High-quality beverages and snacks are also available throughout the day. Hence, you do not have to worry about your hunger pangs.
  • Professional mail handling and mail packaging services are also available at these coworking spaces.
  • Disabled services are also available at this center. Hence, it is a great option for people with special needs.
  • The business lounge facility is also available at Regus Sacramento. You can have formal or informal meetings here or even pitch sessions in case you are planning something exciting.
  • You can also avail the services of the IT crew who are on duty throughout the day
  • Business class printing, scanning, and photocopying services are also available for your ease..
  • The office supplies also remain fully stocked at all times, just in case.
  • Furthermore, you can also store your bike at the on-site bike storage facility here.
  • You can rent out fully equipped and fully serviced meeting/conference rooms at Regus Sacramento.
  • High-speed internet at Regus Sacramento allows you to do work without any interruptions and delays.
  • You can also enjoy the refreshments at the coffee bar here.
  • A cleaning crew always stays on duty at this coworking space. Hence, this space stays speckless at all times.
  • The security of individuals is a priority for them. Therefore, cameras are installed for security purpose and the door lock facility is also secure here.
  • The meeting rooms at this space are fully serviced and well-furnished. Also, all the necessary high-quality prerequisites are also available at your disposal.






Membership Plans offered by Regus Sacramento:

There are various kinds of membership plans available for the businesses at Regus Sacramento. These are best suitable for startups, small businesses, large businesses, and freelancers. Below are the complete details of these membership plans. Check them out!

Private Offices: At Regus Sacramento, Private offices is one of the most suitable options for both small and large businesses. This membership option gives you access to an exclusive private space where you can work in solitude or with your team members in peace. Additionally, you can avail reception and phone answering services as well. So, you will have a dedicated workspace where you can work on your projects without facing any disturbance. The various private office options available at Regus Sacramento include office suites, interior offices, and window offices. To procure details regarding price, please establish contact with them.

Virtual Offices: If you want to avail the services offered by Regus Sacramento without being physically present there, then these virtual offices are a great solution. This coworking option provides you with a professional business address without the need to rent a dedicated coworking space. Further, virtual office options include various packages as given below. The rates of these plans can be confirmed by getting in touch with them.

  • Professional address: Want to impress your clients with an attractive business address? If yes, then this option is great for you. You can adopt the professional address of the center and avail all the benefits that come with it. Not to mention, you can even use the mail handling services.
  • Virtual office: This option gives you additional services other than a credible business address or mail services. For instance, you can access telephone services wherein all your calls will be handled by a dedicated team. Also, you can use the business lounge of the workspace in case the need arises.
  • Virtual office services: This is a full package that will provide you with all the virtual services that are available at Regus Sacramento. So, you can get everything you require in a single plan. Isn’t it great and flexible?

Business Lounge: If you travel frequently due to work, Regus Sacramento has devised a great workplace solution just for you. You can drop-in at their business lounges situated in prime locations and avail amazing benefits. Not to mention, you can just pay for the time you spend there or avail a full membership. Contact them to know about the price details.

Coworking: If you prefer working in a coworking environment, then Regus Sacramento provides the option of shared workspaces. Under this plan, you can work either on a permanent desk or just rent a hot desk if you do not work on a full-time basis. Either way, you will have scores of opportunities to grow and improve. For price related queries, kindly connect with them.

Regus Sacramento Locations:

Regus Sacramento has a total of seven locations which are ideally located and offer a long list of exclusive services. Discover the most suitable match!

  • 9th Street: Located in one of the most prominent locations in Sacramento, this center at US Bank Plaza has everything that your business requires. From your workspace, you can enjoy the great view of Central Library, Tsakopoulos Library, Galleria, City Hall, and Cesar Chavez Park. Also, in this area, you will come across plenty of reputed administration buildings. To fulfill your needs, the area is brimming with retail venues and eateries. All in all, this location will be quite beneficial for your business.

Address: 980, 9th Street, 16th Floor.

  • Campus Commons: Enjoy working in a serene environment? Great! This location of Regus Sacramento is situated in a suburban area where there is the least traffic. Also, this area has connections with financial, legal and political businesses. So, you will be working at a highly credible location. The office building is beautifully designed and will appeal to your senses. All the basic facilities like restaurants, retail shops are at a small distance from the workspace.

Address: 333 University Avenue, Suite 200.

  • Other locations of Regus Sacramento include Esquire Plaza, 500 Capitol Mall, 1610 R Street,180 Promenade Circle, and Elk Grove. Each of these centers offers great services.

Contact: To get in touch with them, you can ring them at 1-855-400-3575



By far, it is quite clear that Regus Sacramento is a great place to work on your projects. In addition to the perfect work environment, you get to access the best services that will aid you in your work. Also, working in a community comprising of individuals from diverse backgrounds enables you to explore new dimensions. This is the place for you if you have an innovative mindset. Furthermore, the centers are situated in great locations so that you get all the benefits.

The flexible membership plans are another reason why you should be thinking about working at Regus Sacramento. With so many options available, you can opt for the most suitable match based on your requirements. So, what are you still waiting for? Take a tour today and see for yourself. I am sure you will fall in love with this place. Happy Coworking!

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