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Servcorp is not just any coworking space provider. They are one of the biggest and global coworking and office organization in the world. This time we are going to talk about Servcorp Irvine, a shared desk and office space in Irvine’s financial district. Servcorp has already spread its wings in almost every country in the USA. Since its inception, this paramount coworking space provider has set various benchmarks in this field. The interiors are Servcorp is imitated around the globe, the community culture they offer is second to none. Most importantly, the facilitation of essential and crucial services in each of its locations indifferently is what makes them stand apart from others.

Talking about Irvine, a well-planned city in Orange County has a lot to offer to new and old businesses alike. This city is one of the topmost choices for entrepreneurs to launch and expand their startup. This is why you will find a plethora of coworking spaces in Irvine. Servcorp designs their services and amenities in such a fashion which assists the businesses efficiently. It is their mission to provide each and everything that is necessary to set up and scale your startup or business. That is why at Servcorp Irvine you will find yourself immersed in a collaborative community which relishes Servcorp as their maker.

Amenities offered by Servcorp Irvine:

When it comes to the Servcorp Irvine perks, the most important one is their community support. You can well imagine the expanse of the community of a space which has made its presence in more than 53 cities in the world. Apart from this, these are the other perks you will find at Servcorp:

  • This coworking space has a 5-Star rating in the city and it is one of the premium business centers.
  • Have as much coffee and tea as you want at Servcorp Irvine. It is free for the members.
  • The internet facility is safe and secure you need not to worry about any cyber attacks.
  • Store your belongings in the lockers and storage spaces.
  • The excellent receptionist services will unload half of your trivial work burden.
  • Another distinctive feature of this executive office Irvine space provider is that the interiors are just marvelous. In one look you will fall in love with the interiors and would want to rent a space here.
  • You can have your own phone number at Servcorp Irvine and would never have to take calls on your personal cell.
  • They are technologically sound, have beautiful workstations and the lounges are just perfect to sit and relax.
  • A designated in-house IT support team will never let you dabble with your computer problem alone. They will solve the problem in a jiffy.
  • There are separate meeting rooms so that you never have to compromise with your client again.





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Membership Plans at Servcorp Irvine:

Here comes another important aspect of Servcorp Irvine. Their membership plans are curated to suit each and every member’s office needs. You can choose from either of the four plans available at this Servcorp Campus.

  • The Membership: Under this membership plan you will not get any desk space, but what you will get is exposure. Exposure to the vibrant 40,000 strong community of Servcorp and an opportunity to interact with them on a need basis. You will be able to connect with them online through the Servcorp Irvine towers directory portal. Plus you can utilize the boardrooms and meeting rooms at member rates. Every member who pays $50 per month for this membership will get two vouchers. These vouchers can be redeemed against using the boardroom or the meeting room. If not you can also use the vouchers to use the hot desk for one day at Servcorp Irvine.
  • Hot Desk: One hot desk at this coworking space is available at $300 per month. A hot desk will allow you to sit and work in the shared workspace in the normal business hours. The benefit is that you will be able to interact with co-workers and build up connections within the community. If you are a member of Servcorp Irvine, then you can use hot desk space in any of their coworking spaces across the globe. You will get two vouchers with this membership. You can either redeem them for utilizing the meeting rooms, or you can also claim extra printing limits.  
  • Dedicated Desk: Most importantly, you can use the dedicated desk 24*7 at Servcorp Irvine and the cost is $450 per month. A dedicated desk means that you will get a permanent space in one of the most sought after coworking spaces in the city. Moreover, you will get a chance to mingle with like-minded community members and collaborate with them on a daily basis. A dedicated desk also means that you will be a daily member of the space and will come across as a serious candidate. If you are a member under this plan and visiting another Servcorp location you can use the hot desk at that respective Servcorp Coworking space. The utilization of vouchers under this plan is similar to the hot desk plan.
  • Office Spaces: At Servcorp Irvine, you will get a ready-made fully furnished office space at $1320 per month. The office space members also have access to the area 24*7 and are able to work in a soundproof environment. It is up to you to choose the number of members that you can fit in the office. The limit at this space is 10 members and the membership rates will also climb up according to the number of members. Under office membership, you can use the prime address of Servcorp as your own.

Location and Contact

Servcorp Irvine

This Servcorp coworking space resides in the prestigious Irvine Towers which are located in the city’s Business District. This means that you will be operating from the center point of the city. This is the location where everything that is beneficial for running a business in Irvine comes from. You will be surrounded by famous restaurants and eateries in the city. Plus the John Wayne Airport is only 5 minutes away from this address. The two bus stops nearest Servcorp Irvine are Von Karma Quartz and Michelson Von Karman.

Reviews = 4.7 out of 5

Address: 18100 Von Karman Avenue, Suite 8500, Irvine, California 92616.


Email: [email protected]


Coworking spaces like Servcorp have really upended this culture. With an ever-increasing number of space running across they are finally coming to a turn where things are about to get serious. The coworking trend is quickly gaining speed and a plethora of people and operators are looking into options to have a share of the pie. In this scenario, Servcorp Irvine and other similar workspace operating under this banner need to up their game. From 1978 till now, the mission of Servcorp has been to provide eloquent and magnificent office spaces to the members. This mission will carry them forward to unsurmountable heights and make them the king of the coworking world. Till then Happy Coworking to you!

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